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  1. J B Holmes should suffer a penalty for his slow play. If he doesn't where is the PGA tour going to enforce any rules.
  2. I wouldn't put Phil on the team because his putting is in poor shape. I watch enough golf on the tele to know that there are better choices available.
  3. I watched some of the Champions Tour final on 8/27 and I think most of the people using a long putter are anchoring. Can't believe that it goes unquestioned by the PGA with some of the after the fact rulings they have made on other tours.
  4. Hey people, I'm a big fan of Phil. I still don't think that he is a top notch putter at this time in his career. I'm not sure he has ever been a top putter such as Tiger, Jack or Jordan. This is only my opinion so it is not written in stone that I'm correct. I will also add that Phil is not even close to competing at the level that he expects from himself. Therefore changes have to be made. Kudos to Phil for attending his daughters valedictorian address from high school graduation. For his daughter at this time in her life, it was a lifetime achievement award. Phil recognized
  5. Bones had double knee replacement in October/2016. Phil is not playing well and he still can't putt at the correct speed required for the professional courses. It is routine for Phil to putt it six feet past the hole on a ten foot putt. Phil doesn't care what I think and I love the guy. Putting is the name of the game at the professional level.
  6. On a serious note, genetics is a major determining factor in whether or not one could play at the professional level. I believe that there are certain skills required for golf that are unique to golf. Also money plays a big role in the development of a pro golfer.
  7. I thought about becoming a pro golfer, but weighed by likes and dislikes. Reason I didn't pursue pro golf was because I think flying standby somewhere every Friday night after the cut would suck.
  8. It is not possible to determine that she move her ball 0.7" from that video. It is speculation. Did they review every player, every time. If not then the rules are being administered unfairly. I am tired of television replays putting the game in jeopardy.
  9. I have watched the video and agree that it appears that she did not remark her ball exactly, but the video is inconclusive. That argument could be made by just about anybody. It was another screw up by the powers that be. Did the rules committee review every contestant every time they put their ball back in play. I say it was a bad call by the rules committee and distracts from the game.
  10. I have watched the video and it is inconclusive. I think she did not exactly remark her ball, but the video is inconclusive and thus the penalty was in error.
  11. I think what was done to Lexi is a crock of shit. She did not gain a competitive advantage and to me it is inconclusive that she improperly spotted her ball. I wouldn't have a problem with a ruling that is made in a timely manner. We do have one genius on here that is the rules expert. The ruling against Tiger was made in a timely manner and did not deter from the integrity of the game.
  12. Did go get a mini lesson for free. We talked about three things. Adding the sensation of a pause at the top. Don't swing from outside in. Get a more of an inside to out swing. Take a little more time. Stand behind the ball and get a visualization of the swing and getting a positive result. I now visualize my swing as just like Fred Couples. (apologies to Fred)
  13. Thx for the feedback. I will work on getting a video posted when I get out to the golf course again
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