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  1. I took the test with the elaborate answers and got.... 87% Jill Stein 80% Hillary Clinton 41% Gary Johnson 22% Donald Trump
  2. Sometimes in firm conditions you can run a shot up onto the green.
  3. When I absolutely miss the ball so badly that I hit it off the heel on the tee that it goes so far left and only rolls about 20 yds. I do that one or two times during a round. It's usually on the back 9 when my lower back starts to act up. I usually hit a cut for a drive and that's okay because I've learned how to play it. I played my old home course with the water on the right and managed to stay out of it even playing the cut.
  4. After finally clearing my head from that 90 minutes of assault on the grey matter, I've come to the conclusion that trying to do the mental gymnastics necessary to make sense out of what Clinton and Trump were saying made me dumber for about 24 hours. Especially Trump. I still can't believe one party actually nominated him. IMO he's a buffoon. A school yard bully who got thoroughly beat up, despite scoring a few points early on. But scoring points isn't what it's about to me. It's making sense and hearing policy and whether or not said policies violate the Constitution. In my opinion, both candidates need to read that document. In my opinion, our law makers need to read that document because they're writing laws that tread on the edges of violating our rights. Take the Comprehensive Crime Bill of 1984 otherwise known as the War on Drugs for example. It created a bunch of forfeiture laws where the government can seize property if they have reasonable cause that a drug related crime has been or is being committed. This has lead to people who are transporting large sums of cash having that seized by law enforcement. Buying airline tickets with cash is a red flag to law enforcement. They want a credit record of your purchase. If you are pulled over for speeding, an officer may ask you how much cash you are carrying. Of course you don't have to answer him, but most people think that they have nothing to hide so they tell the officer. If the amount is over a couple hundred, the officer may have a K-9 unit come sniff the car and even if they find nothing, they may confiscate the cash saying that you were going to buy drugs with it at your destination. You can't prove that you weren't. They let you go. It's your property that got charged with the crime. 4th Amendment violation? Where's the due process? No Fly No Buy? Or Terrorist Watch list no buy? These lists are secret lists. Both candidates endorse this practice to infringe on the 2nd Amendment. Where's the due process? It's some secret process. You don't know you're on it, and once you're refused a purchase you get to petition the government to appear before the Senate to clear your name. Good luck with that. This is a violation of the 5th and 6th amendments. Holt should have gone after both Clinton and Trump on this. People told me that "Trump would protect our rights here. He has the backing of the NRA." I knew he would sell us out because he's a moron. I was right. He was agreeing with Clinton. Stop and frisk? Under Terry, law enforcement has to have reasonable suspicion that you're about to commit a crime.This means something like casing an establishment. Walking in a group doesn't give reasonable suspicion. That's a violation of the 4th amendment. In the end I felt dumber after watching this. I did stupid things for the next 24 hours. It gave me a headache. I think I'll skip the next one. Both candidates are disasters. It's just that one is an intelligent disaster and the other is a moron. And Trump cannot go more than 10 minutes without putting his foot in his mouth. He doesn't get to say something where it's recorded on video and then say he never said it. That doesn't wash. He needs fat people to vote for him. He needs women to vote for him and instead of apologizing he insulted us again. He needed Afro-Americans and he brought up stop and frisk - racial profiling? He doesn't think it would be applied without racial profiling? Are you kidding me? That's all I have to say. I have to go out and stock up on ammo before there's a shortage. I'm not expecting a war. It's target plinking ammo, but you know how people get.
  5. I watched the entire debate. I didn't give my analysis last night because I had a headache, but here it is. As much as I didn't want to see it, Hillary kicked his ass. If this was a football game, Trump came out and scored the first touchdown. He actually had Hillary back on her heels for about 20 minutes. Then she began wearing him down, getting him angry. In the last half hour, he looked like a little boy who just got spanked. He was caving on practically everything. He even caved on gun control. Trump said "I have the backing of the NRA" and then went on to say we need to get the guns out of the hands of the bad guys including those who are on the no-fly lists and all that crap, stuff which is done without due process of law. Stop and frisk? Is he going to stop and frisk everyone? That violates the 4th amendment. Papers please. Trump proved to me that he does not understand the United States Constitution. He's probably never read the thing. I know Clinton read it, but doesn't seem to care about it. The government seems to have redefined due process as something that's done behind closed doors by a bunch of bureaucrats because those lists like the "terrorist watch list" and "no-fly list" are secret lists and there is no way to find out if you're on them. And there's a very expensive process to get off them. It's like the forfeiture laws that are used with the war on drugs where they can seize property. That started under Reagan. It's getting abused by police, by TSA, etc., if you're carrying cash. Don't tell police how much cash you're carrying if you get stopped for speeding if they ask you. The government wants you to use credit cards so they can keep track of your purchases. Ted Kennedy was on the No-Fly List FFS. Of course no one addressed the possible abuse of these lists either and they will get abused. Trump had no idea about foreign policy, or cyberwarfare. FFS I know more about that stuff than he does. He's a buffoon. He looked like he was winging it. He didn't prepare at all for the debate because if he did he would have had answers. He has no idea about nuclear weapons use and Mutually Assured Destruction and the First Strike Doctrine. He didn't know what it was. So 1) I don't want Hillary Clinton to be president. 2) I definitely do not want Donald Trump to be president. 3) I will be casting a protest vote for Gary Johnson even though he too is an idiot - at least he has no chance of winning. I blame the Mainstream Media for creating the Trump monster as the GOP candidate. They thought it was funny to cover him. It was good entertainment and they had good ratings. They gave him $ billions in free coverage. Cruz was an idiot. At least Kasich was intelligent - why didn't they give him more coverage? Oh he was "boring." "Knock the crap out of him. I'll pay your legal bills." - that made better ratings. And I'm ready for four years of Clinton II. Damn, we can do better than this, people.
  6. Trump doesn't understand MAD. First strike capability is very important.
  7. God I strongly dislike both these candidates. Can we have a mulligan on this election? No?
  8. French press for me. Four scoops of grounds. Fill the pot to a near boil. Pour in. Stir. Wait 30 seconds. Then press. Wait two minutes for the sediment to settle. Pour. That'll wake you up. And you can use the coffee grounds around your plants!
  9. See the biggest issues I have is not what they can't get through Congress. With these two horrible candidates I'm all for gridlock in the government. With Trump I'd want a Democratic Senate. With Clinton I'd want a Republican Senate. The problem is what can each of these people do by executive action. The Federal Government, I think under Reagan in 1984 with the Comprehensive Crime Control Act for the War on Drugs allows the government to seize your assets under suspicion of illegal activity without due process. Well it redefines due process. See due process was traditionally defined as in a court of law, but under this law due process is carried out by a bunch of bureaucrats. Your property is on trial. Not you. Try to get it back. And now it's gotten to the point where if you're driving and carrying around $1000 in cash and are pulled over for speeding and the cop asks you how much cash you're carrying, and you're stupid enough to answer them, they can take it under this law even if you've done nothing other than were speeding - "you may have been going to xxxxxx to buy drugs." And without approval from Congress under the Patriot Act, there are certain words, and if you have a certain number of firearms, or have purchased a certain number of rounds of ammunition you get put on a watch list. Who is going to abuse this more? I suspect from his use of NDAs Trump will have enemies lists. Clinton will continue the Obama policies. Both are really bad. Really bad. I can't support either of them. That's why I'm supporting Johnson even though he didn't know what Aleppo was. I didn't know what Aleppo was. I don't think he'll continue these practices. Even though he doesn't stand a chance of winning.
  10. How many softball questions get lobbed at each candidate? How many times will Trump say "Believe me!" and "It's like incredible" the word "tremendous" and "Crooked Hillary" How many times Hillary will dance around the e-mail scandal? Will Hillary blow up? Will Hillary challenge Trump to do arithmetic? Or will that be out of bounds? It will be interesting to hear how lowering taxes on the rich and lowering corporate taxes will balance the budget - I've heard that whopper before. Will Trump challenge Hillary on the 2nd amendment? Will Hillary challenge Trump on his pandering to the religious right with the "freedom of speech and religion" proposal to allow discrimination against GLBT people. Will either of them persuade me to not vote for Gary Johnson?
  11. I'm beginning to wonder that for those of us who don't practice a lot if the best set of clubs would be one where all the irons were the same length... like the 7 iron for example since that's the club they tell us to practice with all the time. We get good at hitting that, then when we go to hit our long irons our game falls apart. If the long irons felt the same as the 7 iron.... and the PW felt the same as the 7 iron..... there'd be a consistency in the swing at least. But I don't have the money for a set like this.
  12. Rule 3-3c - Muni Course stuff that shouldn't happen - place new ball as close as possible to spot where original ball was before greenskeeper ran mower over it.
  13. I assume this is where a tape measure can come in handy during a tournament. I guess you can move in a circle around the hole until you find a spot where the ball will stay put that is the same distance from the hole as your ball originally was?
  14. Flagstick - it would not speed up play. When people are playing in a group they remove the flagstick when they're putting. When they're playing single, no one really cares, I see singles leaving the flagstick in all the time - people putt the ball and if they lay up about a foot away, they usually pick up and move on. Divot holes - if it's competition, it's one thing. If it's a casual game people move their ball out of them already. The rule won't change. I've been playing for 4 years and have ended up in a divot hole twice. I even hit a decent shot once out of it. I sucked the other time. Life goes on.
  15. 1) preferred lies - they're aerating the fairways, sanding the aprons and getting ready to punch the greens. 2) The "Leaf Rule." They call it an abnormal ground condition thus no penalty. If your ball is lost in an abnormal ground condition you may take relief from where it first entered the area as Ground Under Repair and drop another ball no nearer the hole without penalty. Basically where the ball crossed into the area with leaves, one club length from there into the area not affected by the leaves, and drop a new ball. Don't laugh at the last one. I hit my ball into an area like that on the 18th hole just off the fairway in the first cut. Drove the cart over and found my ball. As I was approaching the ball with my club in hand, a leaf blew over the top of it. I laughed and removed it. If I'd been walking I would never have found my ball. A near perfect 200 yd shot on a par 5 would have been wasted without this rule even though I saw where it landed and stopped. It would have made the difference between a par and a double bogey. Although in the next couple of weeks it gets so bad the course will become nearly unplayable.