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  1. The 2015 Nike Masters LE Staff bag... I'd pay big bucks for one of those
  2. "An 86 after 4 consecutive rounds in the 70's to prepare me for my golf-hiatus." Kind of bummed really
  3. I'd like the option to follow a group, doesn't matter if it's with or without commentators. Or just be stationary at one specific hole, like the featured holes, but with any hole. I'd really like the option to view a scorecard/stats, and the scoreboard with ease (googling something and or opening the PGA tour app to view the scoreboard is a bit tedious. Then I'd love the ability to hear the player/caddie conversations!
  4. Agreed, shouting "GO RICKIE!" just as Stenson putted/hit isn't very respectful at all. I do think that Fowler deserved another win though, I feel like he's been overlooked lately despite putting on quite some performance. My countryman will win soon enough again anyway
  5. I hit my 8 iron for a 150 yard shot, but then I expect no roll at all due to soft conditions and quite some spin.
  6. It depends if there's any problem with putting the ball, and how much of the first cut I'd have to putt through. Putting would most likely put me within 6 feet. If there's anything that might disrupt the line I'd chip the ball and try landing it 10-12 feet short and a foot or two right of the flag. Then hoping that I could hit it, and that it rolled like I wanted ;) That could leave me with a 10' or more.
  7. An up and down round today. +2 after 9, (made my first eagle ever on the par 4 9th :D) Followed that up with a double bogey after finding the water off the tee. then the last 8 holes at +6. +10 1 eagle & 1 birdie 3-3 putts, (31 putts in total) Ball striking was better, though far from great. Had maybe 4-5 putts just lip out and/or stop at the edge. Could've been a great round, but still really pleased with the eagle :)
  8. Bag : Callaway Chev Org Standbag Driver : Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme 10.5° R-flex ( To be exchanged ) 3w : Callaway Diablo Octane 15° R-flex ( To be exchanged ) 5w : Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme 18° R-flex ( To be exchanged ) Irons : 4-Pw Callaway Apex MB KBS Tour-V S-Flex GW : Callaway MackDaddy 2 Tour Grind 52°/10 SW : Callaway X Series Jaws 56°/12 Putter : Odyssey White Ice 3 Ball : Nike RZN Black Rangefinder : Leupold GX3i2 Misc : Tour sticks (Alignment), Ballmarker, a sh*tton of tees, etc.
  9. Very bad front 6, 8 over par. Then followed that up with 4 over par the following 12 holes, 6 pars, one birdie and 5 bogies) And I usually play the back nine worse than the front! Ball striking was a bust yet again, better than the last round, but still bad. If I keep playing like this (putting and mental-game) when striking the ball better, I can only believe that I'll improve greatly and quickly.
  10. Had a weird round today. Ballstriking was awful, (3GIR, 4 fairways) Yet I managed to score alright at +13 (3 over my HCP on the course) Putter was on fire, what I didn't make touched the cup or was right on the line. Only once or twice I had a second putt outside 4 feet. Actually quite pleased with the result as it (in my eyes) shows that I can score well low if I just get my game going ;) (easy to say ;) )
  11. I would look at your distance with each club. Will there be a huge distance gap between your longest iron and the 5w if you remove the hybrid? or will there be a huge distance gap between your hybrid and your 3w if you remove the 5w?
  12. All time favourite: Gregory David Roberts - Shantaram
  13. I have a suggestion for you, take both balls and play a "testing round" with both balls. See what ball you prefer when: *Driving *Irons *Short game *Putting Don't put that much into the scores with each ball, but the feel. Confidence helps you play better = Lower scores. For example. I recently switched from Callaway's Warbird, to Callaway's SR3, and on to Nike's RZN Black. Why? Warbird felt too soft for me when putting, it didn't give me any confidence in the putting. (Especially length wise) SR3 was better on the greens, but didn't feel as well of the irons. The RZN feels good on the greens and off the irons. Driving and with the short game, I'd say they're about the same, but I do hit my shots with a decent amount of spin. Am I shooting lower scores? Sometimes. Do I have more chances on low scoring? Yup. Is it all in my head? Probably 95%, but it works! ;) Use the ball that gives you the most confidence :)
  14. Living in short-seasoned Sweden, I do my best to play as much as possible, this and last year has been around 50-60 rounds.
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