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  1. This is more a quick fix so he doesn't injure someone or destroy property. When on the tee, point the logo of the golf ball up at his right shoulder. Tell him to hit outward and almost into the ground at the logo. If he smothers it, point the logo a little lower towards his waist or a little more outward.
  2. I can't tell if this is sarcasm but just in case... please don't do this. It can be very dangerous.
  3. Strictly speaking for myself, I believe one can still infer or make certain assumptions from this data: - The main goal of a Tour Pro is to shoot low scores and win tournaments. Some amateurs have other priorities such as looking good or chasing that feeling of puring a blade. I did too, but now I just want to shoot the lowest scores I possibly can out of curiosity. - Some Tour Pros have to consider, to some degree, their sponsors when putting a club in their bag. But this is probably not a consideration when deciding to play a Nike full cavity 3-iron vs. Nike blade 3-iron vs. a Nike hybrid. - If 40% of 2010 tour winners play a hybrid or GI 3-iron, what was I doing with a 3-iron MP-60? I don't have nearly their talent or as much time to practice. Again this statement is just for me, and I am only sharing because this is what I found useful since you kind of asked - not trying to start another amateurs with blades holy war. I chose to focus on winner's bags for two reasons. 1. Though it is infinitely debatable to what degree, equipment does play some role in winning a tournament. 2. It's obviously impracticle for me to compile equipment stats (which are always changing throughout the season) for all tour pros for an entire season. Phil's driver loft was what he played when he won the 2010 Masters. According to CrazyXGolfer, it may have actually been a 6.3 lofted driver and he may be right.
  4. I have heard it was 6.2 or 6.3 too. The 7.5 was in a WITB from a main golf publication that I used as the my main source. This same source also stated that Rory McIlroy used AP1 3 and 4-irons in his win at Quail Hollow. I did correct for this, since it is directly contradicted by Titleist's site.
  5. I am always tinkering with the 14 clubs I carry so I decided to compile some stats of the 2010 PGA Tour winner's clubs and share just in case anyone finds it useful. These stats are from 29 winner's bags starting with the SBS Championship last January through the Canadian Open. Driver Stats =================================== Driver Loft Average: 9.362068966 Driver Loft Low: 7.5 (Phil and Bubba) Driver Loft High: 11.5 (Carl Pettersson) 5-wood-equivalent Stats =================================== Percentage carrying a 2-iron: 3.448275862 Percentage carrying a 5-wood: 48.27586207 Percentage carrying a hybrid: 41.37931034 Percentage leaving 5-wood-equivalent out of the bag for another wedge: 6.896551724 3-iron-equivalent Stats =================================== Percentage carrying a hybrid: 37.93103448 Percentage carrying a blade: 13.79310345 Percentage carrying a players club: 44.82758621 Percentage carrying a game improvement: 3.448275862 4-iron-equivalent Stats =================================== Percentage carrying a hybrid: 0 Percentage carrying a blade: 20.68965517 Percentage carrying a players club: 72.4137931 Percentage carrying a game improvement: 6.896551724
  6. I admit it affects my game the first couple of times out each season, but it makes no difference after that. I would rather spend the money and time at the golf course instead of the gym.
  7. You should ask your doctors if it possible to retrain your brain to become left eye dominant. For your short game, to help with distance maybe try pacing it off. And to help replace the lost stereo vision maybe walk a full circle around the flag? A lot of good golfers with both eyes do this anyways. If the rest of your game is pretty quick, your round might still take less time then a lot of Sunday golfers.
  8. +1. In terms of the skill required, the backdrop of The Masters back nine on Sunday, and the suspense of the ball having barely one revolution left.
  9. ssrs8

    Brian Davis

    Gotta give Davis his dues for the honesty. But was anyone else thinking drop it 100 yards out and wedge it in close for a chance? The lie was obviously tricky and he short-sided it. Also I thought it was interesting how easily Furyk made that final putt when all the pressure was off.
  10. Hole was a blind tee shot over a hill. We thought we gave the group ahead enough time. I was about ready to hit, when the person who hit before me had his ball come back at us. Thing was we weren't really that upset. Hole was about 320 yards but with a ridiculous slope after 200 yard crest. I never get close to that green, but I guess this time I did because my ball was missing. My brother and his neighbor, let's call him Dan, were playing a round. They were getting hit up on all day (the etiquette is really bad) and Dan hit one back towards the tee. I guess they caught up at the green in their cart and were really ticked off. Dan, who was crouching for a putt at the time, is 6'6'' and maybe 250 of mostly muscle. As the guy starting getting out of the cart yapping away Dan stood up. He muttered something like "awe it's not worth it!" and drove off. It's so funny. I see more near fights occurring on the golf course than anywhere else in daily life.
  11. I'm not really qualified to give swing advice. I just wanted to say it looks like a really good start and I envy you kids that were able to start playing young. It always seems like it is easier to get the fundamentals of the swing motion down the younger you are.
  12. I have this model. 210fps works for me fine and it has been very useful considering 2 lessons pay for it.
  13. Yes it feels like I am retaining some decent lag in my downswing now. I have one of those Casio high speed cameras, but haven't had a chance to record and verify if I am still casting though. If interested, I was averaging 225 total when I was casting so I picked up 20 yards. But who knows, maybe 255 is possible with better trajectory.
  14. Thanks Lefty, a real world comparison is exactly what I was looking for. With the new lag, I am rolling out these low line drives to 245 with driver. But if I could carry it 255 I would be very satisfied.
  15. I have tried all three and prefer a visor or cap. No head wear bothers my eyes and doesn't feel right. Plus I like to color coordinate with belt and shoes because if you can't play like the pros at least you can look like them.
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