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  1. Just my opinion but tee or no tee a bomber is still going to have the advantage of length off the tee. How about tapering the fairway so it narrows more with length and thicken the rough. The bomber can still crush the driver off the tee but by doing so they are putting themselves at more risk of a tougher approach shot to the green. Seems like it would work for a hack like me but may or may not work for a tour pro.
  2. When covid started attacking the US I was one of the people saying how much more risk the flu was. After researching I quickly realized how much worse than the flu this actually is. I’ve fully bought into the recommendations of social distancing and limiting the chance of exposure to myself as well as my family. Most people in the county I live it has as well. I’m still amazed at the people I know that aren’t abiding to the recommendations and are continuing to live life as they were before the virus.
  3. It’s ok I fill the divots in their yard with sand before leaving haha. Not really. I hit them and go pick them up after hitting them all. It’s double duty golf practice and exercise since the gyms closed too.
  4. I hit the yellow foam golf balls pretty often lately. They will go farther than you think like mentioned above. I live in a residential neighbor hood and will hit them from my yard to roughly 3-4 yards down. Fortunately I have great neighbors that don’t mind me going to retrieve them from their yard. They seem to mimic true ball flight characteristics for me. The downside to them is they are super light and the wind really affects them. I would much rather take my shag bag to the local park that has an open area for me to hit real golf balls, but since the local parks are prohibited righ
  5. I love this thread. I’ve been researching grip pretty have lately. The top picture is where usually grip the club in my lead hand. Would you consider that too palmy? The middle picture is where the club is in my lead hand. Should I position it more towards the fingers like the bottom picture?
  6. I got his stats for the current web.com season on the PGA tour website. He’s averaging 337.3 off the tee for the season.
  7. It seems like every time I’m watching highlights on the golf channel Cam Champs driving distance comes up. Looking at the stats he’s averaging almost 20 yards more off the tee than the current PGA driving distance leader. He’s also hitting almost 20% more fairways than the current tour leader. I would be interested to see how those numbers transfer to PGA events after graduating from the web.com tour.
  8. Day 17 July 12, 2018 I worked on chipping again today. Same drill as before making 2 chips shots to each target. One shot being low with roll to the target and the other shot being higher without as much roll.
  9. Day 16 July 11, 2018 I worked on chipping today. I would pick a target and chip to the target with a low trajectory with roll and then a higher trajectory with less roll. I also took some full swings with the foam golf balls at home.
  10. Day 15 July 10, 2018 I worked on putting today. It rained most of the day here so outside work was out of the question. I worked on 3’, 6, and 10’ putts. I would putt three balls from each station. Then repeat the drill again.
  11. Day 14 July 9, 2018 I worked on full swings today. I focused on weight transfer and getting my hands ahead of the ball at impact.
  12. Day 13 July 8th, 2018 Went to the range today and worked more on hands forward divot after the ball. I also worked on 125 yard pitching wedge shots.
  13. Day 12 July 7th, 2018 I worked on full shots at the range today. I focused on keeping a nice smooth tempo.
  14. Day 11 July 6th, 2018 We has a rainy afternoon here so I was stuck practicing indoors. I putted on my indoor putting mat working on 3, 5, and 10 foot putts.
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