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  1. What can I say bro, I watch a lot of Golf Channel after 3:00 AM. Edit: that's two posts gone now. LOL
  2. And usually it's those same exact people who feel entitled to "relax" during their foursome round and end up playing for 5 hours. If you're topping 2 or 3 balls of the tee, being 100 yds closer won't get the ball up in the air. Where I'm from, Red is for Ladies only. White is Beginners, Blue for Intermediate Golfers and black for anyone who can shoot in the 80's or below. Also, I find that two scrappers in one golf cart who don't understand course etiquette and "ready golf" can often times slow play down more than if they were both walking to their shots. Golf carts really slow down
  3. I guess that's why I find the whole teebox argument to be rubbish. It isn't consistent. I play a very nice, absolutely lovely links style course that'll cost you between $40-50 on a pretty weekend day. The tee boxes here are club down distances at most. With a minuscule amount of hazard brought into play. My driver can get me within at very least a 6 iron or closer of every par 4. I'm still of the school of thought that there are people who don't care about other people using the same golf course. They don't care about picking up their ball after 10 strokes. They don't care if you stan
  4. You might be surprised that the strength of your grip isn't very strong. A lot of times a strong grip pointing at your shirt logo isn't strong enough. Try making the v of your left hand point to your right shoulder. And I guess the most important part of fixing the slice...do you swing inside to out? If not, you'll need to start in order to fix it.
  5. He's too busy doing Leno, Oprah, The View, etc.
  6. While I'm sure there are thousands of golf courses where shots get more difficult depending on the tees, I've also found quite a few munis I play really don't make the hole more difficult. For example: White: 389 yd Par 4 straight up the gut, bunkers left and right. Blue 412 yd Par 4, straight up the gut, bunkers left and right. The difference between these two sets of tees for me is a couple of irons down. Then there are the numerous par 3's that place the blue tees 10 feet from the whites on the same tee box. The blacks can sometimes be much more challenging 1st shot, but where I
  7. The tough part is doing that 20 more times. I started playing in March or 2008, and I recently posted an 83 (6 front 5 back - no birds no double bogey) round. My first score below my record low of 89 :) I'm still a low 90's shooter, come to find out though
  8. The one most of my buddies have been throwing around lately which drives me nuts is the whole Michael Breed "galf" thing. It usually gets old by the turn. "Ohh Steve, cmon, hit the damn galf ball!" *everyone chuckles* "Should've booked our tee time through galfnow.com" When waiting on the first tee. or the occasional voice mail "Hey! It's me Joe! I'm gonna go ahead and go to Galf now.com and book us a tee time to play some Galf!" I usually lol, but at this point it's getting old fast.
  9. I know a guy who couldn't break 90 if you paid him to, but he's 6' 2" tall, has ape hanger arms, hits a Taylormade Burner easily 275-285 on average with a very predictable fade. We have a Golf Logix in the group and a Nikon laser range finder so often times we get a pretty accurate read on the ball. Then he hits his 9 iron fat and lands on the edge of the green. Then he duffs a chip and rolls it 20 ft past the hole. After that he'll 3 putt. So yah, sometimes they're not all lying. This guys swing is ugly as sin, but he murders the ball from the tee.
  10. Blackhawk in Pfleugerville TX, and Roy Kizer in South Austin. I can go out and smoke Jimmy Clay but Kizer is always a cruel mistress to me.
  11. We're not necessarily referring to scratch players. I'm talking about the people who think that because they regularly shoot 40 per side, that if they end up with a 43, then it's the end of the world. Most obnoxious and crude people I find on the course are usually the 9 that thinks he should be a 2. Like I said, it's often times going to be the low handicapper that feels entitled and often times loses their cool. Us high cappers can enjoy the hell out of 18 bogeys :)
  12. I'm a higher handicap and I'm not a loser. I feel the pace of play is often affected by lost balls, re tees, and 3-5 strokes it takes most new players to get to the hole. Truthfully, if I was a single digit handicap, I wouldn't be pouting about the pace of play at a $20 dollar a round municipal golf course. Seems like a lot of times guys replace the fun of the game with the personal goals and requirements. Sometimes that needs to be balanced. I've never seen a 100+ shooter bashing his driver head into the ground, cursing himself out, or up and quitting and walking back to the club hous
  13. What was your purpose for going out to get a lesson? From reading your post, it seems like you have a good swing, but don't strike the ball well? Is it a distance issue?
  14. I lol'd at the above two posts as well. I suppose the only measurement I really have for my clubs that I feel is true is when I rangefind a pin that I hit to a lot. My 6 iron will stick on green either a little short or a little long to a par 3 that measures 179 to the middle. Considering I never land the middle, I think 180 is fair.
  15. It's definitely a moneywinning golf swing, but it's pretty ugly looking imho.
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