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  1. Get a fitting even if the fitting costs you a few extra bucks. Clubs are expensive and last for years. Even a properly fit driver can last you 10 years. Bring your current 7i with you when you go for a fitting. Warm up, and hit 3 balls with that, then 3 balls with the new 7i, then 3 balls with your current 7i, then go back to the new one. The reason to bring your old one is for a baseline. Try more than one brand. You'll have these for 5 to 10 years.
  2. I have the F9 OL. I play the set from 6i - GW. No problem with the 9i-GW length. I originally had 5-SW. I didn't like the SW because I choke up and play too many partial shots with a 54 and so I went with a MD-4 54/10 to replace it - MD-4 58/8 is the other wedge. I found I didn't hit the 5i particularly well either and went with a 24 degree hybrid - standard length F9, also a 21 degree F9 standard hybrid to round out the irons. I, too, hated the original grips and went to the CP2 Pro Midsize.
  3. I have another one I forgot about. The escape from the bunker behind the green that lands 10' short of the hole and rolls past the hole down into the bunker in the front of the green. That happened to me.
  4. Because to get good requires practice and most people don't have the time. I just bought a Garmin Approach G80 because it has a GPS, digital scorecard, and a fairly accurate launch monitor that also can help you groove your swing tempo. Maybe it'll help. Maybe it won't. Who knows? Since they don't have the fancy stuff at the range I take lessons, I can drop it on the mat to monitor swing tempo and smash factor when I take a lesson. DJ's response to the whole thing though: Too long didn't read. 🤣
  5. There's motion capture technology and a golfer can put on a suit and they can analyze minutia in their swing and make improvements. It's tech. Fitness. They can't stop it. Just make the rough more penal.
  6. (sarcasm) I'm wondering if the USGA will start putting restrictions on bicep and quadriceps size in relation to flexibility (/sarcasm) Drivers aren't giving 5 more yards every year. The Ping G30 driver hits the ball about the same distance as the Epic Flash or TM M5 with the same golfer at the same SS - I saw the video. Maybe they're more forgiving today with their "AI designed" faces but that affects amateurs more than it does the pros who make center strike more frequently than the rest of us. A lot more frequently. I'm a musician, or rather tried to be. The people at the top of the field are freaks of nature. It's the same with golf. The people who play at the elite level in on the PGA tour are freaks of nature. How many people who start playing golf even aspiring to play on the tour make it to the tour at any level? What percentage of those are the 150 players who get to be on TV every week? And fitness, sports training, swing analysis, coaching, have all advanced. And now the USGA is about to make decisions for everyone based upon these 150 players. What will they do? Ban training? Ban swing analysis? My guess is that equipment manufacturers will have a big say in any decision, and they're not going to want to roll back drivers, irons, or balls because they won't be able to sell these ideas to the consumer that making the game harder for them is a good idea.
  7. The thing is that the pros are hitting wedges from distances I'm hitting a 7 iron. I don't see how rolling back anything is going to make the game more enjoyable for me or many other people. Rolling back the ball and making the driver smaller.... Hitting a 5 iron for a second shot into a green isn't a lot of fun. It will kill the game for some people unless courses adjust and add more tee boxes. I'll have to move up from 5800 to 5200. And courses will have to put in 4400 - 4600 yd tee boxes for even shorter hitters. People should have a reasonable chance of reaching the green in regulation unless they screw up. And the game should be enjoyable, not a struggle. Also buying new golf equipment isn't something people want to do often. If they have perfectly functional equipment they'll likely keep using it regardless of the rule change. So what will they do? Start making new drivers say in a year, and the USGA says the old drivers can't be used anymore after 2030? Who will buy the new less forgiving drivers until the last minute? Maybe require the new stuff in top level competition and grandfather the older stuff, but then you'd have de facto bifurcation. So you might as well just make a ball that doesn't go quite as far for the PGA tour, leave the amateur game alone, and be done with it. Just my uneducated opinion. An example of bifurcation is in basketball with the 3 point line. The pros have a 23.75' 3 pt line above the break. College is 20' 9". And the International 3 point line is 22.15 feet above the break.
  8. Good luck. I resorted to using my older blue one that's in my avatar late in the season before unloading my newer one for a Ping. I kept the blue one as a backup.
  9. It's where they have the weight. Some have the weight more toward the back and are easier to get the ball in the air. The ones with the weight more centered or toward the front are for the better player. Check Cobra, Ping, and Mizuno hybrids.
  10. For me it's misjudging a pitch over a bunker and landing short... in the bunker. Hit it!
  11. I play a 4H (21) - 200 carry and a 5H (24) - 185 carry. My 6i is 25.5 degrees - 170 carry. I have a 5i but I'm better with the 5H than I am with it. I tried a 3H (19) - 210 carry, but I can't hit it consistently enough to have it be worth the trouble so I didn't buy one.
  12. This 19 HC player likes the Srixon Z-star. $29.99/doz. OR the Taylormade Project-a in the same price range. Great feel around the green. Excellent off the tee. Your mileage may vary. I like a ball I can pop and stop on the green. One that checks up on a lob shot or bunker shot. Driver? They're all within 200 rpm off the tee.
  13. Tried the "Original One". It's not that forgiving. Mini-drivers aren't that forgiving. I can top a 3W off the tee a lot easier than I can a full sized driver. My swing path is I-O with a 3W but O-I with a standard length driver which results in slices and pulls. However, I don't want to give up that big forgiving club face. Especially not on the first tee. I cannot tell you how many times I've topped a hybrid and shanked an iron. Every 1/2" mishit on the club face you lose 5% distance. So I got fitted for a 44" driver from Ping. It's short. I may sacrifice a little club head speed, but I'm making center contact and thus gained distance and control. Last year Cobra made a "Tour length" F9 Driver - 44.25". I wonder if they'll do the same next year?
  14. Winn Dri-Tac grips are great for arthritic hands.
  15. I'd say the gapping depends upon your iron set and how far you hit your irons. Let's say you hit your 7 iron 155 yds. Let's say you hit your 6i 170 yds. Let's say you hit a 5i 180 yds. but you hit a 5H 185 yds. You might want to consider swapping that 5i for a 5H. Then you have 4H that you hit say 200 yds. From there you have to think about "do I get a 3H or do I switch to a FW?" Maybe you decide to go with a 5W and a 3W from there.
  16. 36 HC? Check your posture. Are you trying to help the ball into the air. The clubs are shorter than the others and can throw some people off. Do you know how to hit a punch shot? Work on hitting punch shots with your PW. See how low you can keep it and still hit your target. It's a valuable shot to know.
  17. A piped drive down the middle. Now I've got a PW onto the green, and that hole has birdie written on it now.
  18. I wanted to edit and say that the 5 iron math stuff uses traditional loft blade 5 irons, not game improvement lofted cavity backed 5 irons. Use an average of your 6 and 7 iron carry distance for this calculation depending upon the loft of your 7 iron. Here is where you should play from according to the "USGA/PGA Tee It Forward" program. Take your Average tee shot with your driver - that's average. Looks like yours is around 200 - 210 on a good day. Don't go by the "sometimes I hit a longer shot" - we all catch it on the screws once in a while.
  19. I picked up a couple dozen Srixon Z-stars on Amazon for $29.99/doz. I played a round with one a couple months ago and liked the feel. Soft around the green. So with 2 doz Chromesofts and 4 doz Z-stars, I don't think I have to worry next year unless I start playing some really bad golf.
  20. My suggestion: Find a quality 3 piece ball and buy a several boxes of them on sale. Check for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Srixon Z-Star Taylormade Project-a Titleist Velocity Callaway Chromesoft
  21. I was recently fitted for a G410 plus. 12 degree; 44", 65 g Ping Tour R at the std SW. Ordered from Ping. I went shorter than standard for more control. I didn't lose any distance. When it came in after hitting several shots on the GC Quad, we put the weight in the draw position. The thing is that it really doesn't make that much difference. But here's where it helps. With the standard length shaft my swing was outside in. With the shorter shaft my swing for some reason is inside to out. 1) If you're hitting a slice - i.e. your ball is starting straight or slightly left and bending right and heading into the woods (or away from you) your swing path is outside in and your club face is open in relation to club path. More weight in the draw position isn't going to help you. Take some lessons or aim your shots more to the left. The Ping is a very forgiving driver but you can still hit bad shots with it. 2) Do you slice your 3W? (Y/N) If not go to the shop and try a 3W shaft in it and see if that helps. If it does, thing about going an inch to 1-1/4" shorter (44.5") (have the shop butt cut the shaft and regrip). Measure the SW and buy the weight from Ping for it to bring it up to standard weight. Us higher handicappers usually find shorter clubs easier to hit.
  22. It isn't all about one loft fits all. There's conditions too. If the course is soggy, you may actually want more loft for higher flight and more carry distance to sacrifice roll out because that ball isn't going to roll much anyway. If the course conditions are dry and firm, you probably want a lower launch, less spin and more roll out. Another suggestion. For indoor at home work. Get one of those short little kids clubs for about $25 (most people have 8' ceilings). Practice the golf swing with it in super slow motion in front of a mirror. Make sure you hit every position perfectly. You can check the position of the club head to see if it is too open or too closed. Work on this for about 5 - 10 minutes a day. In super slow motion, this is a workout. If you have access to an indoor range for the winter, you probably have access to lessons.
  23. So... these things really work, huh? To be honest, I wouldn't mind picking up 5 - 7 mph with my driver. As far as speed measurement goes, I'm planning to get a Garmin Approach G80 with launch monitor & GPS after Jan 1st when my savings bucks at the golf shop kick in from the irons, driver, hybrids, and FW I bought in 2019. Those will pay for all but about $50 of it. But before I hurt myself, I've been hitting the gym. I also have a heated driving range available except when it is rainy and windy, so this winter I don't plan to lollygag like I did last year. What's the average swing speed gain you guys have been getting?
  24. It's my feet. But I bought a pair of Eccos for next season. We'll see.
  25. Quick question, Erik. I haven't carried an official handicap since 2015 for reasons. I haven't been playing competitively. Next year I'd like to do it again for reasons. I can grab a USGA membership at Pro Golf Discount and just enter my scores online. I won't be playing in a league. I just want one so Bob doesn't start horse trading for strokes that amounts to who pays for lunch. Starting Mar 15, 2020 scores start getting entered again. So does everything start over from scratch? Play my 3 rounds or six 9 hole rounds to get my HC index? Or does it go back 5 years and start with my old handicap?
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