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  1. 94 in the rain. I tweaked my left ankle on the 2nd hole. It made making my weight shift challenging. The fact I hacked out better than 100 in the rain was a miracle.
  2. I focus on carry, spin, and launch angle. Bring your own ball with you. Bring your old driver, too. They always mention the total distance as a sales point.
  3. If you're worried about it, take a lesson. There are a lot of pros out there who can help.
  4. Are you tall. I'm 5'11" and I tend to pull my short clubs. I've kind of given up on it and just play the pull. I set up with my right foot dropped back, shoulders square to target line, and all is good. I'm pretty deadly with it from 40 - 70 yds, so why change it? And I practice it at the range. It doesn't affect my other clubs.
  5. If you're hitting blocks you're likely coming in too shallow or too inside to out. Or you're not clearing your hips and you're getting stuck. I'd work on hitting your take away positions correctly. It's a real pain because you have to know them and you'll have to stop and look where the club is, and check the club face orientation. This sets up your transition and downswing. While you can still get it into the slot from about anywhere it makes it easier. Then there's tempo and getting all the parts to work in sync. Yeah, that. Basically get everything in sequence and lag will come. I really wouldn't worry about it unless you're casting.
  6. Usually they let you return for store credit. If you don't like it, take it back and get something you like. I bought a G410 Plus last October. I went through a fitting. By the time it came in the season was over. I hit some at the range and it felt fine. On the course this spring I was not impressed. I grabbed a used Callaway Mavrik Max.that I wasn't fitted for that I like a lot better. I couldn't get used to the way the G410 sits open at address. So I'd say take it back and see if they'll give you credit for it and get something you like. I'd look at the Mavrik Max.
  7. The lighter shaft is easier to hit. I have a bad back and found I prefer a 50 g shaft even though I'm more accurate with a 65 g shaft. I've tried an S and it's like swinging with a board even though I have the SS to play one... it isn't worth it. A shaft that makes it easier on my back is always worth it. It comes down to something called COR. It's been the same for years. Coefficient of Restitution. This is defined as the ratio of the final velocity to the initial velocity between two objects after their collision. Basically COR is a measurement of the energy loss or retention when two objects collide. That's why the claim of 5 yds further is bogus. Drivers are more forgiving across the faces today than they used to be because they've gotten better at making the driver faces and widening the "sweet spot." Still there is that main sweet spot where you get the max distance. Which driver are you more comfortable swinging? It seems like you answered that. It's your new one. Enjoy your Sim Max.
  8. Ready golf doesn't apply in match play. If you have honor or are further away and your opponent hits their shot first, you can make them rehit. It's really effective if they smoked their shot. You can give your opponent 2' and 3' putts even 4 footer for halving. then when it gets critical start making them putt. If your opponent is a fast player, take your time. Find your inner Bryson. Likewise, if your opponent is slow, try to pick up the pace. I've been down 4 holes right out the gate and nearly went A/S on 17 but my putt lipped out. If it hadn't I would have won on 18 because I had the distance to hit the par 5 green in 2... which I did when we played the hole. Center of the green. Center of the green. Only pin hunt if you need to.
  9. We all repair our ball marks, right? I'd like to think this is in the same spirit. We've had a lot of debris falling on putting greens from the pine trees lately. I'm talking 100' pines. I know you can brush sand out of your putting line and remove loose impediments. But this stuff has gotten ridiculous. Can you use a brush or broom? Call it "care of the course" because in my last round it took a lot of time to clear my putting line for a 30 footer and several other putts. Don't say putt it anyway because you know perfectly well no one in their right mind would have putt over that mess and watched their ball get deflected.
  10. One thing I learned from LSW was about sucker pins and going for the fat part of the green. I haven't taken aimpoint, but I get the idea. I'm pretty good at reading how a green breaks. Yesterday I had a number that were "I thought that was going to go" but it missed by a couple inches, but I left myself a 3' coming back. Good thing I can make those. I need to put some time in on lagging and putting. On my full swing, I need to work on not coming in too shallow and trying to save the shot which ends up in a disastrous hook... because if I don't save it, it ends up in a block. But the driving ranges just opened a couple weeks ago, so that's something I can work on.
  11. Share what lessons you've learned while playing. Breaking 100 is the first milestone in golf. Shooting 90 is the second. I've done it before. I've broken 90. I shot a 43 on the back 9 of this round which tied my PB. And the way my back was feeling it was a bloody miracle. I could have beaten it if I didn't 3 putt 17. That said I shot a 90. I had 6 pars and a birdie. What does that tell you about the rest of the round? Yesterday I learned how bad one plays to shoot 90. I once celebrated this as a job well done, but the way I played yesterday took the blinders off. A par is three lousy shots and a putt, and if you miss the putt you get a bogey. Shooting 90 is a mindset - get it on the green. Up and down for par. But you know you'll be too far away from the flag to pull off that. So after your tee shot went awry, you go into the mindset of "this just turned into a par 5." Get it on the green, two putt, and move on, and a few times I bogeyed that for a DB, and then it snowed in June. I learned nothing new - my ball striking was terrible, but I kept grinding. So... that's how bad one plays to shoot a 90. I guess I should be happy about getting 6 pars and birdie. Don't get me wrong. This was liberating. Over 18 holes: 2 FIRs 💩; 7 GIRs; 37 putts (or 36 if you are going to split hairs and call that one use of the putter from the fringe on the 4th hole a chip rather than a putt). But it was a nice day. In the 80s and sunny. Can't beat that, can you? I'd be interested in hearing from those who are getting to their milestones.
  12. It depends upon the family. You could put some electrical tape on the grip and build up about 1/8" about an inch down and have her try it out before you go about cutting the shaft. That way she won't be able to grip it full length and the electrical tape will ensure the length is consistent. Try it for a week or so and see how it goes. You can always remove the tape.
  13. The #1 handicap hole on the course is one of the easiest holes on the course.... you just have to hit a decent tee shot. You don't even need to hit a FW. Driver + HB + Wedge. But here's why it's the bogey leader. People go pin hunting and there's these sucker pin locations. I just go for that big fat part of the green with my wedge (apparently I learned something from LSW). Get over the bunkers and I've got a GIR. So what if I have a 35 foot downhill putt to a forward pin? Step it off and lag it. Tap it in for par. If it's a rear pin location, I've a chance for birdie. I'm a 90s golfer and once I figured out this hole, the worst I've scored is a bogey which happens about 10% of the time and is the result of a duffed shot because ... I suck at golf. I look at it as a birdie opportunity and usually end up with a par.
  14. It's a toss up. You pick it. 1) My playing partners were no-shows so I went out as a single. The foursome in front of me felt pressured so they asked me to play through on the 6th hole right after I triple bogeyed the 5th. Great. They'd already hit their tee shots. I dropped mine on the green about 15 feet from the hole for nearest to the pin. 2) Fast forward to the par five 16th hole. My back was killing me. After the 11th hole, my driver was put on vacation. Bombed my 3W, but unfortunately it bombed right into the trees on the right. I got a cart path bounce and it apparently glanced off a tree and landed next to the cart path (I thought I'd lost it and searched for a bit before spotting it). Do I take relief? (Y/N) Relief would have put me behind a tree. I don't believe I'm required to take relief. I just played the 175 yd shot 6i (there was a little grass under the ball) and put it on the fringe in two. 3) Also 16. It was a very wide fringe - about 6'. I debated whether to putt or hit a little bump and run with a 7 iron. I left the subsequent bump and run 1' high of the cup for a tap in birdie.
  15. I went out with a sore back and shot 90. 47/43. Best I played in a year. Sad. My best shots were inside 120 yds. But there was a little victory. I finally, for the first time in 8 years, didn't put the ball in either the bunker or the trees on the right on the 17th hole. I made a GIR, but I three putted. I sliced my drive really bad on the 11th hole I thought I had a hole in one on the 17th, so I hit a provisional. I sliced that just as bad so I went to look for them. I lost the provisional but found the original ball. Someone will find a new ProV1. S'all good man. I managed to get it back in play and ended up with a bogey after my par putt lipped out. Lesson for the day: take your medicine. Don't try to thread the needle. You're not a pro. Just get the ball back in play.
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