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  2. So I've been gone for approximately the last 4 years. That's what happens when you have a junior golfer in high school. Now that my daughter all set for college with a all in golf scholarship. I get to play and practice way more than a few times a month.
  3. Played the front nine at Three Ridges golf course in Knoxville,Tn. It's a hilly 6415 yards with a 73.2 raiting and a slope of 128. I play here often and know the course well. I shot 39 with 6/7 FIR's, 4 GIR's, 16 putts one 3 putt, I got up and down 2/4 with one sand save. Only one birdie with 3 lagitamant chances. Overall a solid round considering I haven't played or practiced very much, I've been working on my daughter's game more than mine.
  4. At my "home" course I can walk by my self in about 3.5-4 hours. If I take a cart it will be around 2.5-3 hours depending. My home course is very hilly, but all courses in east Tennessee are for the most part.
  5. Played 9 holes with my daughter and shot a 50, can't even remember the last time I shot anything near that. Last year early on I shot a 46 on 9 and a 87 on 18. My warm up was relay good and was hitting the ball great. My stats were awesome, 0 GIR, 1 FIR, and 18 putts, fought a slice with the driver all day which is never the case, a cupped left wrist was the culprit. Apparently it was contagious my daughter shot a 58 which is horrible for her also. Her stats were 1 GIR, 1 FIR with 20 putts, she pared the last par 3 we played today, I bogeyed. Beating dad is always fun for her, she's 13. All in all was a great day, this was my 1st round, well half a round in 3 months.
  6. The last time I went to the Edwin Watts I got a mint demo set of Ping I20 irons 4-sw for $375.00 and a dozen Titleist Pro V1x. Now that the weather is getting nice here in East Tenn. I'm read for the season to start.
  7. Drive -Nike Covert 1.0 w Pro Launch Red shaft 3 wood -Titleist 909 15* w stiff Titleist Diamana Kai'li 90 (HYB Blue) 3 Hybrid -Titleist 910h w stiff Mitsubishi Titleist Diamana Blue 75 Fairway Irons -Ping I20 black dot 4-GW Wedges -Titleist SM4 56.10, SM4 60.07 Putter -Odyssey Odyssey Black Series i #1 Ball -Titleist Pro V1x
  8. Just wondering if anyone is watching this? Same producers minus Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. I've watched all episodes through this week. Entertaining with some of the same daddy/child drama. So far I like the movie better but I'll watch the rest of the series and see how it ends up.
  9. They call it "grass" and it grows on the ground.
  10. I have watched every season for past 4 years or so and this on dose have one of the deepest talent wise to memory. Tyler seems to be the most colorful of the group, and he isn't afraid to talk about things when asked. Plus he's a Knoxvillian which is cool. Gotta route for the hometown contestant when it happens. Although i don't think he has a realistic chance without some luck. But hey you never know.
  11. Yea If you can par out 9, 10 and 11 you have a good round going. Wow may have to check out River Island if the snow/ice ever melts.
  12. I know I coming to this group and thread a little late, but I've been a member of Three Ridges PDP "player development plan" for 4 years now. Really good deal $42 and you get unlimited range balls and you can play twilight for $10 with a cart. The course is always in great shape with the exception of last year, but all courses around here suffered last year. Centennial is decent like the facility but the greens aren't the best.
  13. Played them for past 3 season's consistently, and love them. I guess everyone has their preference. I have played Wilson DUO's here and their because my daughter plays them and they're ok, feel real good on iron shots. I do plan to play several balls this spring once it's warm to see if I still like the NXT Tour.
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