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  1. Hi - I Want Free Promotion

    Ok. Your loss. Bye
  2. Hi - I Want Free Promotion

    For the record. I never asked for free advertising. I asked a genuine request to contact people like myself to offer a genuine opportunity as a small part of my introduction. My post was deleted. Fair enough. I would very much like to pay for advertiusing in the future. But as I continue to be attacked for one small mistake rather than be welcomed and corrected then I feel that this is now very unlikely. This make me very sad :(
  3. Hi My name is John I was hoping to come on here and join in with some golf talk and see if I could connect with some like minded golf enthusiasts. But unfortunately I started my round and only got a few holes in before I was disqualified on a technicality. So I am having to start my round again now, but I really fear for going into the sand trap on the first hole in case I get stuck in there and not being able to continue. This has spoiled my enjoyment of this course and I am struggling now to find the fun again of playing in this competition. Perhaps some fellow players can steer me on and encourage with some good course planning advise for the second hole?