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  1. I used a 1967 set of First Flight Golden Eagles and matching woods until 2011. Granted, I had never broke 95 and wasn't all that serious, but once I bought a new set of MacGregor M75i hybrid/irons set and new Taylor Made metals I did see a real improvement. I am sure it was mostly my attitude and dedication that made the biggest changes in my play, but those clubs are much improved over the vintage almost 50 year old set I was using.
  2. Oh, and I think sex before a round of golf is a really good way to limber up.
  3. Oh, no issue here. I was just offering some options. I can't really let anything upset me before or during a round or even practicing. If I have negative issues running around upstairs I am just about worthless on the golf course. So much of it, at least for me, is mental. I need to be balanced spiritually, mentally and physically. The whole nine yards. I remember once my wife and I were arguing about something and she said why don't you just go to the golf course. I said yeah right. I had to explain to her why it wouldn't work and I that I never go when I am upset. She apologized loved on me
  4. Those kind of people need to be set straight real quick. If it takes applying the same respect to him or even warning him that those actions that threaten your well are not in his best interest, it needs to be done. If you do feel threatened and it's obvious he doesn't care then just make sure you get rid of all the evidence and any witnesses or just let him play ahead or go home. Once someone screws up your rhythm or upsets you enough that you fear for your safety, I say shoot him. Not with a bullet, but maybe an insult or two, and a well placed upper cut. I mean if you have a club whizzing b
  5. All you need is a little colloidal silver. I thought everyone knew that, even Palin.
  6. A while back I was wondering about divots when practicing at the club I use, particularly regarding the area around the pitching green. You should of course always replace you divots when possible, but I wondered how or if you should leave a pattern or randomly pick spots when pitching. Pitching short distances doesn't normally create a big divot and often you can't even pick it up to replace it because the dirt and grass scatter and don't end up as a single piece that can be picked up. So when a grounds keeper came by I asked him whether I should just pitch from random locations scattered aro
  7. Playing ability will always have an effect on the pace you can maintain comfortably when you aren't talking about lollygaggers and time wastisiers. My example was regarding for instance a group of beginners who rarely break a 100, often hit off fairway in opposite directions from their cart mates, then have to pitch, followed by a chip, followed by 2 or 3 putts. They will always get left behind with an ever increasing gap each hole by the group of 4 ahead of them whose highest handicap is a 10 as long as reasonable etiquette is followed or unless there is a slower group in front of them. Expec
  8. I am a lot more relaxed about it at the Dr because I usually pull the clubs out in groups of three or so and knowing I will wash them when I get home and reorg then. But on the course it has to be, starting in the top left and moving clockwise, 3 and 5 metal, 3 and 5 hybrid, putter alone in the center, 62 and 60, 56 and 50, pw and 9, then bottom left has 8, 7 and 6.
  9. It's absolutely, 100%, always, nobody can come up with a valid argument against it, ok to go to the golf course and play alone, all things considered. You can hook up with folks there normally or just play as a single. A single will often catch the next group unless they are way ahead and will sometimes be offered a chance to join that group or play through. You can hook up or play alone, either way is just fine. If a single or group catches up and is playing much faster, it is good etiquette to let them play through if they would like. Anyone who would tell you to stay home if you can'
  10. I would just make sure the current league executives know what is going on and let them take care of it. And they will if they really want it taken care of. Explain why you would rather not have to execute the executive order yourself and let them go with it. If it's obvious to those involved and since you aren't the only one affected you can plead the case to each of them individually and if they really want things to be on the level they should not have a problem doing it. This is almost enough for an entire golf novel.
  11. I don't put butter in my coffee, but I do like honey on my Stilton. I may try the butter. I like pepper on lots of things, but strawberries just doesn't sound right.
  12. I think if you use good golf etiquette and remember not to lollygag you should be doing all right. Those darned lollygaggers can sure be frustrating. A practice swing or even two, especially if you are already practicing ready golf shouldn't have much affect at all. I will always hit the putt until it drops in the cup and I pretty much always take a practice swing or two and I don't believe anyone would consider me a lollygagger or that I play at a slow pace. Some people just don't care about their pace and are obvious about. That is also very frustrating. Are they lollygaggers or arses by cho
  13. I think the best thing you can do to make practice a lot cheaper is to get a training or learning membership at a driving range or course with a DR. I pay 45 bucks a month and that includes unlimited balls, 18 dollar fee to play after 3 every day and free group lessons each weekend. Different places have different packages, but that will save you a lot of money. One large bucket a week would cost me 48 dollars a month so it really works out well.
  14. One of these things first - Nick Drake
  15. I remember one time a group of kids pulled up to stop sign, just twenty feet behind were I was practicing pitch shots. I had been there for a while so I was dropping them really close to the flag and they were sticking. A kid yelled, you suck. I turned around and said, you obviously don't know much about golf. The rest of the kids laughed.
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