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  1. One problem is that most of the non-solo rounds I play are match. So I'm not playing enough non-solo medal rounds to get a handicap. You'll have to trust my calculations of the best 8 of my last 20 rounds. Will you do that? Will you give me those strokes? i didn't think so. I'll post the rounds anyway and let GHIN do the math for me. I'll consider it my "unofficial HC" since i don't play in official competitions. It's not hurting anyone.
  2. I guess the next piece of equipment they'll talk about reviewing is the putter. Maybe it's too flat.
  3. I use a broken wooden tee and have the ball a little bit higher than on the ground because I don't want to change my iron swing. I found if I teed it up higher I don't get the distance I need and weird things happen. The fewer variables when I play the better. This is also the same height I tee up for my 3W and hybrids.
  4. Don't overlook Cobra SZ One Lengths either. Maltby Playability Factor 865. I have the F9 One Lengths. You just play everything like a 7 iron.
  5. lol. everything is sensitive these days. I put a line on the ball because it makes it easier to identify in the woods. "Yeah, that one's mine." I don't use it on the green because i can't line up the line very well. We all have our little methods of lining up putts.
  6. Having played with senior ladies here's the deal: 1) most don't hit the ball far; 2) the ball stays on the short grass so no time is wasted looking for errant shots; 3) 18 holes can be played walking in about 3 hrs. This includes bathroom breaks at the 5th hole, the 9th hole, and the 15th hole. Most in the group will shoot about 88 to 94. Of course they play from the forward tees which are appropriate for their driving distances which average about 150 to 170 yds. In the first group off the tee in the club there are the lower handicap sr women players. These players hit driver about 200 t
  7. I've learned my lesson. Pay for 9. Play 9. If my back is feeling good after 9, play 18, go into the pro shop after the round and pay up. If it's borderline, go home. They're used to me doing this. It's easier to do this than ask for a rain check due to a back injury after 9 holes.
  8. Isn't the object of the game to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible? BDC said he was going to hit 2000 drives in preparation for the Masters. Come on, you can't ban practice and physical fitness. If someone is obsessed enough to put in extra hours of work you can't penalize them for it. You can't penalize everyone else for what he does. I'm sorry, but if they change the rules, someone like BDC will find a way to exploit a weakness in them. He and his coach are those types of guys. They study physics and stuff like that. This whole thing is funny. If anything, Crossfiel
  9. What is a "pure" shot. I mean it's defined. But I think it's relative to ones ability. The standard set by a tour pro will be a lot higher than the standard set by someone who is just out playing a casual round. So I'm not going to answer the poll. I will say I make over 13 good shots per round. If I didn't I should sell my clubs and take up something else to pass my time.
  10. There's nothing unclear about it. I don't wear a watch when I play. I never have. I'm not going to spend forever looking for a ball. I used to make 5 passes in an area. Now I make 3. If I don't find it, I know about where it entered, local rule time (edge of the fairway + 2 strokes).
  11. Or if he has one iron that he never uses (like a 3 iron for example) he can put a lot of lead tape on it to make it extra heavy because grabbing two clubs can be awkward.
  12. I don't really care. There are times if I've hit the ball so far off line into the woods, I'll just reload with a S&D and not even bother looking. One of those situations where even if I found it, I wouldn't want to hit out of there. And unless people are wearing watches or have their phones out timing it, it's a guesstimate anyway. Basically, look and don't take too long. I don't know many people who wear watches when they play.
  13. I really need to get to the course about an hour before my tee time and get to the driving range to see what my swing is like that day. This means getting a small bucket and hitting about 20 balls out of it: about 8 wedge shots, eight 7is, and 4 drivers. Then go lag putt. Then wait in the queue. This will keep the first two holes from being disasters. This is the difference between a 51 and a 43 on the front 9.
  14. Well, I have a driver swing speed around 94. I recently took a driver lesson. I had a 45 g Riptide R in the driver. The pro put me in a 50 g Riptide 6.0 S. I feel like I have better control over the club head. Companies are going over to lightweight shafts these days. They've been able to make graphite stronger at lighter weight so that S shaft that used to be 65 g may only need to be 50 g now. If your shaft is too flexible your strike may not be as consistent. The AD333 is a good ball. It has a urethane cover. They've been discontinued, but you can still find them on Amazon.
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