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  1. Keep your right shoulder - if you're righty - lower than the left and make sure you swing from the inside out. No need for training aides ! It is the easiest thing to fix.
  2. Woody

    CG-2 Irons

    I hit a 6 iron at the store and it felt great. I compared it to similar Mizzuno, Nike, Titliest clubs ... I hit it better than all the others. The club head is kind of small as you say - like all nimble sports cars - but I didn't have a problem making contact. It is also less offset than all the others. So you can hit it hard and still manage to send it straight. I just wish I could demo the entire set oudoors ... Let me know what you think.
  3. Woody

    CG-2 Irons

    I'm playing X-14's and I hit them very well, though I tend to hook the short irons. I'm looking for a little less offset, more control, lower flight and an extra 10 yards on the long irons. Besides, my hands are itching for a new set and the CG-2's look awfully nice and are made of the same composite material the CG-10 wedge is made of and I love that ! I also prefer the Dynamic Gold shaft ...
  4. Woody

    CG-2 Irons

    Has anyone tried the new Cleveland CG-2 irons ? They are made with the same composite material they used for the CG-10 wedges which are awsome. If they have anywhere near the feel of the wedges I would be really impressed. I have been looking at the X-18 pros but these new CG-2's are making me think again ...
  5. Thank you all for your feddback. It sounds like the X-18 pro series are the choice for me. They also have the Dynamic Gold shaft which matches my swing speed better than the basic Callaway shaft... Hit'em well !
  6. What is the difference between the new Fusion and X-18 pro series, aside from the shaft ? I'm about 12 handicap and looking to replace my x-14's which have a little too much offset ... Thank you all. i
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