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  1. It is interesting but practice has much to do with it for sure. This quote from an earlier post hits home: " I'm hitting all my clubs farther so it's taking me less strokes to get to the point where I can start to use my short game" makes good sense to me. I have only been out to the course three times and I can definitely see just how important distance is, yet with a degree of accuracy being very important. Distance is of course bad if you are out in the woods somewhere. I am very much an amateur at golf but I remember when I was young and into sports (baseball and basketball mostly) just how much difference actual practice made and not so much mechanics especially with baseball. I have seen some rather odd types of baseball swings that could hit consistently. How is golf so much different? Is it as much mechanics as everyone makes out? When I look at Hogan I just don't see the locked in "mechanics" as so many teach. To me his swing even looks sort of odd. I am sure it is me because I lack in depth knowledge of golf swing mechanics. Please don't get me wrong as I know there are certain fundamentals that must be existent. If I can attain decent fundamentals and get good practice then that should equate to a fairly decent game. I think that is a reasonable assessment.
  2. Interesting points. You state you are hitting all of your clubs farther because you are hitting them better. What do you mean by hitting them better? Can you share more clarity?
  3. Quote: People don't play golf for three reasons, primarily, IMO: Cost Time Difficulty For me it is mostly cost and time - the difficulty doesn't really bother me as I truly enjoy something challenging for me. I also weigh in the cost to do other hobbies that I like and most that I am involved in are much cheaper per daily costs for me. It cost me around 40-60 dollars for a game of golf that might take around 2.5-4 hours. If I average that out to 3 hours that is a fairly expensive hourly rate and if I look at it from a day's expense that is an expensive hobby day - around 120-140 dollars (8 hour day). I am still looking for those "cheap" places to play. I would bet that most of the average income class don't play due to costs - just my observation and not based on any factual information. I know people that would get into golf but find it out of their cost range.
  4. I keep seeing "ready golf" mentioned. Outside of getting quickly off the green, prepping for shot with club and practice swings, and not moving in a snail's pace, what are the basics of "ready golf" that we should adhere to?
  5. Thanks and I totally agree. One thing is for sure, there is a lot more for me to learn. It was interesting my first few rounds out on the course, some things I learned by just being respectful and courteous to my fellow golfers and being aware if someone is behind us and leaving the green quickly was just one of those things that just made good sense. It is good to be mindful of the "better" and "faster" golfers and not hold them up. Another thing I thought more about after playing again was not to push against those in front of me as I am sure they don't want to feel rushed when they play keeping in mind of how I feel when someone is hot on my heels. It gives an opportunity for me to look at my score, compare notes, and shoot the bull with my boys and laugh a little about our horrible shots!
  6. After reading the first sentence the term "incentive" comes to mind. Maybe a thought would be, why do men like golf more than women do? Many have learned the hard way that loving something with a passion does not always pay the bills - financial reward.
  7. I am not sure on this, but I would question who determines and what defines what is slow? I am guessing there is some sort of baseline time frame out of respect for fellow players? Is there a rule of just how long a game should take? Maybe the time it takes to play the game as it should be is by just how much one enjoys and takes time in what he or she is doing? There are craftsmen that take longer and do a better job and there are craftsmen that are fast and do a poor job. When I rush it shows Not long ago me and my two sons were playing and most folks were coming up on us quickly and we had to let some play through although not bad at all considering there were three of us. The thing is those other fast players were two men groups and there were three of us in our group so naturally we would be slower even if we were decent players. We played moderately but were a bit slow mainly because I am a beginner and they had not played in a while and rusty. We got rushed around a few times because of those facts. I simply do not like to rush something that is so much enjoyment to me and I pay my money like everyone else. To me rushing at golf totally ruins it for me. I am reminded of the fast food society we live in these days - grab it and go verses society from years ago that does not enjoy the rush and cherished better memories.
  8. Being a newby (I only started last year - had three lessons), I am working on getting consistent swing contact and still getting the "feel" of everything. The one thing that seems the most odd to me is uncoiling my hips first before my swing. It just seems to be the weirdest feeling to me. I seem to want my arms to initiate the swing instead of hips. I guess my mind just reverts back to youth baseball days and golf is such a different animal than baseball. Though with baseball most hitters seem to initiate the swing with their left leg and hip even though they don't realize it. I love the feel of the rythm you have when getting ready to nail the baseball. I wish that feel would port over to golf somehow as that was most comfortable to me. Several have said I have a very good golf swing for a beginner (whatever that means). I built me an indoor practice net and my winter plan is some solid practice getting dialed in and learning all my clubs much better.
  9. I am new to the site. I am in Information Technology - senior IT engineer by title (whatever the heck that is supposed to mean!) I do about everything you can think of in Information Technology from IT Management on down to setting up PCs. I have about done it all and over the course of my life I have worn quite a few hats in other areas as well
  10. Thanks. I am looking forward to the threads. Great info!
  11. Hello, I am new to the site and a beginner golfer just turned 60 years old. Only play three games so far and really enjoy it a lot. The forums look great for learning about all my mistakes.
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