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  1. I got a scotty cameron tei3 a couple months ago. It came from the tour van and was played by Jason Bohn on the pga tour. Its incredible, superior feel and control.
  2. Got really really good deals at a used section at a local golf shop titleist 909 d3 (used only 1 practice session)- 149 titleist 906 f4 - 80 taylormade r7 tp (ebay)- 280 titleist vokey 52 degree- free! titleist vokey 58 degree- 48 scotty cameron tei3- 150 total $707 I got lucky with the deals I got...
  3. Has anyone tried out practicing with blades and playing the course with cavity backs?
  4. Just bought my first scotty today! I got a tei3 newport 2 in MINT condition. It was a steal, got it for $150. I highly reccomend the tei3 line of putters. Distance control is spot on, and the feel is superior
  5. titleist 909 d3 hands down the best driver on the market
  6. I want to add weight to my putter because I like the feel of a heavier putterbetter. My question is: What are the differences in adding weight to the putter head compared adding weight to the grip? I've seen it both ways, just got me thinking...
  7. Also never give up. If you bombed your front nine, never never give up. I've turned potential terrible rounds into great rounds by never giving up. Always stay positive and your mental thoughts shouldnt be "dont hit it in the lake", but it should be "I am going to hit the green". Over every putt say to yourself " I am going to make this putt". Self confidence is huge. Take deep breaths and stay as calm and positive as possible on every shot. Trust me, I play roughly 15 tournaments a year. Also, the more tournaments you play, the better you will be at handling the pressure. I hope this he
  8. My longest drive off the cart path- 400 yards My longest real drive in the fairway- 290 yards
  9. My friend just added weight to his TM spider and he was telling me that if a putter is heavier, its easier to make a better stroke more consistently. He said that the extra weight makes it harder for the clubhead to go off line. Has anyone tried this before? And does this actually help your stroke?
  10. I have always putted with mallets because I have been so intimidated by blade putters. I dont know if its a mental thing, or what. Really, are blade putters hard to align?
  11. If you did the paintfill yourself, did you fully remove the original paint? Also, what paint did you use? Some testers paint is the best for durability. If it comes off...it dosnt matter, just paint it back!
  12. Since you got the same shaft I do, and have a faster swing speed than me, I might need to go to a regular. How can I try out the 909 d3 with different shaft combos to see which shaft I need? I do have a pretty high trajectory with my stiff would a regular cause a extremely high trajectory?
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