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  1. J M Brown

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    What a difference a week makes. This time last week I was in love with the lineup I put together for the Sony Open.
  2. J M Brown

    Your Workout Today

    My wife started a new beach body workout this morning. She shamed me into giving it a shot this evening. I thought I was in pretty good shape until attempting this workout. Looks like something I’m going to keep doing.
  3. J M Brown

    Apple Watch gps apps

    I've been looking at Garmin gps watches. My wife got an Apple Watch for Christmas and loves it. Does anyone have any experience with gps apps for the Apple Watch?
  4. J M Brown

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    I like the scoring system from the golf channel fantasy league. I am however going to miss the yahoo league. I would use the stats from the yahoo leagues to set my other fantasy line ups.
  5. J M Brown

    TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    I'm interested in joining your league if you have room!
  6. J M Brown

    TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    I usually play golf channel and PGA tour. I've always preferred the yahoo format personally.
  7. J M Brown

    Wilson Unveils C300 Product Line

    I game a bag pretty much full of Wilson staff clubs. The c300s may end up there if they feel as good as they look!
  8. J M Brown

    Garmin watch preference

    Thanks for the replies! The chart was a great tool dennyjones thanks!
  9. J M Brown

    Garmin watch preference

    I'm looking at getting a Garmin watch. My local sporting goods store has two watches to choose from an approach g10 and an approach s20. Is anyone familiar with either watch and the features they offer. When I read the descriptions online they seem to be basically the same. Thanks in advance.
  10. J M Brown

    TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Not sure what I was thinking not pickimg Jimmy Walker for the start of the season. He always plays well on the west coast.
  11. I did indoor mirror work today. I focused on not over swinging at the top.
  12. I worked on 5 footers on the indoor putting green today.
  13. I putted in doors today. We had a cold front blow in and it was pretty chilly and windy so I opted to stay indoors. I worked on distance contol. I would putt a ball down my putting green and try to get the next ball as close to it without going past it. I would do this with 10 balls or until one went past one.
  14. J M Brown

    Hello TST members

    Welcome from north Texas!
  15. Today I worked on more full swings with the zepp. Continued focusing on club path using the 3 swing analyzer feature.

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