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  1. My lower back gets tight. Stretches might really help. I used to sit on the benches and kind of curl over and hug my knees, but the course removed the benches due to COVID. I can't wait for 2020 to be over.
  2. Speaking of weight shift.... You've got four holes to go. Your back has started hurting. The back pain is making it difficult to clear your hips and get your weight shifting like you were earlier in the round. Any suggestions on how to make it through the round? You might grit your teeth and get a couple good shots in but I'm open for suggestions. In reality, I'm looking at a string of DBs and maybe a triple.
  3. I read somewhere that Pros make 13% of putts from 10-15'; at 5' it's 55%. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a 6' putt. Practice 3' putts until you're solid with them. Then take 4 balls to the practice green and practice lag putting. Start at 10' and go to 30'. The goal being to get within 10% of the distance of your putt. If they go in, great putt. The goal is to have a virtual tap in for a second putt. I think people think too much.
  4. I'm 5'11", athletic, and the loft on the 6i is 25.5 degrees. It's all swing tempo and timing.
  5. I have a 94-95 mph swing speed and have a 16 degree launch angle. I get about 2500 rpm spin with a Srixon Z-Star. When I connect it goes. Unfortunately it doesn't always go where I want. 😞
  6. Add... if you have a slow swing speed and flexibility issues you might check the 7W version instead of the 5W.
  7. You know you could give the new Callaway Big Bertha B21 FW a look. You can get it with a lightweight 45g shaft. It's supposed to be a little easier to hit than the Mavrik. It might be similar to the Mavrik Max. For a senior player you might try the 5W version of both and see which one you like better.
  8. I'm making better decisions than I did a year ago. I'm putting better than I did a year ago. I'm longer than I was a year ago. But I'm not as consistent as I was a year ago.
  9. I did this for my last round. Irons only. My back has been really bothering me and my last trip to the driving range I when I was hitting my driver I got into that reverse C position and it hurt like hell for the next couple of days. It doesn't seem to bother me when I hit irons or hybrids. I usually play the senior tees or the white tees depending upon the length of the course. For this I moved up to the red tees and used my 6i which I get 175 carry plus roll out. On the 5200 yd course this left me my usual second shot distance.... except i was in the fairway most of the time which was unusual. Except for the first 5 holes on which I had horrible ball striking but managed to get 5 straight bogeys due to outstanding short game work, from holes 6 to 14 I played some decent golf. Then my back started getting sore. I must have had an extra bowl of Wheaties in the morning because I was missing greens long. Sure the ball was landing, but it was landing too far to the rear of the green and rolling off. I guess I'm not used to hitting approach shots from the fairway and need to take less club. I had fun playing. It was fun not looking for the ball in the woods every hole. But it really didn't affect my score at all. I made it through 18 holes. I may have to play out the rest of the season like this. But that's okay.
  10. According to German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke. "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy." These have been in places where something went awry during the swing. i.e. I can carry the bunker on the right so I'll aim to the right side of the green and somehow pull or hook the ball and it ends up in the bunker on the left. That's me mis-swinging the club. Not mis-planning the shot. I'm working on that issue. It's a weight shift or lack thereof in the transition.
  11. One happened on the 13th hole. The "way out" was a shot that would have put me in real thick rough or if I caught it a little too firm would have put me out of bounds, and the other way would have gone into another bunker, so I took the 2 stroke unplayable lie in a bunker penalty and dropped behind the bunker, pitched on and one putted. Yeah, these shots are just horrid. Normally, I try to get it out, nothing fancy.
  12. Okay... here's an old can of worms.... rule that should go... the anchored putting stroke rule. (runs and hides).
  13. It takes a while to understand the rules. When you first start some of the rules may not make sense. Learn them. You may also find ways to use them to help you.
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