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  1. I've learned how to play golf better. My problem is in execution.
  2. Day 4 - June 13: Worked in slow motion returning my irons to impact to the original shaft plane from transition point.
  3. Day 3 June 12 - Went to the driving range to get used to a new wedge. I had a wedge fitting yesterday and needed to find out if I could hit touch shots with it in addition to the full shots. 25 shots with it. Done. Then went on to work on getting through the shot with my irons. I need to get my weight forward and stay on plane through the shot better. Why is it so easy to stay on plane with my 5W? I can return that on the original shaft plane and smoke shot after shot. But why is it so much more difficult with my irons? I need to take a video and look at this. I need to look at what I'm doing
  4. Okay, this is going to be boring, but here goes. I've been doing this every day for the past two years. I do this every day during the winter months. Day 1 June 10: while I was waiting for the water to boil last night, I took out my wedge and use one of the lines on the kitchen tiles for the center of stance. I set the club down and make sure I have the proper grip on the club. Once I have that, I worked on a proper takeaway movement making sure I rotated with my shoulders and not my arms and stopped with the club parallel to the floor. There I checked the club head to make sure it was p
  5. There are some people who are not receptive to talk when things are going down the (expletive descriptor). Maybe Lexi is one of these people. She was in contact with her mental coach all week, trying to focus on the good things in her life, going into this tournament. That's what she told reporters, anyway. Perhaps she gets emotional. And we all know that golf is not like other sports. In other sports, emotions can be good. In golf, emotions will absolutely destroy you without mercy. They have to be held in check until that last putt drops on the 18th hole.
  6. I had that once. I used a PW straddled the ball. Chipped onto the green using Sam Snead's old croquet putting grip. Illegal with a putter but okay with a regular club.
  7. I think the people who want it banned just don't like the way it looks. I tried it. It's hard.
  8. I'm going through this right now. I am absolutely crushing my driver. I cured my slice with it and everything, I'm even hitting my fairway woods well. But my iron game? Not so good. In my case it's that I'm not getting through the shot. You can see it in where the divots are. This is the root cause of my distance loss this year. I'm hitting my irons slightly heavy.... well sometimes really heavy. But where do you play your driver? Forward. Your FW? Forward. You're forced to drive your body through the shots. Your irons are played more center of stance so maybe we get a little lazy and don't dr
  9. I think playing from the wrong tees doesn't help, but people have egos. I played yesterday. I had two blow up holes where I just picked up because I felt to play it out would have held up play - took net DB on both. It didn't matter because I had to wait for my group to finish playing out the holes. Look, I know when guys get older they don't want to admit that hitting the drive 170 yds means that perhaps they shouldn't be playing from the 6300 yd tees anymore. The 200 yd drive is a pipe dream. I watched this one guy getting frustrated because he can no longer reach any of the greens in regula
  10. They call it a 7 hybrid. lol. It's based off standard club loft. In the G425 line.
  11. 7W (because I can hit it off the tee and fairway); 30 degree Hybrid; 54 degree wedge (because I can work magic with it); putter.
  12. It's one of those things. I have the F9 OL. I "lost distance" this year. I found out exactly how I lost distance when I did a TopTracer session. I was hitting some shots my old distance when I caught them flush. But most of the time I was well short. I was hitting them ever so slightly heavy... meaning I wasn't getting through the shot. But like you, if I played the ball forward, after a few thins, it forced me to get through the shot and I got my old distances. I'm thinking this is a maybe I should just play the ball more forward.
  13. If you're just out practicing on the course, do what you want. Use a foot wedge, hand wedge, whatever. Your playing partners have nothing to do with it unless.... you're playing for score or for beers (who buys is important) afterward. Then take an unplayable lie. You can move the ball and drop from knee height up to two club lengths (mark your original position and use your driver to measure) from the original spot no nearer the hole with a one stroke penalty. Also if you're in a bunker with a really really bad lie, you can drop behind the bunker in line with the hole for a 2 stroke pena
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