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  1. One range locally got a deal on some limited flight balls.... real turds. Only good for hitting wedge shots and... marginal for those. They didn't feel right. Srixon somethings. Felt like hitting rocks with a driver and they'd drop out of the air at about 140 yds. Sounded terrible. I wouldn't hit my driver. Hitting irons sounded like slapping the ball and they felt terrible. I stopped going to that range until they got different balls. I think business dropped off really bad, so they replaced them in a month.
  2. "It’s not considered playing alone when a player is accompanied during the round (e.g., fellow competitor, opponent, caddie, marker for a tournament, friend riding in golf cart)." So this is why I see a lot of single guys playing a solo round while their girlfriend sits in the cart on her cell phone texting friends bored out of her mind.
  3. That's my question too. So essentially it's the estimated carry distance of your shot within 1 club length no nearer the hole? I'd say just guess where you hit the cart and drop a ball without going through all the club length measuring unless you're in a tournament because without a forward spotter the distance in no way will be exact especially since the cart was moving. "It hit the cart somewhere around here." "Just drop a ball and let's play on."
  4. One thing is that while the ambient temp can be 90 F it can be over 100 in the sun on the fairway. I will always take a cart on a hot day. A moist towel to drape around your neck helps too.
  5. Are you stepping off the putts? Are you sure they're only 10-15 feet?
  6. My 9 holes today had it's ups and downs. I started the round out using my 5 iron off the tee. 1st hole - par 4 - par; 2nd hole - par 5 - birdie; 3rd hole - par 3 - par I took out my driver - 4th hole - par 4 - triple; 5th hole - par 5 - double; 6th hole - par 3 - quad; 7th - par 4 - double Back to 5 iron - 8th hole - par 4 - par; 9th hole - par 5 - bogey. I think sometimes it's best to leave the driver in the bag. 4,5,and 7 I put the tee shots in the woods. Being on the short grass makes a difference.
  7. I hit drives about as far as the OP. I was buying golf balls a few years ago and my teaching pro handed me a couple boxes of Callaway SR-1s. Replaced by the ChromeSofts. I like the feel around the greens. I like ProV1s, too. I tend to buy whatever is on sale due to budget - last month it was the Srixon tour ball 2 for 1. Question Erik: For a hacker like me, how long does a ball last before it should go in the shag bag?
  8. You could try a Cleveland smart sole C for chipping for added confidence to help you from not chunking those chip shots. For those of us who suck at chipping. Your other option is to leave yourself with an approach shot distance you're comfortable hitting. If you're not comfortable hitting 80 yd shots, don't leave yourself with 80 yd shots. Better to take a chance with a 120 yd shot than chunk an 80 yarder. So hit your club that leaves you a 120 yd approach if that works out better for you. You have to play the game you have while you work on your weaknesses.
  9. Well there's a course rated 69.1, 116. And a course that's 72.3 rated 125. Course 1: I've had one round there where I broke 90. The rest were in the upper 90s. Course 2: I shoot 90 regularly and it's usually two brain farts as to why I turn an 85 into a 90. Like on the 14th hole - For the love of God hit a PW off the tee instead of a GW. (+2 to 3 strokes) and the 10th hole: hit a 3W off the tee instead of driver +2 strokes.
  10. DrvFrShow

    Lie Adjustment

    If you're going to have your lie checked you really should have a good club fitter check it using ball flight.
  11. The most difficult shot to hit is the one right after a shank. Shanks get in your head and mess with your mind. I crushed a drive today on the 8th hole. I was looking at an easy pitch onto the green and the possibility of a birdie putt. I shanked the pitch into the bunker which is the worst place for me to be. Fortunately I put my Philly Mick 64 back in the bag and escaped - nothing earth shattering but at least was on the green putting for par which I missed by this much. I've hit a hosel rocket with a persimmon driver - well you might call it the wrong side of the heel of the club. I've done it with a modern driver too. I think tension causes them. When you're trying too hard.
  12. DrvFrShow


  13. With the way my sciatica has been acting up, I've only been able to hang for 9 holes. So yesterday I did some short game work since it's been sucking bad and and played 9 today. I shot a 45 with 2 pars and a birdie #fistpump. The Good: Driver, putting, and bunker play. The Bad: Chipping again. If I could have gotten the ball closer, I could have gotten perhaps 3 par saves. The Ugly: Inconsistent iron play. I had a short stretch where I couldn't get the ball in the air. Then put it in the bunker. Fortunately my 64 wedge and putter came through. Still I had fun. 2 pars and a birdie for me in 9 holes is good. I've learned to play with zero f***s to give. Getting into trouble on the 9th hole in the woods and managing a GIR and a par was a nice way to end it.
  14. Considering the fact that they move the tee boxes around from one side to the other and back and forth. I really don't think it matters that much. Just find a flat spot and take the time to pick your target and line up your shot. If you're playing a power draw, select the club that will keep your ball from going too far and into the woods or tall cabbage just in case you don't get your ducks in order and hit the ball straight. Same thing if you're playing a power fade. I noticed you're a 21.9 HC so you probably should focus more on landing the ball in the fairway at the elbow of the dogleg. I'm at 19 - 20 and that's what I do. Play a club that gives you the best chance at doing that. Moving from one side of the tee box to the other is mostly psychological unless it's to find a flat spot. IMO that is. This may be less technical that our fearless leader, but I think it's about the same. You have to play the course set before you.
  15. Hmm.... sounds like you have progressive lenses. Did you get the "digital" version of them or the standard version. The standard version (older) is cheaper and distorts worse. I can't stand progressives lenses. I went with single vision lenses (sunglasses or you can get the transition lenses) and a pair of lined bifocals for reading and computer usage. Just mentioning that if you have progressive lenses, that might be the problem.
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