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  1. Anyone else notice the R9 under Paddy's headcover?
  2. Stupid game. I've managed to get my Index down to 10.7. First 3 rounds of July: 79, 81, 79. Last 4 rounds: 98, 97, 94, 97. Guess which 3 count.
  3. RMD

    The comeback..

    Years ago, while playing to a 12, I shot an ugly 46 on the front nine. I told my partners I was skipping the back and going home to nap. They convinced me to stay. I shot 33 on the back.
  4. Sounds like that if everyone is not keeping track then it would easy to get "pencil whipped".
  5. My answer is "Yes & No" No, if by "belonging" to a course means you get special privaleges at a semi-private. My experience is that you are still faced with difficulty getting tee times, (especially on weekends) closely spaced tee times (creating traffic jams), and the dreaded "Outing". Most semi-private courses agressively market themselves to corporate and charity groups. Our local semi-private is closed to the public (including members) two or three days a week during the season. So a resounding NO to semi-privates. Yes, if you can see yourself clear to join a private country club.
  6. RMD


    Three others in my foursome plus the foursome on the next tee which overlooks the Par 3 green.
  7. RMD


    Got my first hole-in-one today. 120 yards to the pin, hit a gap wedge. Shot 79 with 3 doubles and two 3 putt bogies. Not bad for a 11.5 index. Had to tell someone.
  8. Only a two possibilities (assuming it stayed in the water): 1) He hits it out of the water. 2) He keeps score like my neighbor.
  9. So Stupid...(continued) - 3 or 4 Driver - Always finish with a few sand or lob wedges half or 3/4 swing to slow things down !!! Don't forget to putt!!!
  10. Sorry... - Stretch - 6 PW's - 6 7's - 6 4's - 2 or 3 hybreds - 2 or 3 fairway woods -
  11. Only to warm up, not to work on stuff. Here's my program: - Stretch - 6 (or so) PW's - 6 7 irons -
  12. RMD


    Amen, brother.
  13. RMD


    Perhaps the Williamsburg guys were in a bad mood because their club was recently sold and will be closed. It will reopen as a semi-private...maybe you can go play there and be rude for revenge. I'd like to go on record and state that you will find no snobs at Cedar Point in Suffolk which is currently holding a very attractive membership drive. I assure you that you will face none of the issues you complain about.
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