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  1. Eack

    Bought a SkyTrak

    In my garage where I had my indoor setup at I had the unit on the mat I was hitting off of. And off to the side in the protective case that is sold for the skytrak. I've used two mats, one was homemade with foam flooring underneath green outdoor type carpet. The other was a small hitting pad that I bought at the store with rough and fairway strips on it. That one wasnt big enough to have the skytrak on it so it was always off to the side. When I use these mats and driver the ball is either ½ to ¾ above the crown(ping g25). Lighting is 3 lightbulbs in my garage. Plenty enough for perfect
  2. Eack

    Bought a SkyTrak

    I was very much in the same position. The price point worked, it simulated what I wanted, and gave me numbers I wanted. I guess I'll just have to start saving for a gc2 system.
  3. Eack

    Bought a SkyTrak

    Yes, I did contact them had an extensive conversation. The only thing they asked was to see where the laser pointed relative to a piece of paper set by the unit. That test turned out OK. But what they couldn't answer was why it wouldn't read anything from 5 iron up accurately.
  4. Eack

    Bought a SkyTrak

    OK final verdict is I returned the skytrak. It wasn't able to read shots outside very well on a cloudy day. Also when it did pick up shots it wouldn't resemble anything that actually happened. Ball would fade but draw on the simulation. Still couldn't read fast ball speeds with any regularity. Overall was disappointed by the unit. Was really hoping for a diamond in the rough with this but it let me down
  5. Eack

    Bought a SkyTrak

    Took the skytrak to the range again. Disappointing because it cannot read anything if it's in direct sunlight..... Even though I was told it did great in sunlight. On a whim I checked the unit levelness on my floor at home. I set the bare unit on my hard wood floor and noticed the bubble of the level they sent me was nowhere near level. I checked against a digital level I own and found out that my floor in that exact spot has a .1° slant (nothing big) but put the level on the skytrak and find that it read 0° but the bubble was completely off center. So I yanked their bubble off and figured
  6. Eack

    Bought a SkyTrak

    Because this was a company sponsored demo/fitting session they wouldn't allow me to bring it. I wish I could have had it though I was hitting the Wilson fg tour 100 blades like I should be on Tour..... Or their simulator (about golf). Isn't as accurate as it showed.
  7. Eack

    Bought a SkyTrak

    My optishot "works ". You could say that. It reads but it over exaggerates everything and ads unrealistic ball flights to clubs that physically can't turn that far. I'm not a great golfer by any means but I can shape shots, adjust trajectories, add spin, etc to my shots.
  8. Did you practice the winter before you bought the optishot? I would be more willing to believe the winter "practice" not the optishot was probably more of what helped you. I myself have gone from one season to another getting better during the winter simply because I was able to hit balls in my garage all winter long. This winter not so much and I'm seeing that I didn't improve quite like I wanted because of that.
  9. Ended up picking up a click gear, rovix I was talking to the guy at the store and it was cheaper than I thought. He made an offer I couldn't refuse and bam took the thing home.
  10. Well the speed cart fell through. But thanks for the heads up
  11. Well, I can't pass up looking at this $25 sun mountain speed cart, but to be honest caddy tek has been an idea festering in the back of my head. Very cheap and what I've seen made of decent quality material. It seems to me that most of the expensive ones you seen to be buying a brand instead of an item.
  12. I'm actually going to look at one with tubes, a sun mountain i believe. I hope it's in good condition Is this from experience?
  13. Eack

    Bought a SkyTrak

    I took the unit to a grass range without mats, I still was not able to get decent launch or carry angles. Re edited the post because I thought I sounded like jerk
  14. Eack

    Bought a SkyTrak

    Oh yes, sorry am still testing this thing out. First night I set it up used mainly 8,9,5,6 irons. The first night I had issues with the launch, and general direction. Only swung driver a couple of times with terrible results, I couldn't get it over 200 yards total. I'm not bragging but I can consistently hit 280-310 yard drives and I know it. But it wouldn't read it. Second outing took it the range, primarily focused on driver this day. Longest was 260 after ide leveled the unit to artificially get my launch numbers up. It seems it likes to read very low launch numbers 4°-5° tops of
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