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  1. BobC


  2. I dodn’t watch either but Shotjockers is a better fit. Coming from a true blue Bruins fan!
  3. BobC

    Highest Price You've Paid For Green Fees

    $250 for the Mid Ocean Club on Bermuda, totally worth it. I was a guest in a group at Trump National Palace Verde (Los Angles) @$275.00 and would never go back for any price. Consider? Probably not much more than $250. It would depend.
  4. It wouldn't bother me in either case but 30' is more than enough.
  5. BobC

    Should I start over. Post surgery.

    I had a full right knee replacement in mid January and plan to start hitting again next week. 6 weeks of intense PT and I feel ready to go. Dr and physical therapist agree. The knee has been bad for so long that my right leg was visibly atrophied and significantly weaker than the left. I'm 68 and have been playing regularly for 6 years, always with an unstable right side. I play to an honest 21 index. It's been as low as 18 but hovers these days around 21. Home course it challenging, Mountaingate CC in LA. I don't know about starting from scratch but I'm definitely going to see one of the pros to get started on the right track. I look forward to seeing what golf is like with a right leg that works. I have high hopes. Also bought a copy and have read Lowest Score Wins during my recovery. Head full of good thoughts.

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