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  1. Specific thoughts: My house in SoCal, 2500 sq feet, needed a 4 ton unit, it was roughly $5000 to replace. Furnace was still okay. So similar to yours in sq ft, cooling requirement, etc. Maybe since you need 2 smaller units it would be a little more, but you wouldn't think more than $1000 more. And unless the unit you buy is gold plated, manufacturer prices should be more or less similar, there's competition there too. Just cause it says Trane or Carrier doesn't mean the air is colder. Get a home warranty for maintenance, if necessary. General thoughts: Professionally I learned to get (at
  2. Saw this post quoted deeper into the thread and had to come back and look at it. You are a 10 handicap and don't like to play with those that suck? I remember not so long time ago playing in groups where if you were higher than a 4 or 5 handicap you weren't welcome, they didn't like playing with golfers that sucked. LOL. I guess sucking perspective is all relative. When I was first learning, one of us shot 75 or better consistently, while the other 3 of us (including me) were shooting 130+. I figured if he could play well with us, I can sure play well with anybody, regardless
  3. I'm amazed that the vote is close at all. There is a fundamental issue here of fairness and equity. Perfect example (real life): Par 4, Player A (me) hits a tee shot in bounds but a tree blocks any approach to the green. He chips out into the fairway, wedges on, 2 putts for 5. Player B (my golf buddy) hits his drive OB on a line farther down the hole from where Player A drive came to rest. He throws a ball down where it went OB (the tree blocking Player A's shot is behind Player B's drop and thus not in play for him), declares he is hitting his 3rd shot, puts it on the green, 2
  4. I see this topic and the first thought that comes to mind is that most of the people into this "vintage" playing trip are relatively new to the game and didn't play these clubs before. Considering that my playing set of irons are Hogan Edge clones from the early 90's, I still have my first nice set, PGA Tommy Armour woods and irons from the early 70's, and Golfcraft Dick Mayer woods from the 50's. I would never hit the woods anymore, too afraid they might break or old neck cracks would get worse. I tried my old 6 iron on a whim at the range a month ago, didn't hit a good shot, felt terrib
  5. Taking the glove off between shots helps, but if you are a real sweat monster, buy some rain gloves, like what Phil Mickelson wears in the rain, and just use one of those gloves as a regular glove. The extra moisture won't bother them, they stay sticky like crazy.
  6. Ah yes, pale leg humor, lots of classics there. 1. Hey Casper, nice shorts. 2. Can't tell where your socks stop and your legs start. 3. What are those two white strings hanging out from under your shorts? Nice thing about golf, lots of opportunities for insulting your buddies :)
  7. My first year in the game, shooting 100+ maybe 45 years ago, during the hot season in Colorado we played maybe 10 rounds a year barefoot and shirtless (egads). Nobody cared, it was good for your swing (the whole Sam Snead thing) and when the rough was inch long dry stubble it motivated you to hit the fairway. I agree that liability is part of it (a part of everything I guess), but also it just looks low life without shoes and/or shirt, it looks bad and scares people away. I haven't seen shirtless or barefoot players since those days, I have asked about playing barefoot a few times and th
  8. Folks should click on the link and read the comments. Really really interesting. I've had ranger Rick phases in my past, like most, but that's all this guy was ever interested in. Cool.
  9. Other than the technological gains for clubs and balls since then, and that Duval eagled the last hole to win the tournament while Furyk has no chance to win, not much difference Even though it was lift, clean and cheat, that Geiberger did it with the equipment of the time is pretty amazing too.
  10. Not a pro, but I know lots of people with "abominations" for a swing. None of them go to a pro steadily, probably never had more than one lesson, if that. But they know more about the game than anyone else, they know exactly what they are doing wrong, and that one shot they hit just right shows that they know what they are talking about (sounds like a chapter in LSW haha). I'd be curious if any of the pros on here have any steady students that really struggle. The only people I've known who see pros steadily are either steadily improving or trying to maintain a relatively high level of pl
  11. Hell of a round. But how is shooting 12 under on a par 70 a greater feat than shooting 59 on a par 72? Best of all time? I wouldn't go that far.
  12. It was really really bad. Eventually they all went on the clock but would speed up enough to just get off the clock, play real slow again, rinse and repeat. At least the commentators were on it, Inkster said it would have been infuriating to play in, Faxon said the slow players game the system, they know how to just avoid a penalty without really speeding up, David Fay said that there is a big slow play problem from the pros down to the junior level, it's getting worse and what is being done isn't nearly enough. Can't disagree with any of that, but slow play is entrenched now and I sure don't
  13. Man I wish this program was in effect for the ladies am today, 3 of the 4 are so slow, routinely taking 90 seconds plus to hit shots. Painful to watch. On and off the clock, no penalties yet. Please!
  14. Yes, my understanding as well. I should have timed him from the second it was his turn to hit, but I only did it on tee boxes when it was his turn and he generally had a club already. But yes, I figure pulling a club probably added another 5 maybe 10 seconds to his whole process. Still not enough time for penalty on this program, but more than enough to make time stand still for the rest of us.
  15. Think how slow someone must be playing to get on the "watch", then fail when on the clock. I played with a remarkably slow guy last weekend, I started counting watermelons when he set up to the ball (after pulling his club, which took awhile as well). Right around 40 seconds every time, enough to fail when on the clock on PGA and LPGA tours. It was incredibly slow. And by the guideline above of 60 seconds (or 70 if you go first), he was plenty fast by at least 15 seconds, which is a long time. I think this is a good idea. For example, you put Jordan Spieth with Bubba and John Daly, t
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