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  1. Just played my first round with the club was great but the club head is dirty on top and underneath was wondering if anyone had any good tips on how to clean it without destroying the pink paint job?
  2. I haven't tried anything yet out of fear of ruining the paint job lol so simple soapy water is ok?
  3. I have a pink ping g20 and it's got dirt on the top of the club head and I wanted to remove it but I'm worried about damaging the paint job. What should I use to clean the club and any techniques would be most welcome.
  4. Thought as much cheers for checking it out for me.
  5. Just seen a website that sells a club Ive been looking for but it's seems too good to be true. Now we all know the rule if it's too good to be true it is but just wanted a second opinion or someone that had used the site before. Here is the link http://www.dhra.ca/Discount-Ping-G20-Pink-Driver-1248.html thanks for any replies.
  6. Yeah I think the only problem with woman's golf is the coverage well here in the uk it is very boring because when the solheim cup was on the atmosphere and the sky features was every bit as entertaining as any men's event with the same great golf
  7. Haha in that case do you call it the open or the British open?
  8. Few bad drives and I might be haha I have been called 'happy' a few times lol
  9. I take it your American and if so is that because your in a similar frame of mind to me you want to win your home major or the masters
  10. Yeah I totally get that I'd probably subconsciously slice my drives to the right taking to much care not to hit the box. I see players on tour placing their ball just inside the tee box marker ( if that's what they are called ) and standing outside to swing thinking how does that not affect them.
  11. Was just wanting other peoples opinion on what major they would want to win and why. Being English I probably should say the British open but I think the masters just shades it because of the green jacket and perks of winning. Going back Augusta every year knowing you have won must be such a amazing feeling anyway your thoughts?
  12. And flopster how do those tees work are they like rubber tees? Do they do any damage to your driver?
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