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  1. Drivers: the best one I've hit was a Callaway Razr Fit. When you hit it in the sweet spot it was a bomb ball. And it was difficult to slice with it. Now tone electrons. It's absolutely true. It's all explained here by the genius himself. If your name wasn't David Lindley, Jackson Browne, Larry Carlton, Bonnie Raitt, Graham nash, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Lukather, Robben Ford, Randy California, Rick Vito, Dean Parks, Eric Johnson, one of the Beach Boys, Jay Graydon, or Ry Cooder, you were out of luck.
  2. I'm sorry @colin007 . Amp modeling may work okay in the studio, but it still doesn't beat the sound of a tube amp because tone electrons flow better in a vacuum than they do in a crystalline lattice. It's a proven fact.
  3. This is the beginning of this. Right now people are handling this lockdown stuff pretty well, but it's only been a couple of weeks. I'm worried about when people are going to start acting squirrelly. Domestic abuse cases are already on the rise.
  4. Gun ranges... another outdoor activity... are also closed except for law enforcement and military.
  5. I checked Lake Spanaway Golf Course which was one of the last hold outs in the area and it's now closed. *sigh* What isn’t allowed: Participating in any in-person leisure, hobby or social clubs Attending or playing in sports games and practices Going to weddings or funerals Attending religious services Visiting museums, theaters, art galleries or fundraisers Going to concerts, festivals or parades Working out at a gym or fitness center Going to nail salons, barbers or tattoo parlors Going out to bars or eating at restaurants (Both are closed for those activities anyway.) Basically, Inslee said, the order restricts any social, spiritual or recreational gatherings.
  6. My bit of exercise is now limited to a walk around my circuit.... or exposure in the supermarket. Forget golf. It's done indefinitely out here.
  7. Golf courses are now closed in Washington State indefinitely. *sigh* Looks like I'll be getting my golf fix on my XBox 1X in The Golf Club 2019. Fortunately I downloaded it when it was free. It's a good game. You can design your own courses. Some people made digital renditions of some famous courses that are pretty good.
  8. They won't delay the introduction of next years stuff.
  9. Split the pot. Skins and best net each week.
  10. DrvFrShow

    Lob Wedge

    If you're a beginner and want to have a lob wedge, a good one to start with is the Cleveland Smart Sole S. It's a 58 degree wedge with a compound sole. You can use it in thick rough and it's pretty straight forward for getting out of bunkers. Just don't try anything fancy with it. Keep the club face square and you'll be fine. The purpose is to get the ball up and out of trouble. It's a very good club. I carry one and can vouch for it. Just don't try to hit a flop shot with it or open the face when you hit a bunker shot. Keep the club face square and let the club's bounce do the work for you. They cost around $99. It's almost impossible to chunk a shot with it.... almost.
  11. I have three bathrooms, three 12 packs of Charmin' mega rolls, and live alone.
  12. I went into advanced options. Just with my normal stock I should be good for 216 days.
  13. It's $1200 and it's not taxable. That's what the news said. If they have your bank account information, it will go directly into your bank account. What does this mean for me? The way I've been playing lately, I might just put ego aside and get a set of Cleveland HB Turbos: 6 - PW, maybe GW with graphite shafts. Yes I know that will be individual irons, but it will be less than the cost of a full set. I've heard good things about these clubs. Laugh all you want at the golf course.
  14. DrvFrShow

    Lob Wedge

    What do you intend to use it for? What conditions to you play in? It's a fairly specialized wedge. There's bounce and grind. Bounce helps a lot in most conditions. I'd say get a 10 bounce unless you have a specific need. Then there's grind. Grind is different depending upon the brand. Here's Callaway's for the MD-5 series: C - for firm conditions. Also you can lay this wedge almost flat and thump a shot out of a firm bunker with a tall lip which you might not be able to do with one of the other grinds. S - standard. This is a good all around grind for most conditions. W - wide sole. For thick rough and soft conditions. It'll keep you from digging down and duffing your shot.
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