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  1. I'm kinda limber so I don't take but a few stretches. 1) Torso twist, some squats and forearms. 2) 2 club swings, just a few to stretch out 3) Use a TI training club to set my tempo (TI7) 4) Hit few balls with it to set my timing 5) Hit all the odd clubs up to to driver, then all the even clubs back down * Unless I have some real bug to work on , I usually fix my swing with a 7 or 6 iron
  2. Merry Christmas!
  3. I read a Tom Watson trick once. Turn the club upside down and swing that to warm up. Then your regular club has greater feel.
  4. My apology.. I kinda read the post wrong, but that doesn't excuse my comment. It was wrong.
  5. Great gift. If you two break up call me. How about inside a diy PGA score card made from these pages on the site. http://www.pga.com/pgachampionship/course/2015/tour/1
  6. The reverse K. I like the position with the driver;
  7. Kinda weird post. Vague on the club selections yet so specific on the ball choice? Just saying.
  8. This will sound goofy. But I can curve the ball both ways (and sometimes that's on purpose. What I do to fade it is swing my left arm faster than my right. To draw I concentrate on slowing my left arm down and speeding my right arm up. I know that is likely not exaclty what is going on, but it is mentally what I feel and try to do.
  9. I couldn't have played well after getting steamed. Maybe you should swing harder all the time?
  10. Preset your chin away from the target,,makes it easier to turn.
  11. I just keep reminding myself that I might birdie the next hole. I can forget the snowmen if I have a couple birdies to brag about.
  12. TaylorMade Lethal $17.50, Nike NDX Turbo $14 & More + Free Shipping http://slickdeals.ne...ee-shipping?v=1 Training club cyber sale http://www.swingti.com/cyber-monday Also just got TM email, $50 off any purchase of $300, ends today.
  13. Thanks, A lot of good advice I'm going to start with this idea. Driver, hybrid,short Iron and repeat. Thanks
  14. Thanks all. I'm kinda streaky. When my driving is on I struggle with my irons. Then there are days when the short irons are easy and I cant find the fairway!!
  15. Hi, My handicap is just below 15 and I want to get to single digits. I now get to play twice per week and have some time to practice too. What part of the game should I work on the most? Can I just rotate my practice time to like putting and chipping one day and hitting balls the next time? Thanks...Finn