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  1. Best solution for playing enjoyable golf is to play from tees appropriate to your driving distance. This is often double your 9 iron. If your driving distance is say 225 yards, that’s 20% less than the PGA average of 290 yards. So your tee should be 20% further forward than the usual most used back tee...often around 6600 yards. Find the tee that is closest to 1320 yards less...say 5300 yards. Playing from those tees should give you the same opportunity to reach greens in regulation as the longer drivers/Pros/ lowest handicappers. Check on Par Threes...you should be using a similar club to them. Now you are testing your SKILL against them, eliminating their superior driving distance. The course rating from any forward tee is proportionately less than the back tees and handicaps are adjusted accordingly. You will soon discover some holes are still too long, because most course designers don’t take separation seriously often from ignorance ..holes vary from the 20% difference.. Proportional tee separation is the answer but I have yet to find this elusive rarity. ( Sometimes natural topography interferes ). My son and I have driving distances mentioned above. We play the same clubs on many holes for the shots to the green, except for 6 holes which are not in proportion ...I don’t get enough “start”.(thanks to the ‘’’’ designer”’) , and usually lose those holes. ‘When we use the same tees, further back for me , I’m at a big disadvantage and find it much less enjoyable. ‘By adding the rating difference of 5 shots to my score when I play of the forward tee, that gives us the gross winner. Then bring in the handicaps and we discover who won the net. Two chances to win or lose the match and so much more fun than playing off the same tee. We have a new course in Auckland which hosted a full LPGA tour event a year after opening two years ago and was won by Brooke Henderson. They used all of our five tees over different days and conditions on many holes and that provided different challenges for them. Total yardage for each round was around 6200 yards. The LPGA driving distance average is 250 yards (Lydia Ko) so it was clear which tees suited them the best. They seldom used the back tees but most of our men’s club players drive less than 250 yards, yet they persist in playing them, and score more two overs than pars !
  2. Philosophy One..Your aim is to hit fairways to allow best chance of greens in regulation, and in so doing, score as low a gross score as possible. And you try to use similar clubs to greens as Pros would do, because you play from tees that make this possible. Hopefully you shoot more pars than double bogeys. This tests your skill. Philosophy Two...You do not play from tees that allow shots to the greens with similar irons as Pros might use. You are happy to play woods,hybrids or long irons to many par fours and par 3's. Your preference is to allow the handicap system to compensate for your shorter driving distance, knowing you are unable to reach most greens in regulation. You often score more double bogeys than pars. You prefer tees that most members use.
  3. A 70 gross....(par 72) pretty pleased with 9 under my age. And on a course that the LPGA pros averaged 74 last year...won by Brooke Henderson.
  4. My test results..Drivers..using range balls(est -- 20%) Taylor Super Tri R9 11.5* R flex (mine).. Compared to Cobra Biocell 11.5* & XXIO Ser 8 10.5* Launch 11.2* 11.5* 12.1* ...Carry 167m 182m 191m Distance 195m 208m 213m Peak Ht 15m 18m 21m Also tested the Taylormade SLDR and results were about the same as the Cobra. My normal driving distance on the course is 225m(15% less than the Tour av of 260m(290yds) Photos..any XXIO website. I have completed similar trials for both Fairway woods 18*/19*......and 3x hybrids...18*/21*/24*. Results are of similar proportions to the driver data. I bought the XXIO fairway wood and the 3 hybrids back in April....intend to buy the driver soon.
  5. Tried the XXIO Series 8 driver using the technology at the local range and discovered it carried 15m further than m Taylor Supertri...and with a degree LESS in loft....
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