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  1. Training aids - Like Erik said there's a ton of them out there. They're tools. Alignment sticks are training aids. I measured my shoulder width and put electrical tape on mine so I know exactly where my shoulder width is. I also marked exact center of stance. It helps a lot because when you're practicing you need to stay focused on what you're doing. Other training aids I've bought like a very short club that's a D5 swing weight. Why? I don't have high enough ceilings to use a club inside. But I can practice 5 minutes a day with this thing in front of a mirror. Take my stance, work on positions, weight shift and keeping myself from early extending through the impact zone. You know it actually helped more than going to the range and banging balls? You can use alignment sticks and put them under your feet so you can feel the weight shift better. Then there's the TourStriker Smartball. I've used that. It helped me on my short game. I also have the Orange Whip. It helped me focus on where the club head was. Do I use it to do that anymore? No. I use it for warming up and stretching out my back now. I'm interested in this thing because I sometimes do go over the top and if can help me groove the drop and shallow move better it'll be worth it. I can always work with Tony with it, too - he's the pro I've been taking lessons from. I'm sure he won't object.
  2. No. I didn't know about the app "Find your phone". No one turned it in. It is insured. I got a prepaid Samsung J7 at Verizon and they did a google recovery and cloned it to the J7. I filed a claim and will have brand new S9 on Monday which I'll just keep in a drawer until this J7 gets ready to die in about 2-3 yrs. Then I'll activate the replacement S9. - That'll last me 4-5 more years. We won't be getting G5 out where I live for a very long time.
  3. I get to look back at the season. It's been dismal, but not all bad. 1) I got my golf bag in order.... finally. 2) My last round I played the white tees which I never play and shot a 42 on the front 9 with 4 GIRs - downside - I had one triple. The back 9 was abbreviated due to losing my cell phone. I played the whites because I was playing with a couple of guys and didn't want to hold up the works. There was a 410 yd par 4 that was tough considering a messed up my tee shot - still managed a bogey. I got a par on a 388 yd. par 4. 3) I learned how to hit a 200 yd stinger with a 4H. Love those F9s. 4) I decided I'm going to start walking the course again. It slows me down so I don't rush.
  4. I've gone back to basics. While my timing and tempo have always been good, my misunderstanding has been the drop from the transition into the downswing. I want to develop a better and consistent feel for that. This contraption looks like it might really help here. The pitching band for my lob wedge and then I play with one length irons for the rest of the set.
  5. It's a piece of gear, but it's more of an instructional piece of gear, so I put this here. So I figure Erik will move this if it's not appropriate. This is supposed to help people develop a proper swing plane. It's been out since July. I've seen Martin Chuck's video, and the TXG review which was positive. I'm wondering if anyone here has tried it, and if Erik has any thoughts about the idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_ii9zjre90
  6. I open the face on the 58 c-grind and thump it hard about an inch behind the ball. You can get the idea trying to play a flop shot off a mat with it. It can be done.
  7. I have the Smart Sole S AND a Callaway 58 C-grind 8 bounce. Yes I know they're both 58. And yes I use both of them. The SS S for deep rough and soft sand, and the Callaway for hard pan, tight lies, and firm sand. All of which exist on the same course. I don't carry a FW so I have room in my bag.
  8. I'm usually playing alone. I usually meet up with a couple of guys on the course and play 9 or 18. My friends don't play and I'm not an early riser. I've tried morning leagues and I'd rather not deal with the politics.
  9. Welcome to the forum and don't be a stranger.
  10. Unfortunately I traded in the BioCells to get the Epic Flash Hybrids. I really miss them. I took them back for $900 store credit. Remind me not to buy into the hype train again. But here's what i ended up with... Cobra F9 Speedback hybrids. 4H & 5H. They feel about the same as my Bio Cells did. They say the rails will help on the course. We'll see. So far they're great at the range... unlike the Callaways were. This still left about $460 on the balance. So do I need a new driver? No. A new Scotty? No. A new set of wedges? No. How about a FW? Well let's try it. How about a 5W? Well, that didn't work out - can't seem to get it to go as far as the 4H. Let's think.... I traded in my 4i that I used for a driving iron like a dummy. How about a Utility Iron? So I tried out a bunch and ended up with the Cobra Black Utility Iron 3-4 to hit off the tee. Black because I won't mistake it for my 5 iron. And with even more money left on the store credit.... next up is shoes.
  11. Hi, I'm a woman, 6' tall. It's all about swing speed, what feels good, and how well you can control it. Rogues are on sale right now and they're a good driver. I assume that's your reason for choosing them. The men's Callaway Rogue driver is 45.5". The women's is 44.5". But there really is no standard. It's all about what works best for you. I play a Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic and cut the shaft to 44.5" for control. I use a "men's" R shaft because of my swing speed which is in the low mid-90s. If yours is in the range of 80 - 95 you can use a Regular flex shaft. If it's in the 75 - 85 mph range you can use a men's light flex shaft (they don't call it senior anymore... lol because people don't want to feel old). Women's flex is for speeds below 75. You'll find this out when you go on a launch monitor at the golf shop. You'll do this before you buy the club, right? Make sure you're fit for the club. Here's the deal, if the 45.5" is too long, you can always have the shaft "butt cut" 1". It will make the club feel lighter to swing but won't reduce the mass of the club head at all. You do not have to add lead tape to the club head and bring up the swing weight. But before you do that I'd wrap some electrical tape around the butt end of the grip about 1/8" thick with the bottom of that 1" down from the end of the grip. Then take it to the range, maybe play a practice round or two with it and see if you like that. If you liked it better longer, it's easy to remove the tape.
  12. That sprinkler head one is a different animal. Check local rules at your courses. You might be entitled to relief if it is in your line around the putting green at some courses.
  13. Then I've got a question relating to the title of the thread. 1) I hit a drive - a cut. It went into the trees on the left side. I saw two small branches of pine drop to the ground. I had reason to believe that it took quite a bit of steam out of the drive. I lost sight of the ball because of the trees. 2) I looked for the ball in the area of the trees. I didn't find it. So I used the local rule and dropped at that point and played a shot which landed on the fringe. On my way to the hole I found my original ball sitting pretty in the first cut on the left out LOS because of a small hill about 70 yds closer to the hole. And yes it was my ball - I had my initials on it. 3) So I played my original ball and took a par. Did I make the right decision?
  14. When you start actively looking for it. Once you identify a ball as yours the clock stops. If only two minutes have passed, and you discover that the ball was not yours before you hit, you have one minute to find your correct ball. The clock stops if you let a group play through. Or if play is suspended. But the clock starts when you start actively looking for it. i.e. when you reach the area where you suspect your ball was. If you use all three minutes there and fail to find it, the ball is then declared lost and you should return to the spot where you last hit and play another ball. Or follow a local rule regarding lost balls for pace of play if one is in place and you're not in a competition.
  15. During the club fiasco of 2019, after FedEx lost my golf clubs and I was waiting for Cobra to build me a new set of F9 One Lengths (5i - SW), I made a mistake. I bought into hype. I went down and tried out a new set of hybrids. Callaway Epic Flash. The reviews were that they were long and forgiving. Well, true and sort of true. I had a little problem with "over fading them", but with a draw setting to make them a little more upright, that seemed to fix that and I was hitting them long and straight in the shop. Unfortunately this did not last. I do not like them. I have zero confidence with the 5H. The "over-fade" with the 4H and 3H is back. I did not have this issue with my Bio Cell hybrids. The Bio Cells were not as long, but I could hit them straight in a neutral face setting. They were also heavier in the club head. D6 vs D0. I think the weight was further back in them too for more forgiveness. What makes this a mistake is that I used them as part of the funding for the Epic Flash Hybrids. I have a 60 day playability guarantee on the Callaways. Basically if I don't like them I can return them. I'm going to return them, but I'll need a set of hybrids. I'll bring my 6i with me. So do you guys have any suggestions for any that are easy to get in the air and tend to keep a relatively narrow dispersal pattern?
  16. I had sliced my drive and got lucky because it hit a tree and ricocheted back into the fairway. I hit a 123 yd approach shot that landed close and rolled to 18" on the 4th hole for a birdie. That was the shot of the round and of the week.
  17. Given my last round... the tee, the woods, the fairway, bunkers, the rough. Putting green? I'm good there.
  18. That's a local rule I'll start employing if I'm playing solo - it looks real bad when playing with a foursome. Another work around is to take a practice swing to see how hard the sand actually is. Can you open the club face? The course is in otherwise great condition. They just are too cheap to put sand in the bunkers. It got to the point where, playing by the rules it was more beneficial to take a 2-stroke penalty, drop behind and pitch over it. Fewer strokes and less frustration. Another option is to drop my 64 wedge in the bag and chop out of them. Practice bunker shots they say. The practice bunker at the driving range on the same course has sand in it. How is that going to help?
  19. I picked up a 58 degree Callaway MD4 C-grind 8 bounce for the local bunkers that have almost no sand in them. I had room for one more club. I can hit a normal bunker shot with it because it has almost no bounce, but it sounds like I'm hitting a rock. I'm almost tempted to get a rake, lift my ball and fluff the sand, and replace my ball. I've complained to the course several times and so have others. It rains here and it dries out and the bunkers turn into hard pan. Maintenance. Maintenance.
  20. This is why I went to a Cleveland Smart Sole S wedge. It's great in heavy rough and soft sand. Plus it's not bad off the fairway on approach shots. It's 58 degrees. You can find them for $99. Their downside - hard, wet sand and hard pan. They only make that shot you describe easier. You still have to get out and practice it.
  21. @DeadMan Just a thought here, but have you tried the Callaway Epic Flash 3 hybrid? It is 18 degrees, easy to hit, and crazy long. I can get 210 carry with it. I don't know how far you hit your driver. I have a 94ish swing speed with my driver just for reference which gives me a 220ish carry.
  22. I've seen the sub side of 90 a few times. I should be playing a lot better than I am. You need to know your carry distances for hazards. Total distances.... Well can vary. 1) Driver - seriously, this is the most forgiving club in the bag. It's got the biggest club face. If you can manage to get it square at impact and strike the ball somewhere near the center of the face you shouldn't be in trouble. Shouldn't. But you need to practice with this club. If you feel the need to shorten it to feel more confident with it, do it. I'd recommend butt cutting 1". 2) Contrary to what people tell you, getting a hybrid to go straight off the tee is every bit as difficult as hitting a driver. The only reason to do this, or hit an iron off the tee on anything other than a par 3 is to lay up to trouble, or unless your driver will put the ball in the woods, hazard, or OB because of a dogleg. And trust me, the likelihood that I'll top a 3W or hybrid off the tee is much higher than topping a driver, so there's that. 3) But your #1 focus should be approach shots. You have to get these on the green to get a par or better. Practice hitting these to targets. 4) Short game... is important so you can make up for when bad things happen. That's what it's for. Pitches, bunker shots, chips, bump and runs. Do you hit flop shots? Maybe. Uncomfortable hitting partial wedge shots? You have to practice them. 5) Putting... Easiest part of the game. Read, lag and tap. Just practice it enough to be proficient. So this is my strategy for breaking 90. Know where the trouble is. Tee it high and let it fly. If you end up in the woods, look for an opportunity to advance the ball. If you're "in jail", take your medicine. Hero shots bad. Go for the center of the green. If you don't get there, use your short game to get it close so you can one putt. If you did get a GIR, two putt at worst. I don't have much else to say. Now for the strategy for getting good: I'm sorry - you have to practice. I don't... enough. It's why my game sucks. I find Golf Sidekick entertaining. Not so much instructional. I look elsewhere for that.... like the pro from whom I've been taking lessons... and too many Fred Couples videos. We are never too old to learn. Like Erik said, Didi makes solid contact with the ball. His swing may look awkward but it's functional.
  23. Most hi-handicappers have trouble hitting 3W. I know I can't hit one off the deck. I struggle with a 5W. But I can hit a 3H and a 4H. Most par 5s are going to be about 500 - 550. It's rare you'll see one longer. And even on the long ones there's a strategy. I say tee it high and let it fly. Use your hybrid for your 2nd shot. It's more forgiving than your FW. If you get a decent drive and a decent 2nd shot, most of the time you'll be in wedge range for your 3rd shot. Just don't try to kill the ball with your hybrid. You should have a GIR or nGIR. This means birdie opportunity or par. nGIR = up and down for par. Bogey at worst. My nemesis hole was the #1 handicap hole on my home course. No matter how bad my round is going I can now look forward to a par and sometimes a birdie on it. If my 2nd shot goes to the right side of the FW I can run it up onto the green. If it goes left, it's a full 58* wedge.
  24. DrvFrShow

    Club Fitting

    the problem is that while they might be able to adjust the length of the shaft, depending upon the age of the clubs they might not be able to adjust the lie angle.
  25. If you're having trouble with your short game.... like a lot of us.... I'd recommend Cleveland Smart Sole. They make two - The C is 44 degrees but is more upright like a putter. It's 35" long, but I added a couple inches to it and put a long Winn putter grip on it since I use a putting stroke. I find this club great for playing bump and run type chips. However I also find myself in a situation where I need to pitch from heavy rough more frequently. This brings me to the Smart Sole S. It's a 58 degree lob wedge with a very wide compound bounce sole. I had this made 1" longer. It's been a godsend from heavy rough in eliminating the chunks. It's also great in soft sand. I think you'd get more use out of this than the C.
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