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  1. I had pain in the shoulder. I tried ibuprofen, naproxen, stretching etc. It didn't get better. I started getting limited motion. I went to an orthopedist. Turned out I had bone spurs. She gave me a shot of cortisone in the joints of both shoulders. Told me to take a couple weeks off and did PT for a month. Once that was done I was good. I was lucky. See a doctor. Get checked. Shoulders are nothing to mess around with.
  2. 50 - 40. Started out cold, overcast. Day warmed up and was mid-80s on the back 9. I thought it was over on 17 when I sliced my drive onto the opposite side of the 18th fairway. 17 was a par 5. Second shot went back onto 17 in the rough. Put the third shot on the green but left an 80 foot putt. Lagged to 5 feet and sank it for a par. 18th. Hit a 250 yd drive then my 9 iron to 3 feet from the hole. Missed the putt by that much. Tap in for par.
  3. I know the pressure crap. Like when I KNEW that if I sank a 3 footer I'd have a 39 on the back 9 a couple years ago, and I choked. It was a flat putt, too. I ended up with a 40. Still my PB on the course and it was a par 37 back 9, but still 39 is a 39. Breaking 80? But it's just 11 pars and 7 bogeys, right? And you'll make a birdie or two to compensate for the double bogey, right? Sounds easy, right? No.... So how does one do it.... Here's an interesting video that has a system about how to do it. Discuss.
  4. I'm going to try a process oriented system this year instead of a results oriented system. I've seen the 6-6-6 system for breaking 80. 6 GIRs; 6 up and downs; and 6 "birthday holes" where you give yourself a break from the stress. At my level 6 GIRs and 6 up and downs would be a bloody miracle. So I'll make a variation of it. 4-4-10. 4 GIRs; 4 up and downs; and 10 birthday holes. I rarely have blow up holes these days. I've learned to take S&D if I hit into really bad trouble and just take the DB. So I figure if I can get 4 GIRs, that gives me a chance of being even or -1 for four holes. I usually end up with one birdie so let's say -1. Now let's say I go +2 for the four holes designated "Up and Down." That's +1 for 8 holes on the course. Not bad, eh? Let's say those were all par 4s. That's 33 strokes. If I get 55 for the other 10 holes, that's 5.5 strokes per hole. Four of them are par 5s, Four of them are par 3s. Two of them are par 4s. I would have just shot 88 and I have a 19 HC. That's my goal this year. 4 GIRs per round; 4 up and downs per round; 10 birthday holes with no blowups.
  5. Last year I finally started letting my game come to me. I started getting 43 for 9 holes. I can't practice much due to injuries. So here's what I learned about my game: I got to the course about 30 minutes before tee time and spent 15 minutes lag putting and 5 minutes swinging my orange whip warming up and stretching my muscles. I didn't hit a small bucket on the range like some people did. First two holes: I'll hit a 4 or 5 iron off the tee. I'm just feeling out the course and seeing where my swing is for the day. I know distance is king, but being on the short grass beats being out of bounds or a duck hook. Remember, I'm still warming up. My goal is to keep the ball in play. What usually happens is a par on 1, and a par on 2 - chances for birdie on both holes. So, you can't fault the strategy, can you? The course gets longer and more difficult afterward. Still I've used this on other courses with similar success. No more hero shots. If I'm in trouble I'll try to advance the ball if possible, but I'll take my medicine if I have to. I will not try to thread the needle. When given the choice a 3/4 7i or a hard 8 iron, I will take the hard 8 iron every time. I'm just more accurate and more reliable with that type of shot. And do not give power to a bad shot. If I hit a bad shot after hitting 4 good ones, remember that I hit 4 good ones prior to that. Everyone makes bad shots. Everyone get double bogeys. Everyone.
  6. I'm a recreational golfer. Due to injuries I can't practice a lot. I play when I can and hit a few **** shots on the course that will ruin the round. I'll par a few holes. I'll get a couple of birdies. I'll never break 80 and that's fine. I've learned to take what my game gives me. I've learned that if I hit the ball into too much trouble it sometimes isn't worth trying to get out - take S&D and hit another ball. Sometimes it ends up fewer strokes.
  7. It depends upon how my back is feeling.
  8. But then it started raining again and got cold and nasty. Come on. Don't encourage them.
  9. I know a guy who played with a set of Ping irons for 23 years.
  10. I think your wedges are fine. You can learn to work your current wedges. Maybe if you could get a G in the R7. Here's one on e-bay for $18. Save some money while you're learning to play. TaylorMade R7 A Wedge Golf Club TaylorMade r7 A Wedge Golf Club. Good condition Condition is Used. With a Stiff flex steel shaft. Shipped $5 to the lower fourty eight with USPS Priority Mail. Next: the 5W/3H dilemma. Carry whichever one you feel more confident with. Do you really need a 2H? How often will you use it? There's about a 10 yd difference and sometimes depending upon your swing speed, off the deck that 10 yds is less because it's more difficult to get the ball in the air.
  11. Age: senior Height: 6' Location: Washington How long have I been playing: 5 yrs as a teen; since 2011 Best score: 86 Favorite club: 6 iron Golf books/DVDs that have helped me: LSW, Youtube swing videos of Bobby Jones. Where do I play? Various public courses in the Seattle/Tacoma area Best course I've played: Some course around Lake Tahoe back in the 1970s. Things I enjoy about golf: quiet, sunshine, breeze in the trees, challenge. Goals for 2019: Get out and play more than I did in 2018.
  12. How long have you been playing? How long have you been shooting 90? Do you have anything like Game Golf or Arccos? If not you might want to consider something like that to track your game stats and see where you need to practice.
  13. I think part of the problem is tension. You carry a 25.6 HC. But I'm one to talk with a 19. Here's some food for thought without having seen you. Tension can mess up everything. Can't hit a 6 iron as well as your 7 or as well as your 5? It's in your head, son. There's no logical reason for it. You're trying to kill the ball. Swing the club and stop trying to hit the ball. A large drop off between your 8 iron and your 9 iron? You're not swinging your 9 iron the same as you are your 8 iron. You might be taking a shorter backswing. Why don't you try swinging it the same as your 8 iron?
  14. 8 looks like it's designed for my fade. 9 just looks like trouble.
  15. I wouldn't worry about the "when I get better they'll be restrictive." They're both what are called game improvement irons. What GI clubs do is if you hit a little off center you'll still advance the ball a fair distance, sort of, rather than roll the ball 20 yds. With brand new GI irons you might hit a poor 7 iron 100 yds instead of 150 yds. You still have to learn to make center contact regardless of what you're using, and that boils down to learning to swing the club and not think about hitting the ball. Or should I say swing the club without tension. So I wouldn't think about it until your handicap gets down to around say 13. But in the meantime, if you like playing the game and you have a couple grand burning a hole in your pocket and want a set of those cool looking PXGs or whatever go for it. Who am I to say what you should play with? Just as long as you're enjoying playing, right?
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