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  1. I would say: not on purpose. I did something that I found out a couple weeks later was against the rules. No one called me on it at the time, so....
  2. I played my last round of the year a couple of weeks ago and since then the weather has been rotten here except for a couple of days. I played my old home course from the senior tees. I had a decent front nine. Had one absolute disaster hole on the back 9 (I picked up out of the tall fescue and dropped the ball onto the fairway from the golf cart because the grass was wrapping around the hosel and hurting my shoulders to try to hit it. I didn't feel like measuring the who knows how many unplayable lies before I reached playable territory - so it was an X on the hole). And after that I played decently for the rest of the round. That's what I get for pulling my drive into the tall grass - a lousy score.
  3. Since I haven't been practicing that much this year, I went back to my 7 wood. Nice club. Easy to hit. It usually leaves me in a position to hit a wedge of some sort into the green complex. And sometimes I miss that shot, but that's life.
  4. If it was that bad, I might have been tempted to take a 2 stroke penalty and point out one of his "swing faults", not a real one, just make up something so I could watch the blow up over the next several holes as he tried to fix it. Something his wrist position at the top of his backswing, like he's cupping it too much or is coming slightly over the top, even if he's not. Or that he's bringing his right heel off the ground too early or too late. Just something to throw off his timing.
  5. So heart rate monitors = illegal, but math is not. 6 seconds of heart beat * 10 = you guessed it.... your heart rate. 12 seconds of heart beat * 5 = heart rate. Watches with a sweep hand or watches with second display apparently are fine.
  6. There was nothing wrong with Trump's mic. The noise gate wasn't working properly and that's on the audio engineer, but I listen to content instead of what the equipment was doing. Trump was making Hillary look charismatic with his continuous interruptions. Still by the end of the debate he looked and acted like a beaten dog. He needed to attract votes of minorities and women. Stop and Frisk did not win him minority votes. And comments about Rosie O'Donnell did not do him any favors with women. He got his ass beat. Pence is going to get his ass handed to him with voters on Tuesday. Why? Because Pence is not going to help Trump gain votes from a group whom he desperately needs to win - women. The only groups Pence will help with are those who are solidly in Trump's camp - Evangelical Christians and White Males.... even if he wins the VP debate on other issues just because of his policies in the State of Indiana. I don't see the debates changing anyone's vote at this point. Trump has done so much damage with the groups he's already alienated that he has no hope of winning any of them over. He caved during the last debate on gun control, something that the 2nd Amendment people were holding onto, and he adopted an identical position to Hillary Clinton there -- identical to what is on Hillary's web site. All that will happen is that he'll solidify his support among white males and evangelical Christians. The electoral map will look similar to 1996 except Ohio going to Trump and Colorado and VA going to Clinton. Johnson and Stein will play spoilers in a few states.
  7. I have come to the conclusion that some shots just aren't worth attempting. Sometimes Stroke and Distance is the easier way out. 1) the duffed tee shot that ends up rolling down a steep slope into a lateral water hazard. You're hitting out on a steep slope - lucky if your ball stays on it. Your local knowledge of the course says "f*** it." You re-load +2 strokes and stripe one down the middle of the fairway and get a B or DB. Be thankful. It could have been a snowman. 2) the shot that ends up in the tall fescue... deep in the tall fescue, but you know you can find it because you know the course. Your local knowledge once again tells you to abandon the ball and take a S&D and drop a ball and just hit a shot because hacking your way out of that thick dry grass is a total nightmare. Stop and pick up your first shot on your way... that $4 ball is still usable. Now a pro or low handicapper might actually try these shots, but for us higher handicappers these make blow up holes. Stroke and distance can actually be a lifesaver at times. It is something that can always be used.
  8. I took the test with the elaborate answers and got.... 87% Jill Stein 80% Hillary Clinton 41% Gary Johnson 22% Donald Trump
  9. Sometimes in firm conditions you can run a shot up onto the green.
  10. When I absolutely miss the ball so badly that I hit it off the heel on the tee that it goes so far left and only rolls about 20 yds. I do that one or two times during a round. It's usually on the back 9 when my lower back starts to act up. I usually hit a cut for a drive and that's okay because I've learned how to play it. I played my old home course with the water on the right and managed to stay out of it even playing the cut.
  11. After finally clearing my head from that 90 minutes of assault on the grey matter, I've come to the conclusion that trying to do the mental gymnastics necessary to make sense out of what Clinton and Trump were saying made me dumber for about 24 hours. Especially Trump. I still can't believe one party actually nominated him. IMO he's a buffoon. A school yard bully who got thoroughly beat up, despite scoring a few points early on. But scoring points isn't what it's about to me. It's making sense and hearing policy and whether or not said policies violate the Constitution. In my opinion, both candidates need to read that document. In my opinion, our law makers need to read that document because they're writing laws that tread on the edges of violating our rights. Take the Comprehensive Crime Bill of 1984 otherwise known as the War on Drugs for example. It created a bunch of forfeiture laws where the government can seize property if they have reasonable cause that a drug related crime has been or is being committed. This has lead to people who are transporting large sums of cash having that seized by law enforcement. Buying airline tickets with cash is a red flag to law enforcement. They want a credit record of your purchase. If you are pulled over for speeding, an officer may ask you how much cash you are carrying. Of course you don't have to answer him, but most people think that they have nothing to hide so they tell the officer. If the amount is over a couple hundred, the officer may have a K-9 unit come sniff the car and even if they find nothing, they may confiscate the cash saying that you were going to buy drugs with it at your destination. You can't prove that you weren't. They let you go. It's your property that got charged with the crime. 4th Amendment violation? Where's the due process? No Fly No Buy? Or Terrorist Watch list no buy? These lists are secret lists. Both candidates endorse this practice to infringe on the 2nd Amendment. Where's the due process? It's some secret process. You don't know you're on it, and once you're refused a purchase you get to petition the government to appear before the Senate to clear your name. Good luck with that. This is a violation of the 5th and 6th amendments. Holt should have gone after both Clinton and Trump on this. People told me that "Trump would protect our rights here. He has the backing of the NRA." I knew he would sell us out because he's a moron. I was right. He was agreeing with Clinton. Stop and frisk? Under Terry, law enforcement has to have reasonable suspicion that you're about to commit a crime.This means something like casing an establishment. Walking in a group doesn't give reasonable suspicion. That's a violation of the 4th amendment. In the end I felt dumber after watching this. I did stupid things for the next 24 hours. It gave me a headache. I think I'll skip the next one. Both candidates are disasters. It's just that one is an intelligent disaster and the other is a moron. And Trump cannot go more than 10 minutes without putting his foot in his mouth. He doesn't get to say something where it's recorded on video and then say he never said it. That doesn't wash. He needs fat people to vote for him. He needs women to vote for him and instead of apologizing he insulted us again. He needed Afro-Americans and he brought up stop and frisk - racial profiling? He doesn't think it would be applied without racial profiling? Are you kidding me? That's all I have to say. I have to go out and stock up on ammo before there's a shortage. I'm not expecting a war. It's target plinking ammo, but you know how people get.
  12. I watched the entire debate. I didn't give my analysis last night because I had a headache, but here it is. As much as I didn't want to see it, Hillary kicked his ass. If this was a football game, Trump came out and scored the first touchdown. He actually had Hillary back on her heels for about 20 minutes. Then she began wearing him down, getting him angry. In the last half hour, he looked like a little boy who just got spanked. He was caving on practically everything. He even caved on gun control. Trump said "I have the backing of the NRA" and then went on to say we need to get the guns out of the hands of the bad guys including those who are on the no-fly lists and all that crap, stuff which is done without due process of law. Stop and frisk? Is he going to stop and frisk everyone? That violates the 4th amendment. Papers please. Trump proved to me that he does not understand the United States Constitution. He's probably never read the thing. I know Clinton read it, but doesn't seem to care about it. The government seems to have redefined due process as something that's done behind closed doors by a bunch of bureaucrats because those lists like the "terrorist watch list" and "no-fly list" are secret lists and there is no way to find out if you're on them. And there's a very expensive process to get off them. It's like the forfeiture laws that are used with the war on drugs where they can seize property. That started under Reagan. It's getting abused by police, by TSA, etc., if you're carrying cash. Don't tell police how much cash you're carrying if you get stopped for speeding if they ask you. The government wants you to use credit cards so they can keep track of your purchases. Ted Kennedy was on the No-Fly List FFS. Of course no one addressed the possible abuse of these lists either and they will get abused. Trump had no idea about foreign policy, or cyberwarfare. FFS I know more about that stuff than he does. He's a buffoon. He looked like he was winging it. He didn't prepare at all for the debate because if he did he would have had answers. He has no idea about nuclear weapons use and Mutually Assured Destruction and the First Strike Doctrine. He didn't know what it was. So 1) I don't want Hillary Clinton to be president. 2) I definitely do not want Donald Trump to be president. 3) I will be casting a protest vote for Gary Johnson even though he too is an idiot - at least he has no chance of winning. I blame the Mainstream Media for creating the Trump monster as the GOP candidate. They thought it was funny to cover him. It was good entertainment and they had good ratings. They gave him $ billions in free coverage. Cruz was an idiot. At least Kasich was intelligent - why didn't they give him more coverage? Oh he was "boring." "Knock the crap out of him. I'll pay your legal bills." - that made better ratings. And I'm ready for four years of Clinton II. Damn, we can do better than this, people.
  13. Trump doesn't understand MAD. First strike capability is very important.
  14. God I strongly dislike both these candidates. Can we have a mulligan on this election? No?
  15. French press for me. Four scoops of grounds. Fill the pot to a near boil. Pour in. Stir. Wait 30 seconds. Then press. Wait two minutes for the sediment to settle. Pour. That'll wake you up. And you can use the coffee grounds around your plants!