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  1. I tend to do this when the Mrs. is up for hitting the links. She’s relatively new to the game (maybe two dozen range visits and has played 6 rounds of 18 or so). I tee it forward with her to help her out and for pace of play (though it’s never been an issue). 6 iron tee shots and second shots (I like to use her drive for mid range target practice. Plus, makes for better cart golf) 9 iron capable of covering just about everything. 58* around the green. Putter or 3 iron depending on how I feel that day.
  2. I am a big fan of the Snell balls. I play with both the MTB and the Get Sum. All depends on how I feel that day which one I play.
  3. I would be all over this. I tend to play par 5s better than par 4s. However, I don't know about a complete 18 with only par 5s. Might be too repetitive but 9 would be fun. Better yet just alternate between threes and fives if you wanted an 18 hole course. I would only be scared of slow play issues.
  4. Improve my short game! All ready seeing progress in putting. I spend about 5 minutes a day working on swing path and ball position. Next up wedges. Break 80 for the first time! First part will really help with this.
  5. played nine today with a 7 club bag because I was.feeling the yippes forming in my normal carry. Took my driver, 19* hybrid, 4 iron, 7iron,52* and 58*, shot a 44. The yippes are all coming from my short irons which is why I only took the 7 and i hooked/ drawed all my shots with it. I am coming off a year of slices so i am having trouble with the adjustment. I suppose ill get over it because my driver has been dead on accurate which i am happy about. My game golf just came in today so can't wait to post my rounds.
  6. I was able to get my first round of the year in and shot an 86. I can't remember the last time I played so well. Struggled with my mid and short irons but was crushing my drives hybrid and 3 iron. I don't really understand it myself but I'll take it. Made some great putts too. Need to work on everything 150 and in I guess.
  7. Switching grips however night and day. hat-golf-equipment-helped-you-the-most/18#post_1196200"]Switching to stiffer shafts helped me hit my good shots a whole lot better, but my bad shots a whole lot worse so while it was a good change it hasn't improved my scores by much. Switching grips however night and day. My clubs had those thin rough textured grips, after many lessons and video analysis with one coach, I took a lesson with a different coach and she immediately tells me my grips are too small.... Change out to medium tour wrap grips and I immediately stopped hitting shots fat, and lost the slice in my 3 wood. Huge difference in scores.[/quote] Agree 100%. You can't swing something consistently if you can't hold on to it. I went from standard to midsize and it's best equipment decision I have ever made. It is probably also the cheapest of all equipment decisions is have ever made too.
  8. If I can reach it with a club without setting foot on their lawn, I will get. If not, I drop a new one and keep going. I buy in balls in bulk when there are crazy deals. The 83 cents isn't worth the time.
  9. On very rare occasions I get to enjoy a good strip of bacon.
  10. Definitely better! Started a major campaign to get healthier this past winter. All the time spent at the gym and loosing over 30 pounds definitely took a toll on my swing. I felt like I was starting over from scratch. If you were to have been unlucky enough to witness any of my rounds at the start of the year, you would have thought I never played a day in my life. My league handicap has gone from 25 to 17. So, I will call it a all around life win.
  11. I agree with swinging too hard. That is usually my down fall. I often have to remind myself to slow down. Swinging harder generally doesn't give me more yards due to off center strikes, but when I do square it up properly it generally adds 5-9 yards.
  12. Driver: TM R1 3 wood: 15* Orlimar Tri-metal (I just can't seem to find a better one) Irons: Mizuno MP H4 2iron MP64 3-PW or Ping Eye 2+ 4-SW (depends on how I feel) Wedges: Cleveland 588 forged 52 and 56 Putter: Oddessy Protype 2 Black or an old STX (I am not sure of the model) Ball: Srixon Trispeed Tour
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