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  1. My club has a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for morning rounds that is unbelievable. Normally I just litely snack and eat dinner with the family in the evenings to get my minimum food in.
  2. The app is called 'myCaddie'.
  3. I am just basing it on real world test and letting you guys know. Obviously use at your own risk. 10-12 yards for me isn't a big deal with a high handicap like I have. I don't know the name, just search in the app store.
  4. Hope this isn't a repost but I wanted to inform those of you with Iphones of something I found out recently. There is a free, I repeat, free application that is a golf GPS program that you can download. I am not sure how long it's been out but I have had it for well over a month. Of course, I thought, well this can't be that accurate. The set up was the only part that took some effort. It already had a limited database of courses that other users had programmed in but unfortunately my local course wasn't there. So, in order to map your course it directs you to an online web page that u
  5. Private exclusively for me, we have less than 300 members and never a problem getting a time is what keep me a member there. Now, during the winter if the temps creep up to 55-60 on the weekends, I might as well sit at home b/c everyone comes out that same day. During the summer people spread out and it's rarely backed up anytime after 1:00 PM. Sometimes I don't even call ahead and just show up and play.
  6. Maybe that is it. As the year went on I actually got worse b/c I was chasing the scorecard everytime out. Maybe I will start off in the spring just to play w/o worrying over the score card.
  7. I was looking for a thread about this. It was the worst example of a golf crowd I have seen so far. I don't mind hooting and hollaring but the booing when they didn't hit the green was too much for me. And on top of that, no shirts? This is a gentlemen's game, show some respect.
  8. Thanks guys I just expect better results. I see guys at my club hitting it farther w/o their shots being fat or thin and it seems like a steep ladder to climb to get to that level. I have taken one lesson last year and it was so basic I felt like I wasted my money. I already know the fundamentals to this game. I think playing is better practice than a lesson. I know why I make bad shots I just struggle in correcting the problems.
  9. In short, I need some. I started playing in May of 2008 and broke 100 only three times and those times were great. I haven't been able to play as much through winter like most of people on here but the few times I have, I have played worse than ever (112-116). This afternoon I went to the range and I made some decent shots but the consistency just isn't there. Soooo....do you guys ever feel like maybe golf isn't the game for you? I love it and all but when you are playing badly it just seems more of a chore than a hobby. My dilema is rooted in the fact that I am a member at a private c
  10. I got a $75 GC to Golf Galaxy from the In-laws that I have no idea what I am going to buy with. I feel like I already have everything I need.
  11. Not sure but it can't get much better than the 2.0 IMO.
  12. I just started smoking cigars (I know, not the best habit) but I really like the Drew Estate Java cigars (mocha flavored). They run about $6/each.
  13. That is grossly insane amounts of money. In these days and times I wish people would spend their money better.
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