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  1. Hey all, I have a yardage gap in my wedges. Right now I'm using: Ping g20 pw-123-125 yds Ping g20 utility 50 degree- 115 yards Vokey 54-10 - 98-100 yards Vokey 58-08- 90-95 yards I used to carry a 56-08 and 60-07 before I switched to the 54 and 58. My 56 i averaged 100 yards. I'm looking for that magic yardage of 105-110. Should I bend my 54 to make it a 52 or should I bend my 56 and make it a 54? I haven't ever had any of my clubs bent before so this is new to me.
  2. thopratt

    Golf slump!

    I appreciate it lihu!
  3. thopratt

    Golf slump!

    My shots are really thin. Almost topping it. My GIR are way down. But do get within 20 yards of the green on the approach shot most times. I am with ya on spraying the golf course with shots right now. It's aggravating.
  4. thopratt

    Golf slump!

    Driving and iron shots. They are not solid. My shots have been a draw on some and fade on some. Catching it thin a lot. Normally I have a straight or small fade all the time. Short game and putting are normal.
  5. thopratt

    Golf slump!

    Hey everyone. I have been playing pretty consistent golf most of the year. Averaging 76-83 at my home course. A month ago out of no where I wasn't hitting the ball solid my score has jumped up to the 92-95 range. I have no idea what the heck is going on. I have been playing golf for about 15 years and have never had something like this happen for this long. Those of u that have had golf slumps, how long did they last and what did u do to get back down to playing your normal golf round.

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