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  1. Prof

    Wedge called Fairway

    Thought it might make it clearer if I posted a picture of the 60 Degree Wedge. Hope this helps.
  2. I have a 60 degree wedge called Fairway. Anyone know who makes this wedge. Thanks. Brian
  3. I have an AMF XT sand wedge. Anyone know the loft on this club. who makes them also. Thanks.
  4. Does any one know if any other company makes a set of over sized irons like the Adams A3OS.Thanks
  5. I have been playing Adams idea a3os irons. Bought a set of Callaway x-hots 3 to A wedge. Can not hit the Callaways as far as the Adams. Example Adams 7 went 150 yards Callaway 130 yards. Both have regular shafts. Any ideas. Thanks. Brian
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