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  1. I am thinking like spudmonkey. Hit a club that gets you between 125-150 from the center of green, (right before the fw bunker). I would most likely hit a 5i. Since you sound a bit worried about the right side, start on the right side of the tee box. Now for the last bit of reliability, punch that ball low. It's not like you need to stop it immediately and keeping it low gives it the least chance of curving far off line or losing the fight with the wind. I do want to be on the left side of the fairway so I can have that strip of apron to run up, but really it wouldn't matter too much. F
  2. I've got a nickent 4dx 4 wood, 17*. While I love my set, that is the only club that will really have me missing it when it wears out/breaks. It gives me the most beautiful ball flight out of any club. My stock shot goes about 245. It takes off low and then half way there, it spins up to the sky and drops down real sharp and stops dead. Any roll out is from the slope. I can hit a green with no worries of the ball bounding away at all or playing break. You just figure out where you want the ball to stop, and hit it straight to it. 6i is about the longest club that I can sit the ball ne
  3. Right now, I think the only reason I'm not scratch is because I don't get to play enough. This past year, I only got to play a few streaks, but despite the lack of practice, the evolution of my mental game, approach to the course, and understanding of my tendencies got me scoring most of my rounds better than +3, going under par a handful of times. The game has really seemed easier since I've gotten comfortable with the process of golf (still kind of new, 4th season) and understanding what leads to good scores. When I first picked up the game, I practiced 2 hours a day, 5 days a week
  4. Well, I actually have had the same issue nagging at me for the past 2 years, with close to the same distance as you. On some holes that I've paid attention to my partners, I have noticed that I can out drive the group by 20-30 yards and still be hitting the same club into the green as the next guy behind me. Although this is a bit disconcerting, remember, irons are for control and precision. Shorter distances are a good thing. Especially later in the rounds when I find a few holes to let the driver fly (290+ carry), it's nice to have lots of options for a full swing under 150 to the green.
  5. First one I played, 4 putted the first hole, lipping out every attempt. Crap scared out. Now, when I do light lifts at home, I hit putts during my rest interval to acclimate to the adrenaline and twitchiness. I also noticed that my scores were better on harder courses, until I played a few short easy ones in a row. I realized that the longer distances only put me in more favorable approach spots because I would use the driver whenever I could, and if I could find the same spots on shorter courses, I'd have an easier game. The tee-shot layup has changed my game.
  6. That guy sounds exactly like me, even the asian part. Too many 3 putt par's to show for it. However, that was closer to how I started the game up to 2 years ago, my short game is pretty decent now after all the refocused practice. However, where it really turned around was the course strategy. I now play by the thought, if I can't get within 10 yards of the green, lay up the tee shot to a full short iron/wedge. I can depend on those full swing numbers much more than a shot where I need to shave off distance and get artsy. If you're distance control is a bit shaky that day, your whole sco
  7. ever watch Tin Cup where he chips a 7i down the driveway?
  8. it's just a punch shot off of a tee with a cool name
  9. I know this is an old thread, but whoever was saying they could get 2 bags in a smart car, it's because it's designed like a golf cart! It looks like it was meant for it. You should be able to drive that right around the loop.
  10. First one was a straight out par 4, 300 yards. Went for it and landed pin high in the rough to the right. Was a firm day so I got out the lob wedge and flopped it, one hop and sunk straight down the stick. Actually, most of the eagles I've had were on par 4's, either holed out or I hit the green in 1. Most of the par 5's I get a chance, I usually miss the putt. I think it's because I get antsy when I see I got it there, but still need to wait for everyone else to get on and it kills the rhythm and focus. I'm working on it.
  11. I was amazed at what Tiger did. I really didn't consider him in contention and all of a sudden, he makes this huge rush. I did want Rory to finish it up on top, but on a day where most weren't scoring very low, seeing a guy come from nowhere to second place is pretty exciting. It would have been one of the biggest deficit comeback wins ever. Very fun to watch.
  12. JHW is right, with all these heavy hitters coming back, he's trying to adjust his game for them. He's always been pretty generous with the ball, but when he didn't have those guys out there, he wouldn't hesitate as much to take it all the way in. Once those players were back in the game, it seems he has really been trying to transform his play to support them. I heard a bunch of analysts saying when Carmelo came back, it would be Lin that needs to adjust to support him. Maybe the coaching should have tried to keep the play of a guy avg. 27 points a game consistent, instead of making
  13. Tonight wasn't his night. The heat were all over him, they let him run in and then smother him. His speed is such an advantage though, but it gets him in trouble. Most of the turnovers I see are him rushing in and then having no option and getting shut down. It's such a great story, the kid finally gets a chance on the big stage and rises to the opportunity. I hope he keeps it up and finds his place in the game.
  14. I approach illness just like you do Ben. I kind of just tough it out and let it be a workout for my immune system. Back in college, I got strep 3 separate times my first year (went a little crazy on the courting game). Anyways, I discovered my remedy was ibuprofen for the fever and candy bars. I'd scarf 2 milky ways from the vending machine and I'd feel like new. Sometimes I'd just slurp down a spoon full of honey, the thickness does offer a little relief as it helps coat my throat so my breathing doesn't irritate it as much, but that doesn't last too long. I mainly go for th
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