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  1. Re Hip sway are you referencing the top two photos or the bottom two. I thought you guys were in favor of sliding the hips?
  2. porc

    My swing (porc)

    Played a personal best over a 9 hole round today: 1 over par over 9 holes! And I scored this on a different unknown course (my grandmothers home course). Played with my family (grandmother who is 88 still plays and my mother). Dont know why but all of my shots were straight as an arrow today, which was vital since the course has very narrow fairways. The course has a slope rating of 131.
  3. What do you guys think about this?
  4. I would say in tennis a "hot streak" from a lesser known player is less likely than in golf. In tennis basically all the grand slams of the last 11 years have been won by nadal, federer, djokovic, murray and wawrinka. Can the same be said for golf? And 49 out of the last 57 by just nadal federer and djokovic. They also won the last 10: https://www.marca.com/en/more-sports/2019/06/09/5cfd3eb3e2704e319f8b45cf.html And not only that: Very often in the finals they played against each other. Tennis is less random than golf in this regard. But even if you consider the higher likelyhood of outsiders having hot streaks in golf, obviously strength of the best player competing against Jack/Tiger matters a lot in any case. Hot streaks from lesser knowns dont negate the fact that competition is on average higher for Tiger than it was for Jack
  5. Yes but the debate re whose titles are worth more due to tougher/weaker competition is similar.
  6. The Tiger vs Jack debate reminds me of a similar one in Tennis: Federer vs Nadal/Djokovic. A lot of people are convinced that Federer is the greatest of all time, however you have to consider the fact that Nadal/Djokovic competed in a much tougher environment when they won their slams (i.e. two all time greats were competing with them). Federer got about 13 (+?) of his slams when both Nadal and Djokovic were still maturing/much weaker/ a non factor. I think both Djokovic and Nadal are better than Federer. Due to tougher competition I think Tigers achievements are much more impressive than Jacks. Of course Nadal, Djokovic, Federer and Tiger are still competing, so we will have to wait and see. If Tiger equals Nicklaus in number of Grand Slams nobody will question his GOAT status :).
  7. porc

    My swing (porc)

    Ok. No problem. I deleted the videos because I didnt find any time to play golf the last 3 years but forgot that then this thread would be impacted. I will post in other threads also. 🙂
  8. porc

    My swing (porc)

    What do you mean? The line you drew for the position lead arm horizontal points outside of the ball. In the second picture (later in the backswing) yes the shaft angle steepens as I try to get my clubhead back nearer to the ball.
  9. porc

    My swing (porc)

    To answer your question more precisely: I am referencing ( (in original video from behind in yellow tshirt): Position A2 (Shaft Horizontal Backswing): I have an inside takeaway, so shaft points way to the right of target. As you know it should be parallel to target line. Position A3 (Lead Arm Horizontal Backswing): My shaft points way outside of my target line/ball. It should point at my target line. I.e. shaft is too shallow/ not steep enough. I need to control my shaft angle by realising that my clubface should never be so far behind my body at any point in the swing. Also weight of club is lighter when it isnt so shallow. And yes I changed the grip like @mvmac showed me. Thanks for that tip @mvmac.
  10. porc

    My swing (porc)

    @ncates00 My most common miss: Ball starts to the right of my target and slices further to the right. I think more natural to me would be a fade or a straight shot but not a draw, since I have a (slight?) over the top move. However my problem is that I have no control over my clubface. Currently I am working towards a more neutral backswing path instead of my shallow one. 1) Fix my inside takeaway which immediately opens the clubface. 2) Fix my shallow shaft angle at lead arm horizontal to the ground position (in my swing my golfclub pointed far outside the target line instead of at it). My hope is that this will fix my over the top downswing (it seems to be consensus that a shallow backswing often leads to an over the top downswing). Re open clubface at impact I am currently changing the grip like mvmac told me, and I am fixing the inside takeaway which leads to an open clubface early in the backswing. I still manage to open it by the time it hits the impact zone though.
  11. porc

    My swing (porc)

    My take is that beside the wrist staying neutral I need to rotate more through impact to square up the face of the club. I tried out this drill at home today and I felt a significant streching sensation in the back of my left hip indicating that I might need some mobility stretches for my hip plus more rotation drills.
  12. porc

    My swing (porc)

    Is a wrist movement at the start of the downswing necessary (i.e. making sure it doesnt start cupping again), if you have tendency have an open clubface at impact? Thats their other suggestion.
  13. porc

    My swing (porc)

    @mvmac @iacas Another question: Do you guys agree with the Athletic Motion Golf Guys that you have to actively rotate the forearms through impact to square up the clubface? Sounds like an unreliable way to do things.
  14. porc

    My swing (porc)

    Thx. Can anyone explain why I am flipping through impact? Is it a symptom of another swing fault that I am trying to compensate via flipping? Any suggestions?
  15. porc

    My swing (porc)

    I guess to the left. Usually the ball starts straight or right of target and then slices further to the right ;). But what are you getting at?
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