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  1. I can't wait to see how this thread develops and hope the challenge gets taken up! I posted here a while ago having been a lurker for a while and got abused for it. Not very encouraging. But I maintain that Daltons method works for me. I think any methodology will work to be honest. My own mistake in the past has always been trying to mix methods by reading all the books and magazine articles and also getting personal coaching in the vain hope that accumulating all this knowledge would be beneficial and it totally screwed me up to the point where I was on he verge of giving up the game. Different teachers have different methods and different teaching styles. Dalton is very "American" and I'm British so personalities couldnt be more different and for every positive reviewer I'm sure there will be one who doesn't like his style but I warmed to him when I watched the original videos and they remain my main learning aids when things go wrong. My opinion is that they're informative and entertaining. And very motivating! I'm sorry that i'm no expert on the golf swing so can't add anything to this thread about technical considerations. I really just wanted to post (again) to give Dalton and Steve Draper some moral support. For the record I'm not connected with Dalton in any way and am in my 50's so not naïve about advertising disguised as enthusiasm. I am just a fan that has benefitted from the teaching. Discussion is good. Thanks to Steve for having the balls and the desire to engage.
  2. Hahaha you got me ;-) There. That's my 2nd post. The truth is that I'd love to see a proper reasoned debate about McCrarys method.
  3. I've struggled with a rounded swing for years with very inconsistent results and a big slice. I started using Daltons technique about 18 months ago. I haven't yet reduced my handicap (12) but I feel much better with the technique. It makes so much sense to me, and I do enjoy Daltons videos - they're really entertaining either though they're a bit dated now. If I could sort out my putting I'm sure I'd be down to 10. I have not been able to master Daltons wristy putting technique - I tried it but couldn't develop any feel for distance. Im very happy with Daltons method. I probably should adjust my clubs to make them upright but I haven't bothered.