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  1. My Swing (PeterCrouch)

    Oh... ok. So you have no affiliation with the big promo at the beginning of the video? Ok. That's pretty nice of you to go through the trouble of editing in their intro spot before your instructional video.... Although... when you go to the Golf Evolve website (the logo on your hat and behind you on the wall)... there is 5SK sales info all over it http://thegolfevolution.com/ ... or maybe I went to the wrong site?... Oh well... thank you for the help I guess. I think I understand how to use this site better.
  2. My Swing (PeterCrouch)

    So... is the reason the post from @saevel25 is still available (posted), because he "sponsors" the site? I'm just confused. Do posts that are trying to sell product taken off the site? Also - there is a P.S. to the message that was sent to me... does that mean that you think I was trying to sell something? Was just wondering.
  3. My Swing (PeterCrouch)

    That's fine. I wasn't intending to use the site for "commercial purposes".... just wanted to make sure the person agreed with my analysis up to that point. If he didn't I wasn't going to go into a long explanation about how to correct what I saw as a flaw. If he agreed... then I'd take the time to go into a long explanation. Not a problem. Now I know to post a full explanation about what I see whether the person wants it or not. Ok....
  4. My Swing (PeterCrouch)

    Hi Peter - I actually like the way you move your head back slightly which helps to guard against constricting your weight shift. You mentioned that you have some trouble hitting your chip shots fat. That would be perfectly in-line with what I see here in your driver swing. The technique you use to close the clubface is that you (likely) "push" the clubface closed with the right hand. I can tell this because you lose your clubshaft/Left arm angle a bit too soon as you enter the impact zone. Additionally, your Left wrist breaks down too early after you've made contact. If you look at the great ball strikers, their left wrist stays flat well into the post-impact zone. If you agree with this... send me a note and I'll get you information on how to close the clubface correctly... which will lead to more consistency as well as more distance without having to swing harder because when the Left wrist breaks down the hands are slowing down through impact.... When the hands slow down the clubhead has to slow down... resulting in a loss of clubhead speed. Anyway - I hope this helps.
  5. What do you do? Do you stare at the ball at address?

    The post that mentioned "peripheral" vision was probably the closest. You could actually in theory make your golf swing with your eyes closed if it wasn't for the fact that we need to see our surroundings for balance. You should have the ball in your vision (which is different than looking at it) but your mind should be on your swing. If you have a key thought you're trying to accomplish (and everyone should have between 1 and 3) that's what your mind should be on. I tell everyone I'm working with "keep your eye on the ball and your mind on your hands." The hands (for the most part) control the swing. If the hands swing the club into the right positions, what the body is supposed to do (turn, weight-shift, etc) will happen much easier.