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  1. Not at all. After redistributing the weight taken out of the shaft, head, and grip of the club to an area around my hands, it made it easier to control. I found I increased my club head speed 3-4 mph after doing this. I placed the internal weight 5" down from the butt end and turned my fade into a slight draw.
  2. R7 Quad Grafalloy Blue 63g R, 44..25 C1 swing weight Winn Lite. 40g counter/internal weight Hit this thing a ton
  3. Yes, you could use counter weights in the grip end. There are also adjustable shaft weights that can be locked in place down inside shaft, up near the grip area as well.
  4. Anyone tried the shaft weighting system yet? Heard it's big on the euro tour, as well as the Nationwide tour. http://www.yesgolf.com/store/accesso...php?model=3200 I called them for more info, and the guy said that out of 50 optimizations ( shaft weighting customizations ) 1 comes back and returns it. Those seem to be pretty good numbers if you ask me. I heard Edel putters uses this system as well.
  5. Adding weight to the head lowers the balance point, making more difficult the swing/control. Plus you might see a loss in club head speed. Add 20 or 30 grams to the grip end, you will instantly feel more in control of the golf club. The next step after that is to use internal shaft weights, these will gain you 15-20 yrds and hitting more fairways. The process is called optimizing.
  6. Have it optimized, and you will see just how far technology has come.
  7. My swing speed is 107now, and I use a 39g prototype shaft fitted through the Golf Lab. It's been tipped 2" and butt cut to 44". This thing is a beast. I hit LOOOOONG and straight, to small power fade. I use a 25g internal weight at 5.5" from the butt end, capped off with a 30g counter weight. Love it.
  8. If you feel you need to add weight. Don't go buying a new shaft, add weight to the shaft internally, and the grip end. You are on your way to optimal weighting that club to what you like feel. Start lite, and add from there.
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