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  1. Last summer I was in an ABCD scramble where we shot -17 straight up. We started on a par 5 where the B player hit a monster drive that rolled out to about 320 yards, I put a 7-iron to about 15ft, and our C player rolls in the putt for eagle. That got the day started. Our D player made 3 birdie putts for us, I rolled in a long putt for birdie on the "Longest Putt Made" hole. The whole day, our C player was crushing the ball off the tee, taking the pressure off. As the A player, I think I only took 3 or 4 putts because everyone else was on fire. Fun day!
  2. My first eagle came in one of my first High School matches as a freshman. I was kicking the ball around the golf course, playing poorly. It was cold and somewhat rainy, and I best remember shivering with chattering teeth most of the round. I was on the #1 handicap hole, which was a dogleg right par 4 that had nothing but disaster and peril if you tried to cut the corner. The green sloped considerably from back to front and from right to left with numerous ridges in between. My drive was hit well but was heading straight for a tall tree that stood just off the fairway at the dogleg. Lucki
  3. No, that's crazy. The next thing you're going to ask is if the #1 player in the world could make a few changes to his swing and become unable to hit a driver. Signed, T. Woods
  4. No one mentioned the "gallery factor". All four players hunt down a ball, then three guys watch the fourth take practice swings, set up, hit, and watch the ball bounce, roll and stop. Then they all drive to the next ball, and the process is repeated.
  5. I will admit, my opinion on the Brickyard is pretty jaded by the price, and the issue I had one time paying full rates when the greens had just been aerated. In total, I have played BC three times: once from the tips and twice from the blues. Each time it was pretty windy. So yes, that makes 7 and 8 very difficult. My beef with 7 is that there is literally nowhere to miss where you don't have an incredibly difficult chip shot. The pins are almost always tucked in corners (based on my experience as well as what I've heard from regulars) which means hitting to the middle of the green is
  6. Something that has helped me with the mental aspect is to not focus so much on the result of the shot, rather think about executing the shot you are hitting. Example: if I'm getting ready to hit a chip shot, I'm not thinking "oh man, I have to get this close so I can make par." Instead, I decide on the type of shot I want (pitch, lob, bump and run), determine how hard I need to hit it, aim, and hit. Simply focusing on execution has all but eliminated my skulls/chunks. I feel like so many players out there are doing thinks like looking over a putt and are only thinking "I really n
  7. I live in Indy area as well, and have played a number of Dye courses with mixed opinions on them. I won't comment on all that I've played, but here is a short list: Brickyard - Not a fan. The holes inside the Motor Speedway are 4 of my least favorite holes to play anywhere. They are overly difficult compared to the rest of the course. #7 is a par 3 that can play upwards of 200 yards to a crowned green with a lot of undulation. If you miss the green, you basically have zero chance for par. #8 is a long par for with water left and a drop-off right to woods (jail). No bail-out ei
  8. He finished +4 and missed the cut. I feel bad for him. After seeing how emotional he was when he got that exemption, it showed how hard it is for players like him to make it and stay on the tour. As much as I love golf, I can't imagine what it is like to grind away week after week without the same resources that top tour players have.
  9. I played Whistling Straits back in July in the first of what will be an annual trip up to that area of Wisconsin. My interest was peaked in Erin Hills when I saw it was hosting the '17 PGA, and am wondering if it would be worth it to trek over there to play next year. If someone has played both, I would love to hear comparisons/differences.
  10. I could easily make a top 10 list: 1) Spending almost 6 weeks changing swing planes and paths to fight a draw only to realize the problem was setup. 2) Watching a hit golf ball bounce, roll, and stop only to not find it when you walk to that area. 3) Taking two great practice swings on a chip, completely blow the actual shot. 4) Leaving a dead-center putt short. 5) Make bogey or worse when you're less than 150 yds in the middle of the fairway. 6) Overswinging and hitting a poor drive on a downwind par 5. 7) Follow up a birdie with a double (I'm famous for it) 8)
  11. I have two: 1) If I'm riding in a cart with someone else, I don't drive. 2) I never take a gimme on 18...I always have to putt out.
  12. I do this all the time as well. Quite often I will hit up the practice green during lunch just to get out of the office (not so much this summer due to the soul-crushing heat). No one has ever given me grief about it, not even at private clubs.
  13. Totally agree! You don't have to be good to play at a good pace. Just play "ready golf" and play in general would speed up considerably.
  14. It's hard to detect that without establishing that context in your first response. It is shocking to think of the number of golfers that really do believe that increasing driver distance will instantly drop them to a single digit handicap. The simple fact is that a large number of golfers have no idea how to practice in such a way that will improve scores.
  15. Agreed. What's funny about this thread is that there is so much focus on driver distance by a majority of golfers. I bet (I didn't make the effort to search) that there is at most 1 thread of someone bragging, "I average 24 putts per round" or "I average 16 greens in regulation". Driver distance has such a small factor on ability to play. What difference does it make to hit a drive 300 yards on a par 4 if it still takes 4 shots to get down??? For me, I would rather hit 5 iron off the tee on a 320-ish yard par 4 in order to leave myself with a full wedge shot in rather than trying to get a
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