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  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger's 6 Rules of Success. 1. Trust yourself 2. Break the rules 3. Don't be afraid to fail 4. Don't listen to the naysayers 5. Work your butt off 6. Give something back to your community
  2. I'm no expert and might get shot down but just my opinion from what has worked for me... Looking at the down the line videos my advice would be to think about the rotation of your right wrist through the contact with the ball... In other words the feeling of your right forearm rotating over the top of the left forearm as you impact the ball. This closes the clubface through impact which will prevent a push and slice. What I like about your swing is the takeaway and rotation around the body fairly low.
  3. Looking at those figures it appears I deloft then as the launch angle is lower... Not something I intend to do. Need to do some reading up on that. Thanks
  4. Well I played today on course with a Garmin watch and the distances seem about right. Don't know about club head speed but the ball speed on the trackman for PW was 104 mph? As for the small differences between clubs I'm guessing that's just my inconsistencies
  5. Thanks to both of you that illustration helps a lot. As far as I can see it will be ok because it can't be said my left arm is anchored as it does move albeit less than the right!
  6. http://www.worldofgolf.co.uk/golf-centres/new-malden/protracer-new/ My sw is 56
  7. Couldn't see camera so not sure. On the screen it looks like pro tracer you would see on TV
  8. Thought I would share my experience of today trip to a pro tracer range. So you set up with your own iPhone and away you go... Seems fairly accurate. No idea how it works as there is no visible radar etc? Had a look at averages all my carry and total yardages.... if interested they are (totals) 5-213 yards 6-208 7-192 8-183 9-175 P-162 52 degree-138 Sw- 132 Driver- 285 I obviously soon realised I need a 48 degree wedge! Had a few 315 drives though which was worth the money! Definitely worth doing. Any views on how accurate these things are compared to trackman? RS
  9. So I use a putter in a conventional fashion however i putt in a very upright stance with a long shaft with a split hand grip.... So if you imagine I bend forward a few degrees and the shaft on my putter is 39.5 inches long. I grip the club with a gap of about 0.5 inches between my right hand which is the lowest on the shaft and my left which is higest on the grip (I'm a righty). Now as I say I swing in a conventional manner however my left forearm is resting on my stomach (do have abit of a big stomach). As it is a split hand grip it does look like the left hand/arm does not move as much as the right and my left forearm is in contact with my body through the stroke. Does this mean I would be breaking the rules next year because the anchoring ban says: Note 2: An “anchor point” exists when the player intentionally holds a forearm in contact with any part of his body to establish a gripping hand as a stable point around which the other hand may swing the club. ?
  10. Any idea on what this is? I.e their premium lower spinning ball?
  11. Too expensive! I had some top flight XL long a while back... Didn't like them one bit
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