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  1. Thisnisnan older thread but I would like to add that I usually play 1or 2 times a week. 85% of my rounds are booked through GN. All but 2 courses I regularly play are on there. The 2 that aren't part of it are not very pricey. One is a small, 9 hole course I take my daughters and grandchildren. It is not crowded and is family friendly. Couldn't take them to most courses I play. 3 of my golf buddies also use GN. We alternate booking so all of us build up rewards. So when an out of town trip is planned we have lots of rewards options. We play lot nicer courses, cheaper on trips than regularly.
  2. Kingkat1954 I am in southern middle Tennessee myself. It has been brutally cold the last few day. Calling for near 60* next weekend. I can hardly wait. Holiday weekend too. Lotta golf in January.
  3. I am by no means a good golfer nor am I even close to an engineer or a physicist. But there is a pendellum effect in a golf swing. There is an arc with optimum ball striking occuring at the bottom of the swing arc, thus delivering maximum compression of ball and clubface. I realize that speed is a very large factor in distance but as stated previously, there are many factors. Golf is a game with such a wide variances that it is sometimes difficult to even think some of the discussions are about the same game. I am currently an 18 - 20 handicapper. I have been playing off and on for 15 yrs. I a
  4. WOW!! How about Arkansas? Ole Miss looks like the are in shock?!?! Bo Wallace in the locer room with an ankle injury and now Arkansas' quarterback in the locker room with back issues. It may get even crazier!!
  5. Thank you both. When the weather is permitting, I will video my swing and upload it to the site for further instruction. I want to do that before investing in new clubs. I see no need in spending money for new clubs without correcting swing issues. I feel I need to work on my tempo and having a consistent swing plane. I am sure there are many other areas as well as I have never had a golf lesson. Thanks for your help so far and I am looking forward to your advice when I upload my swing video.
  6. I am not sure which ones he was speaking of, but I will be watching my beloved Volunteers host Mizzou. This will be a pretty decent look at what the 2015 team will be based upon. The Mizzou defense will be the best Joshua Dobbs has faced. It is the same one that made a year younger Dobbs look like a boy amongmen last year. We will see just how much he has grown in a year. Butch Jones and his staff have had their work cut out for them preparing for the SEC east forerunner. Throw in the rape allegations on the 2 defensive players and 1 suspended the 1st half due to a targeting penalty during the
  7. I doubt they could either, but they would full and happy. Especially if they included baked beans, potatoe salad and sweet tea. :-)
  8. I currently game a set of King Cobra II oversize humpback irons with hump shafts. I previously had a set of warrior irons and then callaway X-14 irons. I hit the callaways pretty good, for a hacker. I have a steep swing angle, so I do have a tendency to dig. I hit the Cobras very high and have decent length, for me. I hit a 5 iron about 160 yds. But I hit it higher than all my golf buddies hit a pitching wedge. I have tried to adjust my swing angle, but that didn't work out well for me at all. All that said, I am wondering if I didn't hit my irons so high, I would get more distance. I love the
  9. 2years ago I suggested to my brother-in-law and a buddy we should play golf. It was cloudy, windy and 21 degrees. In southern middle Tennessee,that is quite cold. On hole #4,it began to sleet and snow. We took cover under trees for 15 minutes and it passed. We continued on for the full 18 holes. We had a blast. Wehad so many clothes on we could at best muster a 3/4 swing. This, coupled with the temps, created a lot of quite long 2nd and 3rd shots. It was that day that I discovered just how essential cinnamon Jim Beam is for cold weather golf. :-)
  10. I don't think is a real solution. Before you thrash me, let me explain. It is addressing a real problem. And it is being proactive in trying to solve this. But, first and foremost, lets remember that golf is a game that was developed and nurtured by gentleman, and by ladies, as well. We still need to conduct ourselves as such. The groups tat are slow, in my experiences, know they are slow. Most will allow faster players to play through. These are the ones that would try to speed up with this "electronic marshall". The ones that don't speed up, won"t allow others to play through, know they are
  11. Hello everyone. Just thought I would drop in and tell a lil bout myself. I work at an HVAC company in southern middle Tennessee. I enjoy riding horses, hunting, University of Tennessee football and of course golf. I am about 20 handicap. I just enjoy playing with friends but I do work on improving.
  12. My [quote name="cowboydave1967" url="/t/72907/2014-ncaa-football/330#post_1071374"] [/quote] I love football. Especially college football. I am a huge Tennessee Vol fan. Btw, go Vols on a big overtime win over the Gamecocks. I also loce SEC football[/quote] My phone is being stupid!!! I love SEC football because that is the conference my team plays in. They have been very strong for many years. But I really enjoy watching fundamentally sound football teams playing and executing, no matter the conference. I enjoy watching the media build up between out of conference games. As far as conference
  13. [/quote] I love football. Especially college football. I am a huge Tennessee Vol fan. Btw, go Vols on a big overtime win over the Gamecocks. I also loce SEC football
  14. Mark May, the most ignorant t of them all!! The more the announcers can actually talk football lingo over opinionated crap the better. I am a big fan of the X and O's of football. [/quote]
  15. Is it just me or does it seem most of the college football "authorities" i.e. sports show josts, play by play announcers, analysts and such really do not like the SEC? They really are tired of the SEC winning on the big stages. The last decade or so the SEC has. Unfortunately, college fotball is no longer a game played by young men on Saturdays. It is a billions of dollars per year business. There is becoming less and less integritiy of players, and coaches. What is the final tally of actual graduations of college athletes? I am sure it is lower now than ever. I personally am sick of instituti
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