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  1. RNC

    This along with the end of print journalism which had relatively high standards to digital media where anyone can publish, and television news to the 24 hr infotainment and propaganda cycle from which it is increasingly difficult to sort out disinformation from reality, little to no investigative reporting, and we get what we have today. We get a world where people don't know what the hell is going on. We get people voting on complex issues when they have little or no knowledge about what their voting - take the Brexit as the latest example when the largest search on Google in the UK the day after the vote was "What is the European Union?" My god you'd think that people would look that up before they made their decision. But why doesn't that surprise me when people still think our president was born in Kenya? And that building the Great Wall of America will solve our problems - oh, and somehow he'll get Mexico to pay for it. Good luck with that. And thinking that cutting taxes even more for the rich will create jobs here and help reduce the deficit. #headdesk And @Chilli Dipper is dead right about the anti-discrimination ordinance in Charlotte. The NC State legislature's HB 2 contained specific language that reversed that ordinance. The climate in this country has gotten to the point where David Duke says it's ripe for him to make a run for the US Senate. And I think he'll win. I also think Trump will win the Presidency because he'll play the fear card. Fear always beats logic.
  2. RNC

    The meme is a very brief summary. Here it is in its entirety: The 1956 Republican Platform UCSB Link It would pass for a modern Democratic Party platform well except for the atomic energy portion. I used to be a Republican.
  3. RNC

    People on the left also are guided by the constitution.
  4. RNC

    RE SCOTUS - true. Both republican and democratic nominees made that decision. 2. Obama got into the act after the NC law made the headlines and after the demonstrations made national news.
  5. RNC

    The right has moved further right. 1. Gay marriage - the US Supreme Court made the ruling that it was allowed under the 14th Amendment. LGBTs are people. Who knew? 2. Trans bathrooms - This was not the rage of the left. They were a non-issue until the conservatives in the State of North Carolina and in other states decided to make it an issue in order to whip up their evangelical base for the election cycle. Once that happened they became an issue. Also, the law in NC went a lot further than just bathrooms. They've tried these laws in many other states. The American Family Association, part of the evangelical branch of the party, sets up phony situations to trigger fear. The politics of fear at work. And I beg to differ with you. The GOP today doesn't seem to be very interested in equal rights for all. JFK wouldn't be a Republican today. They pass legislation in states that strip protections for LGBT people. They pass legislation that restrict women's rights to health care and the rights women have over their own bodies. They look for ways to get around court rulings that forbid discrimination using so-called "freedom of religion laws" and now that those are starting to get tossed out by the courts, the latest tactic is the so-called "freedom of speech laws". If the extremists are not mainstream, how do they keep getting elected? I'm looking at you, Governor of Oklahoma, Governor of Kansas, Governor of NC, Governor Pence, Governor Walker (WI), Governor of Texas, damn, I could go on for a fairly long paragraph.
  6. RNC

    God, that was scary last night. Republican Party: how far you have fallen.
  7. I'll see what the doctor says on Friday. I know I'll be out at least a month. If I do come back this year it'll probably be only at the range where it's flat.
  8. Well last Thursday playing on the 12th hole, I hit a second shot to the green with my 7 wood from a steep sidehill lie - it landed on the green - but I felt a sharp twinge in my left knee that definitely didn't feel good. It didn't bother me the rest of the round, and I figured that well, it's just that knee being weird. I've had injuries with it and you know it does weird stuff. But that night my entire thigh hurt. Friday it felt fine. Saturday it felt fine. Sunday I did some light strengthening stuff and it felt fine. Then yesterday I turned a little and it hurt again. Today it hurts again. It's the tendon that connects one of the quad muscles to the knee. I palpated the area. I think I'm done for the season. These things take a couple months or longer to heal. I see my doctor on Friday for my shoulders and I'll ask her then, but I know the answer - no golf.
  9. I'd post one but the board doesn't embed animated gifs
  10. Most expensive? SeeMore putter $300. It's sitting in the "alternate" bag. Yes it cost less than my driver. It's the most expensive because it's not being used. Cheapest? My Odyssey White Dart 48" putter $60.
  11. Cure Putters also are quite customizeable.
  12. One time I ended up walking to the club house on the 14th hole. My bag was empty. Good thing those were cheap balls then, right? When you get ready to fish the water hazard so you can continue it's time to pack it in.
  13. I use plastic Block Head tees. Never have to worry about tee height.
  14. If I were you, I'd play the forward tees unless you're driving the ball over 220 yds. Tees are not by gender. They're by how far you can hit the ball. You may want to go to an "old time" swing rather than a modern restrictive swing. You may want to lift your left heel on your backswing so you can get more shoulder turn. You know. Swing like this guy: Granted you still won't take the club back as far, but freeing up the hips might make it less painful.