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  1. $200-300 is just too much for me for right now. I have a complete set of clubs (which I got for $20) that I can hit pretty straight and they get me through the courses I play on here. I know they are old, off brand, and probably nowhere near as effective as newer ones out there, but I have not even been playing a year yet and have a wife to answer to. I just got this other set (the Tru-Form ones) from a friend and am wondering about it, as there isn't any info out there that I have seen. Also, how did you put the 'in my bag' part in your signature?
  2. I don't have the money for a newer set of irons. I have been playing with a set of Alien Solar Systems irons. I was wondering if anyone knew about some other irons I have. They say Tru-form Torrid Tour Precision Design. They seem pretty old and I am wondering how they might compare.
  3. I pretty consistently am pushing my iron shots out right, but my 5 wood is usually dead on straight. What might I be doing wrong?
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