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  1. Also perhaps she really does have an average of 265 when she goes 100% but in tournaments dials it back for better accuracy. It's just a little under 2 clubs.
  2. If you're not getting a good shoulder turn, I don't know. I've been playing a 2014 Callaway BB and I have it set up neutral. It's all in the angle of attack. I tried the 2016 Callaway XR16 last season and loved it but it was too pricey then. I was able to keep it in the "fairway" the best with it and get respectable distance. And actually able to hit a draw!! I use a 10.5 degree.
  3. For me 250 yds would be a miracle.
  4. A battle plan only survives first contact with the enemy. But one course that I play has a dogleg left on the first hole and I'll hit a 7 iron just to put it in the middle. Another course has a dogleg right and I'll hit a driver with a cut. In both cases have a good shot at getting a GIR. The first is a par 4 and the second is a short par 5. If I screw up the shots the hole is done.
  5. There are dumber rules than those. I've yet to run across them while playing, but I've read them. It's the stuff that can happen that can absolutely ruin your day because someone was a pig.
  6. Irons draw, but woods fade. Yep. That's my game.
  7. Everyone has a miss. If you don't have the time and money to correct it, learn to play it. You won't break 80 unless you practice a lot. If you don't have the time or money to practice a lot and get quality instruction, or are a natural, you're gonna suck. Make peace with it. It's okay to play at a 20+ handicap. Enjoy the sunshine. Using body "english" to guide your slice back onto the fairway doesn't work.
  8. I forgot sarcasm doesn't go over well on the internet.
  9. Right. I'll be sure to try this.......
  10. Just accept the fact that 19 HCP may be as good as you're gonna get and enjoy the sunshine.
  11. The courses are a mess out here now. Squishy. It'll be like this until April. Some people do play, but if you take a divot, you take a clod. I'm done. It's range work maybe on a warmer day once a month until then. I'll be in the gym. I can't stand it under 55.
  12. I'm very intrigued with the same-length club sets I saw Crossfield and Shields review recently. Everything 7 iron length. We practice a lot with our 7 irons. This way do I have to learn how to hit a 5 iron? Or a 9 iron? or a GW? Just learn a 7 iron swing and hit that well and use that for every single club except for Driver. Build a set from 4 - SW. Cobra or Sterling?
  13. If you don't like the electoral college sign WolfPAC. There's the link. They want to amend the constitution for presidential election by popular vote. Read what they're doing before you dismiss it. The electoral college was originally designed to keep the common citizens from overriding the interests of the wealthy land owners. What you do with that link it is up to you. This situation with a candidate winning popular vote and losing electoral college is probably going to happen more and more frequently. Prior to 2000 it happened only once. In the past 16 years it has happened twice and came very close to happening a third time in 2004. That's all I have to say. No comments about the outcome of the election.
  14. I get pars and mostly bogeys on about 15 of 18 holes of the round. I've learned how to get out of trouble and advance the ball. But then there always seem to be two blow up holes during the round where I can't seem to hit the broadside of a barn that completely ruin the score for the round. They usually occur either on 5 or 6 or on 10 or 12. Then I recover and play out. Go figure. Ironic part is that I only lost 4 balls over the summer. Previous summer I shot better scores and lost more balls. More double bogeys, too. Fewer blow up holes. Might be because I practiced more. Shoulders just can't take the pounding on the mats anymore. I'm resigned to sucking, but I have fun going out in the sunshine and hitting the ball around. If I had a 12' ceiling I could work on my swing inside in front of a mirror. If I had more room in the house I could work on my swing in front of a mirror. I don't have the room anymore. Life goes on.