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  1. Gees. Ok. I have a Cobra F9 10.5 adjustable driver. I know alot of people say it's one of the best drivers out there. For some reason I'm not crazy about the feel. Whatever. I hit a friend of mines Epic and the distances were comparable. The feel was a whole lot better. The F9 has a senior shaft, and the Epic has a stiff. So, I was wondering if there was anyone that has an Epic in excellent shape that would like to trade. Whew
  2. Want to Trade cobra F9. Senior shaft 10.5 degree for Callaway epic flash reg flex ,10.5
  3. I need ( want) a new set of irons. I have two sets cobra s3 pro,and Mizuno mp825 pro's . They are both about ten years old and I got them used. Problem is that I can't demo anything due to the VIRUS!!!!!😳 I CANT WAIT TILL THIS CRAP IS OVER. ADVICE 🙏
  4. Thanks Guys, I have a club fitting set for Wed. I'm so afraid I may have to buy a new driver after the fitting. Then I want to get fitted for irons. If it goes the way I believe it will , I will need a place to sleep Wed. nite. Thanx again😉
  5. I've been told that the Titleist TS 1 would give golfers with slower swing speeds better distance. I have a 88 mph Swing speed. Does anyone think it would help, or is it an advertising gimmick.
  6. I'm looking to trade or purchase a set of eight project x 5.5 shafts with .335 tip. I have project x 6.0
  7. Thanx Guys, I'll let ya know how I make out.😉
  8. Ok ,first of all don't laugh. My 90 year old father, (who has passed recently) decided to paint his spider putter Head with a brush. What is the easiest and best way to strip the head. He also painted the face.😖
  9. Thanx Pretz, I think I'll try and sell the for $250.00 and see where it goes from there. Also selling Mizuno 825 pro's . Got so many clubs. Thank again for the response.😉
  10. Problem I have is , I have no idea how much to ask for a full set. 3-pw 1 iron golf clubs . All the same length clubs.
  11. The set is Same length clubs made by 1 iron. Thought i could sell them here on the market site. I found out I have to have more posts to have that done open up for me. Thanx for the info tho.
  12. I can't get to the market. How do I sell a set of irons. Or can't I.
  13. Trying to figure out my budget for my league this year. I was wondering what you guys spend on your end of the year outing. Green fees, carts, food and what do you put away for prizes.
  14. Hey guys, My Golf league is getting pretty expensive. I was wondering how much you guys, who are in a golf league or run one, charge for prizes. The green fees are set ,My concern is with the $$$$ we pay out at the end of the year ,for outings and prizes We pay out &1500 at the end of the year outing ,which seems kinda ridiculous. Granted we have four flights , but I would like to cut down the initial cost. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sand
  15. No actually I found a pro's video's on You tube. Mark Crossfield ,from England. This guy is a great. He Reviews all types of clubs, and gives instruction a on every shot and problem you may have. I was constantly coming over the top ,but after watching him and trying his drills ,believe it or not it helped me tremendously. I also have to give an atta boy to the new Putter I purchased. It's the EVENROLL 2 . Terrific stick. In this case I believe it is definitely the arrow and not the Indian. Also this guy has the absolute BEST SWING I have ever seen. You guys should give him a look . If you do ,please drop me a line and let me know what you think.
  16. I reached my goal ,went from a 12 HC when the season started ,now a 6. This is according to the PGA standards.
  17. Thanx man for the info. I just may pull the trigger for the price.?
  18. I tried to look for an equipment forum here but didn't find one. Sooooo, does anyone have any experience with the 3 wedges that Bombtech is selling for $99.00. 52*,56*,and 60* Thanx, Sand
  19. HI guys, I'm just looking for some ideas here. I was voted into the Presidency of my Golf league last year,( lucky me) . !st question: In your leagues ,do ask for a treasury report and if so, how often. 2nd : How long do you give the guys to pay their dues. !st half , and 2nd half. ( 32 rounds) We had guys finish paying at the end of the year outing. Which I will not stand for ,What can I do. 3Rd :What do you guys do for no shows and no calls ,as far as points go. 4th Do you guys recommend subs. and if so how do you work handicaps. If you don't get a sub how would the points work. I'm sure I'll have more , Thanx in advance
  20. We have a twenty team league. Everybody plays everybody . The first half winners (by points) and the second place team are in the playoffs. We continue with the second half and the winner of the second half and the second place team are in the playoffs.
  21. In our league the first top two teams from each half play for the championship. Scenario , First place team" A" wins first half. Team "B" wins second half . Team" C" wins second place in both halves. How should the playoffs be done.
  22. Hi Guys , I'm a newbie to this forum so I would like to pick your guys brains on this wonderful Game we call Golf. OK, If I can make better contact with my irons ,if I choke down on them , wouldn't it make sense that I would control all my irons if I cut down the clubs a little taking a normal grip and not wondering how much to choke? Just wondering?
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