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  1. Delete account

    Thanks Guys. Just did that and will see what happens tomorrow. I thought I had done that before, I tried the obvious stuff before coming to this forum, but it was in fact active when I just checked. Must have forgotten to save... Don't really want to delete my account anyway, its a great site. Just trying to get a grip on all those daily emails. Thanks again
  2. Delete account

    Hello Guys, I'm just a lurker, this is going to be my 1st post. I'm sorry it is about what it is, but it can't be helped I'm afraid. I have read in an older thread here that I simply cannot delete my account. Now thats weird but not the actual problem. What really annoys me is the number of emails I'm getting on a daily basis. I unsubscribed from everything, I disabled notifications and I still get email, sometimes more than one per day. I really like your site and I appreciate the work and all that, but seriously, thats just annoying. So can you please tell me either how I can disable ANY email or else delete my account or change my email to NULL or something? I don't really care what it is, I just want those emails to stop. Thank You and best regards Carsten