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  1. It's stroke and distance unless it is in the fall and the course has a local "leaf rule" in effect. I've had this happen in the fall.... I hit the ball it and I've found the ball. Then I go get my club. When I return to the spot of the ball it's gone. We can't find it because some bloody leaves blew over it. It's somewhere here, but now we can't seem to find it at all. Move some leaves drop a ball and hit. It just doesn't vanish like that.
  2. It doesn't mean one can't play at a deliberate pace. It doesn't mean one has to play speed golf. It doesn't mean that you have to keep up with the group in front if that group is playing speed golf. It means.... No lollygaggin'.
  3. I just traded in a bunch of stuff I'm no longer using and got the Epic. Love it. While the carry distance isn't really any longer than my BB, the difference between a 3000 rpm spin and 1700 rpm spin means roll on the fairway. And it's straight.
  4. I would have a qualified professional teaching pro teach my child to play golf. And I know exactly which one I'd pick in this area. I would not teach my child to play the game. My father "taught" me how to drive a car. After the first two days I was ready to take the bus for the rest of my life. My father also had "taught" me how to practice the piano. I threw away a promising career as a concert pianist at the age of 15. Parents should stay away and leave education to people who are qualified. IMO.
  5. I just played my first 9 holes of the season. I am not a fast golfer. Repeat... I am not a fast golfer. I was playing behind Ben Crane, Kevin Na, Jason Day, and Jordan Spieth... except they were barely hitting their tee shots 170 yds. from the white tees. Hello, guys, if you're that short you should be playing the RED tees. You'll have more fun and you'll save possibly one stroke on several holes. But you were riding. And you took like 20 minutes to play a ******* hole. You had two open holes in front of you. I play the senior tees because I'm 64. I'm fine as long as I'm moving. If I have to stand around and wait, my back gets stiff and my round goes to hell. I wanted to play 18 today. I took a break at the turn to get a hot dog which the restaurant had to cook. The guys were teeing off on 10 when I went in. I went to the bathroom before I ordered. When I got out I thought I'd be able to hit my tee shot. Nope. I had to wait for them to hit their second shots. I packed it in and went home. I shot a 47 - it was my very rusty short game and putting.
  6. Ready golf except in match play. Match play is different.
  7. If playing only one time? Re-tee. Keep re-teeing until I'm on. Hell with the score. If playing the course regularly? Drop zone + wedge shot
  8. My worst hole... it was the result of cheating by a competitor. So my second worst score was a 13 on the 13th hole... a par 5. I should have taken stroke and distance on my third shot. Instead I played it out of the tall grass.
  9. Here's an interesting thought. Since people outside the game can review video for a few days... like Thursday's round can still be reviewed even on Sunday these days... some unnoticeable transgression could be called in for review during the round and then the rules officials make the correction on the player's card. Now under current rules the player has signed an incorrect scorecard even though they believed it to be correct at the time. So if the round is still under review, why sign the scorecard? Why not wait until the tournament is over before signing your cards? That way every viewer has had their chance to phone it in and make their observations. The rules committee has had their opportunity to make their corrections. Then the players will not have signed the incorrect scorecard. If this were a legal document, I wouldn't sign it until all the information was finalized.
  10. I practice that shot... a lot.
  11. I've already done it off the mat last week. I had the "range helper" come over and try to show me how to chip "properly" so I borrowed his lob wedge, opened it, and hit a high flop shot that went about 20 feet up in the air and about six feet in front of me and caught the ball.
  12. A pro I take lessons from once told me, when you're having a good round you might want to play the shot more conservatively. When you're having a lousy round, who cares? Challenge the hole. What have you got to lose? Just have fun. So if I'm on the way to a mid-80s round I'll play smart, but if I've had a couple of blow up holes and am headed toward a 100, I'll play the risk reward shots every time.
  13. I would like a Mercedes SLK350, 2005 model. Lo mileage. Yes, I can afford the purchase price. Unfortunately I can't afford the maintenance.
  14. I'd aim over to that bunker with my driver and play a cut into the fairway. If you can't do that, just lay up and hit a second shot that'll leave you close for a short pitch onto the green and hope to one putt.
  15. Yes, last year I was on course for a 42 on the front 9 on a par 37 (good for me) and then on the 7th hole had a blow up and ended with a 49. I couldn't hit the ball to save my life. Then shot a 43 on the back 9, also a par 37.