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  1. Hole in one, with club pinned to left armpit

    Brandon is on of my students at Golf Academy of America, he is a true inspiration and has a wonderful attitude. He has gotten literally hundreds of calls for interviews etc. also Taylormade want to make a set of clubs for him and give him free balls for life!. A life changing moment for sure!
  2. Caddie picks up ball in hazard- incorrectly?

    I'm not sure if the player ever did see the lie, but if he thought he may have been able to get a club on it he could have replaced the ball playing four rather than take the drop (and penalty) playing five.
  3. Blown leaf alters putt, you can replay?

    Also: from 18-1/7 "Wind is not an outside agency. However, if an object being moved by the wind moves a ball, the object is an outside agency in the circumstances"
  4. Plugged ball

    One more point to add: do not repair the pitchmark before you drop, that would be improving your area of intended drop in breach of 13-2. If the ball goes back into the pitchmark, re-drop with no penalty (see Rule 20)
  5. Winter Rules

    You might say the the Decisions is one very large 'accumulation of leaves' (over 750!)
  6. Winter Rules

    I was using the words 'leaf rule' the way the Rules Book uses it since this is the RoG forum
  7. Winter Rules

    There is no penalty if the removal of LI on the putting green causes the ball to move, marked or not (as I'm sure you know :)) [R 23-1]
  8. Winter Rules

    There actually is a 'leaf Rule' : 33-8/31 Local Rule Providing Relief from Accumulations of Leaves Through the Green The Committee may make a temporary Local Rule declaring accumulations of leaves through the green at certain holes to be ground under repair (see Definition of "Ground Under Repair") and Rule 25-1 will apply. The Local Rule should be restricted to the hole(s) at which trouble with leaves occurs and it should be withdrawn as soon as conditions permit. Particular attention is drawn to the opening paragraph of Rule 25-1c; unless it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in the leaves, it must be treated as lost elsewhere and Rule 27-1 applies.
  9. Golf rule - Running Start in the Backswing

    What do you mean by 'really legal'. There is no prohibition against grounding the club/addressing the ball in front of the ball as long as nothing is pressed down. (13-2)
  10. Wrong ball from water?

    The answers posted are correct. Just one more point: the penalty for playing a wrong ball in matchplay is loss of hole, not two strokes. So your opponent was wrong on two counts - no penalty for playing 'a' ball under R26 and incorrect penalty assessed.
  11. As long as we're looking up Rules, try Decision 33-7/9 33-7/9 Competitor Who Knows Player Has Breached Rules Does Not Inform Player or Committee in Timely Manner The responsibility for knowing the Rules lies with all players. In stroke play, the player and his marker have an explicit responsibility for the correctness of the player's score card. There may, however, be exceptional individual cases where, in order to protect the interests of every other player in the competition, it would be reasonable to expect a fellow-competitor or another competitor to bring to light a player's breach of the Rules by notifying the player, his marker or the Committee. In such exceptional circumstances, it would be appropriate for the Committee to impose a penalty of disqualification under Rule 33-7 on a fellow-competitor or another competitor if it becomes apparent that he has failed to advise the player, his marker or the Committee of a Rules breach with the clear intention of allowing that player to return an incorrect score.
  12. No, 27 Lost ball(s)
  13. Sounds like 27 to me!
  14. Was the area marked? If it was (creek is by definition a WH) or even if it wasn't, they are entitled to a drop under R26 IF they had virtual certainty that either of the balls was in the hazard Typically that would be the case if on the Rulessheet, but you would have a hard time making that argument absent a Rulesheet. Where would you look it up?
  15. Etiquette Violation?

    Potentially, yes. In your scenario it seems your guy was 'intentionally offending someone'. 33-7/8 Meaning of "Serious Breach of Etiquette" Q.In Rule 33-7, what is meant by a "serious breach of etiquette"? A.A serious breach of etiquette is behavior by a player that shows a significant disregard for an aspect of the Etiquette Section, such as intentionally distracting another player or intentionally offending someone. Although a Committee may disqualify a player under Rule 33-7 for a single act that it considers to be a serious breach of etiquette, in most cases it is recommended that such a penalty should be imposed only in the event of a further serious breach. Ultimately, the application of a penalty for a serious breach of etiquette under Rule 33-7 is at the discretion of the Committee.

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