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  1. FWIW, tried both the Vice Pro and the Pro Plus over extended periods. Both are superb balls. I prefer, just, the Pro Plus as I find its feel and performance just a little better. Both are exceptionally resistant to damage. Value is insanely good. I've played the Snell MTB (and the newer MTB Black) quite a bit too. Prefer the Vice balls as the Snells, for me, feel too hard; their performance otherwise is excellent though.
  2. Don't get greedy. If you play it back in stance, it's likely going to launch lower - watch the lip. If you bury your feet, your swing will bottom out in the sand earlier than normal - watch hitting it heavy, although it'll at least come out. Biggest killer? IMO, hitting too hard causing feet movement in sand. Easily done and a disaster. If green in range and it appears sensible (i.e. you'll have enough loft with chosen club to get out while going at it), take at least one club more and swing easy. Try to keep lower body quite/quieter than normal. If in doubt, pitch out
  3. Volbeat - Seal the Deal. Gotta love these guys:
  4. Not sure about this one. I'm sure there are zillions who play 'football' at various levels who've shown no signs of this CTE. Ditto rugby, which I know for a fact is looking at the same issues. I would definitely look at getting rid of the insane padding and helmets in 'football' though. Get the relevant info, inform those that are thinking of playing and then let them get on with it. Come down very, very hard on any tackles/blocks/whatever that might be deemed to be excessive. Life is risk; you can't pack people in cotton wool all the time. Tiddlywinks (with eye protection of c
  5. Just out of interest, has anyone actually seen any reputable evidence of this? Or is this just part of the Miura 'legend'?
  6. Hydrograd - Stone Sour. Off to see them live next month. Should be excellent.
  7. Ta for the clarification. I wasn't aware of the 'obligation to protect the field', but that makes perfect sense.
  8. No controversy as far as I can see. There's no requirement to mark a ball, at all, unless a playing partner/opponent asks you to. The chances of Finau hitting that were pretty small, so a bit of an extreme example maybe? Could be wrong, but I think I remember Ballesteros (maybe in an RC match or something) actually stopping his opponent marking a ball that was near the hole and just outside the line of his putt. Don't think he hit it, but used it as an alignment aid for where to start his putt.
  9. Quite a bit of it is personal. I'd prefer a few more revs out of the MTB on pitches etc and it feels a little firm cf. what I like best. Not a deal breaker though. It's a good ball.
  10. Personally, I'm not sure I'd rate them better than the ProV1 and, for me, not quite as good as the current iteration of the V1. When you factor in cost though? Definitely worth playing the MTB.
  11. FWIW, I thought I'd post a 'review' of my recent experiences with the MTB. I've been looking for something with the performance, but not necessarily the cost, of some of the better 'Tour' balls and have been intrigued to try both the Vice and Snell balls. Solid single-figure for years, hit my driver ~260ish, 5i ~185, 7i ~160 and PW ~130....when I hit them well. Normally use something like the Bridgestone B330S, Callaway Hex Chrome or similar. Like ProV1s when I find them! Took a punt and bought a dozen MTBs to use for a while and have probably played them for ~10 rounds now on a mixt
  12. Great idea. Kudos to those that set it up like this. A 'feel' sort of distance.
  13. Many thanks for that. To coin a phrase, Scorecard just works, even after several MacOS upgrades. Kudos to the coders ...
  14. Can I lay claim to a few?: LSW (what evidence needed for this?) Eagle Hole-in-One (8i off yellow blocks to the 6th at a place called Radcliffe-on-Trent about 9/10 years ago with a Titleist NXT Tour ball that I saved and still have at home) Broke Par. Couple of examples: Example 1 Example 2
  15. Yep, points taken. I was generalising and clearly it isn't going to be practical for several reasons for everyone to grow their own. Still, many could and it's actually quite fun. The 'small town' issue is well made, but even there, at least one would be more likely to know where the chicken they bought came from. If I buy a readymeal or go to KFC, who knows where it's come from or how its raised etc. We're generalising and clearly there's no black/white here. Basically, the majority drink too much (take your pick here of sugary drinks and/or booze), don't do anywhere enough exercise
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