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  1. printable score sheets

    www.golfwits.com it is a software which is better than sky caddie, and more than a scorecard stat program. 1. use realtime map course software in your pda cellular to mark shots and get distances while playing. 2. pc software to transfer your round and get stats 3. if they dont have your map, they will make it. 4. print out yardage pro books of each hole your welcome
  2. Swing Plane

    u will gain consistency. please look at this video and the extras on the left once u are there. thanks. http://video.aol.com/video/mike-laba...id=VIDURVSPR03
  3. Villegas or Romero?

    villegas will have the better career. plus he has a great fashion sense. cmon, he's the spiderman.
  4. share personal Golfing accidents

    i landed the ball on 2nd shot in a ditch-like path filled with lava rocks going across the fairway from one side to the other. i had no shot. so here i go to drop the ball behind the obstacle instead of in front. the width of the ditch/ rocks was only like 5-8 feet with no water. so i drop about 5 feet back, i line up and take my shot thinking no problem to clear. ball hits rock, deflects back to my mouth, rips my right lower lip and breaks my front top right tooth in half. i now have a porcelain tooth replacement.
  5. The story behind everything...what's in your bag?

    old irons were top flite starter set, oversized cavity back with 2 hybrid clubs. sold them for a pro standard set which is listed in my signature. just sold the adams driver in my sig, looking to buy a square driver on ebay, will update sig in a few days. leaning towards a clone square driver. i got hooked on high moi square design by using my brothers NIKE Sumo2 and his best friends iDRIVE. i am making a choice between Nickent, SV, iDRIVE, or Tour Sonic. i had a scotty cameron futura putter, sold it for money issues. now using a nice adjustable weight putter which plays well. wedges were a steal sale and play awesome.
  6. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    i wanna say jack was better. i think he mighta been more of a natural swinger. Tiger is more methodical. check out jack nicklaus 1986 masters on youtube. that being said, i'd like to see how many titles Tiger would win if he used the old technology Jack was using back then, not that he wouldnt win, just to see.
  7. Getting out of the Sand

    yes, make a slow but full swing. if its not buried and sitting high on the sand, maybe u can get away with a chip style play.
  8. Free golf.......??

    point 1: i work 8am to 5pm point 2: i make only $11/hr point 3: i support my baby and her mama and the bills. the mama pays for food with state food stamps. point 4: i called to make sure, and they dont charge to practice putting or pitching. so, the cart guys, the cashier, and the director have seen me practicing as early as 545pm weelky when i go. the cashier swaps days with the cart guy to pick up flags. they always chat with me and ask if they can pick up the flag now. they close at 6pm. paid players remain on course when management leaves, naturally. they dont and cannot charge after 6pm. FORCED RESTRICTION TO PLAY DOES NOT BEGIN TIL 8PM, this is when the security personnel arrive in uniform for overnight patrol, i know them too. so u guys think its wrong for me to play 4 holes when there is still sunlight left? or are u just having fun poking at me? as a matter of fact i am going today just like yesterday. what i ment by "the cart guys like the way i hit" can better be translated by instead of them saying " hey u didnt pay get out of here" they say stuff like "nice hit dave, better than yesterday" ps will reputation points get me frequent flyer miles? lol
  9. Free golf.......??

    ok, it might not be FREE golf, maybe i can call it no fee golf. i dont think there is anything wrong with it, because another example of this happening is downtown parking meters. i know for sure because the sign says so. well the street parking meter needs to be paid during day hours, but as soon as 5pm hits the clock, u dont have to pay to park even if there is a meter there. so anyone who puts money into it at that time or later is just silly. so why would anyone pay $10 to play 4 holes at 6pm when the golf course cashier closes up. MAYBE WHAT I'LL DO IS TAKE A VIDEO OF ME SHOWING UP AT 6PM AND THEN SHOW THE CLOSED SECURITY AND THEN SHOW ME HAVING A LAUGH WITH THE CART GUY AND THEN SHOW ME PLAYING 4 HOLES. ANYBODY KNOW ANY WAY TO GET "100% TOTALLY ANYTIME" FREE GOLF?
  10. Help hitting irons.

    mangine, i was talking about a nice replacement club for the driver u listed on your signature. by the way i like how u did that, lol. so yea, that driver i mentioned will have u hitting straight long about 270-300. i average 270 with my friends' idrive and i aint swinging full power.
  11. Free golf.......??

    the course is a city course, which means the city does not depend on its patrons for upkeep or payroll money. if it did then it would go out of business because there is not much action at the course. i know this because i am there 3 times a week and saturday sunday. not much money coming in. on weekends i pay full price for 18 holes and cart. anyhow, it closes at 6pm, and the people in the main building leave and close the security blinds. any players with rented carts still playing can remain until dark, the only employees there after closing are the cart guys. they start picking up flags at 7pm. they see me and have never said anything. they actually like how i hit the balls and we share laughs. some guy sent me a bad reputation message and called me a jackass. sounds like he wishes he could play free golf and be kool with the workers.
  12. Club Choice

    on hole 7, people in my sixsm always pull out a hybrid. i use a iron. the hole is 204 from back and 190 from front. on fronts i use a 7 maybe a 6. on backs i use a 6 maybe a 5 or 4. from what i can tell they dont have confidence in their iron distance and accuracy. i feel irons are better in this case. and i never try to roll it up to the green, i always want to land on the green first.
  13. Free golf.......??

    IN MY TOWN THERE ARE 4 COURSES. One is private, but playable with permission or sponsor. about 3 times a week, m-f, i usually show up at 545pm to BCC municipal course and warm up a bit on the putting or chipping greens. then like at 615pm i'll slide on a few yards to the left of the chipping green and play the last 4 holes for FREE. this is easy to do because i can see when they are closing down the main building windows with the aluminum covers for security overnight. ANYONE else do the same, or have a way to play FREE?