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  1. Your Toughest Hole; Your Nemesis Hole

    I have a couple of them... on the same course. The don't look that difficult. The first one is the 9th hole at Lake Spanaway Golf Course. It's 468 from the forward tee, only 502 from the whites. But there's always a slight headwind blowing so your drive never goes as far as you think it will. Here's the problem: 7th hole, although parallel to 9 is protected by tall pines. The 8th hole tee is open and has a prevailing wind to your back. You just crushed your drive there. Now you're on 9 with the prevailing wind in your face and two fairway bunkers where the fairway pinches, and the rough around them isn't kind either. You have to hit the fairway or you have to hit a fantastic rescue shot. I've done that. But the green is well protected. Then there's 15. A 390 yd par 4 dogleg left. Seems straightforward enough. But hit your tee shot too far and you're hitting off hard pan... or the cart path from which you get to drop on hard pan. Your approach shot is uphill and you can't see the green very well. Just aim right of the bunker and make sure you take enough club. Don't land right because the ball will deflect and go down into a little depression with all those bushes and trees - add a stroke or two getting out of that.
  2. Driver vs. 3W

    I canned my 3W last year. I used to hit it just as far off the tee as my driver, then learned how to hit a driver. The big club face on the driver is very forgiving. It's learning to stop trying to kill the ball and swing the club and make contact on the upward part of the swing. I'm not a great driver by any stretch. I have a GBB Epic now. It's standard length, but I choke up about an inch on it just because it feels a little too long. What you might want to try next time you go to the range is wrapping some electrical tape around the grip about 1" down from the end. Wrap it about 1/8" thick. It'll force you to choke up a little. You'll get to see if a shorter driver might help.
  3. Tiger Troubles - DUI Arrest

    I think we spent 18 pages to decide: 1) Tiger was taking meds for pain that said "May cause drowsiness." "Do not drive or operate machinery while taking this medication." 2) He probably fell asleep at the wheel and pulled off the road. 3) He got caught. 4) Tiger is not a role model. He's a human being like everyone else. One thing about people: they love to build up the hero and put them on a pedestal. Then when they stumble, they love to tear them down for failing to live up to their expectations. Then they love to watch the fall.
  4. Phil Mickelson missing US open for HS Graduation

    Phil probably figures.... "I won't win it this year either, so I'll skip it and go to the graduation."
  5. GIR is KING! GAME GOLF Challenge June 2017

    Okay, here's what happened. I charged it and now it doesn't pick up the GPS at the courses. It gives some red blinking led or whatever led indicator it's not supposed to give, and won't let me tag a club.
  6. Why Don't Serious Golfers Know the Rules?

    It's simple. Because I've played in a league that played by "strict rules" and it turned out that people really didn't know the rules as well as they thought. And you have to be careful about mixing rules with league politics, too. I quit the league. It's a pain in the arse.
  7. A rules question from this morning's round.

    You don't even need the app. You can use the web browser on your smart phone if you're too cheap to buy the app. Look up all the rules and decisions.
  8. GIR is KING! GAME GOLF Challenge June 2017

    I'd do it but my GG unit died and it's out of warranty.
  9. Alignment

    If you're making a practice swing next the the ball and it marks the ground, fine. There's no problem with that so long as you don't cause the ball to move. It's the intent that matters here. It's the integrity of your round. If you're not doing it for alignment purposes and it just causes a mark on the ground there's no problem. If you're using it as an alignment tool, then it's against the rules and you need to self assess a penalty. You can ground the club during practice swings. Suggestion for you: stand 6' - 10' behind your ball when you're lining up your shot. Make your practice swing there perpendicular to your shot line, then pick your target, line up your shot, then approach your ball from the side. There won't be any mark on the ground with which to line up your shot. And there's no risk that you'll cause your ball to move.
  10. How many three-putts (or more) did you have today?

    My last round: 4 - 3 putts; 1 - four putt. 3 - 1 putts; 1 - two putt. Shot a 47. The putter is in the scrap bag. The old putter is back out. It ruined my 9 holes. That was 6 extra shots for the front 9. Those one putts? All inside of 3'.
  11. Tiger Troubles - DUI Arrest

    Let alone in their driver's license photo.
  12. Alignment

    I look at it like this - if you're playing alone, do what you want. You can't record the score anyway - you're not supposed to. If you're playing with others, play by the rules.
  13. Tiger Troubles - DUI Arrest

    They step up drunk driving patrols on holiday weekends. Some places have checkpoints. Woods got caught. I know this is the Internet where everyone is an angel, always follows the RoG to the letter, comes to a complete stop at every stop sign, never drives 5 mph over the speed limit, and hits their drivers 280 yds carry, but how many of us have driven under the influence and were not caught?