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  1. If you have over a 16 handicap you're a hacker. You'll have blow ups. In theory, golf shouldn't be that hard, but it is. It's a perishable skill. You can't buy a swing. If you don't practice at least 4 days a week and play at least 2 rounds a week you'll never get better. Consider yourself lucky to play in the 90s or even luckier to break 90. You may do fine on the front 9 and part way through the back 9. Then you may get tired and your swing may get forced. So the ball doesn't do what you want. Some days my back can only handle 15 holes. Then the mishits start, and they take their toll. They're the ones that hurt.. physically. Yeah, my playing partner and I play practice rounds together. We play mulligans. We know our rounds don't count. "You had a 4 on that hole and I had a 5." "Yeah, but you win the hole because yours was clean. My 4 had a mulligan." That's how we score. Fair enough?
  2. depending upon how I hit the shot it can be anywhere from -1 to + 5 yds.
  3. And even then you have rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.
  4. Okay, I'll say it: Violent crime is on the decline in America. Statistics have supported this. The news likes to sensationalize every piece of violence. It makes us afraid. Making us afraid feeds various political agendas. Our retired peace officer made two mistakes: 1) He threatened to kill Montgomery. Using the gun to detain Montgomery wasn't the problem. The verbal threat to kill Montgomery was. That was serious. 2) While Montgomery was lying on the ground attempting to comply, Acree kicked him in the forehead. He should have simply made the arrest and detained him for the police. There was no need for the threat or kicking him. Montgomery has grounds for legal action, even in Oklahoma, although I doubt any will be pursued. Here's what I think will happen: Montgomery will be offered misdemeanor petty theft and community service in exchange for dropping the charges against Acree.
  5. You're right, he wasn't protecting anything. The devil is in the details. And listening to the exchange again he was out of control. He threatened to kill Montgomery. Even if you are drawing your weapon in self-defense you NEVER threaten to kill. NEVER. Even in self-defense your intent is to STOP the threat. If the firearm discharged and killed Montgomery even accidentally, they would have had a 1st degree murder charge right there - even if he was bluffing which I totally believe he was. That section of the video "I'm gonna kill you" would be repeated over and over to the jury. Not even a cop can verbally threaten to kill an unarmed civilian. A fire marshal is considered a peace officer under Oklahoma law. He was a retired fire marshal and under OK law he retains the status as a peace officer. This changes the situation from that of a normal citizen with a CPL. As a retired peace officer, he had the right to draw his firearm to assist in making an arrest. It was clear that Montgomery was not cooperating. After watching the video a few times, he did kick Montgomery, which was over the line. He will get into trouble for that. But as it was they had Montgomery on tape stealing the clubs, and that was how he recognized him in the first place. However, he did not have the right to threaten to kill Montgomery or kick him. That is known as excessive force. In Washington, if the person sees you and starts to flee, you cannot shoot them. If they are in your house and if they flee when you arrive on the scene, you cannot shoot them because they are no longer considered a threat at that time. If they have your golf clubs and are running away I doubt that you'd fare well in court if you shot them in the back. If they were in your house and in the act of vandalizing say your $60,000 piano, you could shoot them. I hope to God I never have to use a gun other than for sport shooting. Here's what happens in real life. I've lived in areas where there are low lives. I'm not talking about the fine upstanding people who steal golf clubs. I'm talking about real low lives. The kind of people who used to break into cars and cut out the console with a cutting torch in your vehicle just to take the stereo because you strapped it in with flat iron so it wouldn't get stolen.... again. Someone has someone else's shit. Drawing a weapon is never the first response. It's the last response. Suppose you confront the guy and he responds, "yeah, so what if it is? You can't prove a f***in' thing." And he goes about his business like you aren't even there. My response? Leave this guy alone. It isn't worth it. I carry.
  6. Washington is a "Stand Your Ground" state. Here's the law for the free state of Washington: “No person in the state shall be placed in legal jeopardy of any kind whatsoever for protecting by any reasonable means necessary, himself or herself, his or her family, or his or her real or personal property, or for coming to the aid of another who is in imminent danger of or the victim of assault, robbery, kidnapping, arson, burglary, rape, murder, or any other violent crime as defined in RCW 9.94A.030.” So in Washington I could use a firearm to protect my personal property if I deemed it necessary. At my age and given the likely age of the person attempting to steal it, a firearm would be the equalizer.
  7. If the man (with the gun) had called the police and told them about the golf clubs with the license plate of the vehicle, the police would have done nothing. It also takes the police about 7 minutes to respond unless there's a car in the area. For the police to take action he would have to: 1) prove in court that the defendant had his clubs 2) that the clubs were his 3) get a court order to retrieve his clubs from the defendant. In the meantime, Montgomery gets rid of them through a fence. He didn't use deadly force. He did not fire the weapon. He drew the weapon. He threatened to use deadly force in the process of making an arrest, apparently having reasonable cause for believing the person committed the alleged felony. I don't believe he used excessive force. What choice did he have? Acree was arresting him and using the force needed to do so, not threatening to kill him. Montgomery would have otherwise ignored him and driven off. Let's get that straight. He didn't shoot. If he shot, that would have been a different story. Acree did not kick Montgomery in the head with his cleats. A citizen can also use a gun in performing a citizen's arrest if that is reasonable force necessary to get the alleged felon to comply until the police arrive. Although as a citizen I try to avoid places where I could be in danger. Oklahoma is also an open carry state, but I don't see a holster. WA is also open carry. Looks like he's using a pocket carry like a Glock 43. It has that squat topline typical of Glocks.
  8. WARNING - liberal here. Wasp spray? 1) Wasp spray - you are using it off label for self-defense. Wasp spray is an insecticide that contains poisons and has a label - "It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling." You used it inside your home for self-defense. There is a likelihood that the attacker is still alive by the time the police arrived. The fact that you used a product illegally will come out during discovery and you could be sued in civil court by the scumbag's family even though the scumbag goes to jail. You could also be fined by the EPA. 2) It could be more harmful or less effective than anticipated. But wait! They make pepper spray in canisters that fit inside a pistol shaped object, and they make "water rounds" you can practice with. 1) Advantage - you've practiced hitting stationary objects at 25' with this, right? 2) It's effective even if you don't get a shot directly to the face due to the quantity sprayed. 3) It will temporarily incapacitate your attacker if you hit anywhere above the breast bone. 4) Disadvantage - Depending upon where you deploy it inside your home, you may not have an avenue of escape. The capsaicin fumes may also affect you indoors. 5) This weapon is best used to temporarily disable an attacker outdoors so that you may escape to safety. So what is the best weapon for home defense? Every single bad guy knows the sound of someone racking the slide on a Mossberg (available with an 18.5" barrel). Your state laws may be differ. Washington is a "stand your ground" state. Some not so free states, are duty to retreat states, or have vague castle doctrines. This is very important to know because it affects what can happen to you if you happen to need to actually shoot the scumbag. In a "stand your ground" state, you have solid protection against liability. In the not so free states, even if you are not criminally prosecuted, you can lose everything you have in civil court (yes the scumbag's family sometimes can sue you). Know your state laws regarding self-defense. Due to the recoil on a shotgun, or if you want to use any firearm for self-defense I would highly recommend that you learn gun safety and practice regularly with it. Shooting firearms, like playing golf is a perishable skill.
  9. Birds gotta eat, too. And rabbit tastes good. Then I live out in the country. Sort of.
  10. Yes you can cut your handicap in half in 400 days if you focus practice 3 - 4 hrs a day four days a week and play at least twice a week. Then there is the winter layoff and spring recovery... unless you're rich and have a winter home in AZ, SoCA, or FL. Well if you have one in SoCA it's probably your only home. The rest of us have to deal with crappy cold weather and snow.
  11. It's difficult to tell what you're doing without a video.... a slow motion video would be best.
  12. Yes, one is allowed to turn them off or remove them. There is no rule against deaf people playing golf. Just like there is no rule against wearing sunglasses when playing golf.
  13. Not a teaching pro, definitely, but I can tell you one thing. I know how to practice. My problem is lack of practice.
  14. People between 5'4" and 5'9" have the easiest time with golf because it's not as hard on their backs. The downside of being tall is the bending over to hit the ball depending upon how long one's arms are. If one has gorilla arms it's one thing. If one has t-rex arms, well they just don't make clubs long enough.