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  1. Yes sorry I re-read what I posted and it wasn't very clear. My bad. I had an issue with my driver and fairway woods sitting too low for the storage compartment on the push cart. So I was hoping to see how others arranged their clubs when using a push cart. I bought the tour bag kit for the clicgear hoping that it would do the trick and it does help lots to get the clubs away from the net and storage compartment. It definitely wasn't a necessity as the bag fit well on the cart otherwise. I will give your arrangement a try and see how I like it. When riding on a cart I like to start with driver and woods in the back and work my way down to short irons/wedges in the front near the putter well. Thanks a lot. Sorry again for the confusion.
  2. I was finally able to get a decent bag. After spending the past couple years using a $40 bag that was a pain to deal with, I've upgraded to a Sun Mountain C130 cart bag. 70% of the time I walk with my 3.5+ cart, so I am looking for some suggestions on ideal club arrangement. I bought the tour bag kit to get the bag a bit more upright, but I wonder if there is an arrangement that would be best when I am using the push cart. Right now I have been leaving the clubs in the powered cart arrangement, but it isn't quite as nice as I think it could be. any thoughts?
  3. The course I posted above has a rating of 67.8 and slope of 117. If I have been comparing my scores on the same 3 courses all year. At the beginning of the year I was scoring 66-72. A couple months ago 57-63. A month ago I was 56-62. The past month I havent scored over 60. The past three rounds 55-56-47. That means a lot to me.
  4. I shot 47 in 9 holes last Sunday. That is my personal best 9 holes, in the year that I have been playing. My putting was spot on for a change and I was chipping fantastically. My long irons weren't that great but I was shooting straight. Only lost two balls in the past two rounds, so I feel like I am finally reaping the benefits of my hard work the past 8 months.
  5. All I was asking is if the shaft will fit on my the hosel of my putter. Not anything to do with if it will feel different or drastically change my putter. I do not want to order it and find that the diameter of the shaft won't allow me to attach it to my putter head. I was under the impression that some putter heads attach to shafts different than the norm, so I was just wanting to make sure it would fit fine before I ordered it. Sorry if my original post was confusing and lead people to think I was concerened with how it would affect the putter itself.
  6. I never cared about the price of it. I want the graphite shaft primarily for for what it is. I mentioned already that I know its a bit of a waste of money, but I have the extra cash that I can spend on it and if it would work I will buy it.
  7. Hey I have had my eye on the Matrix Graphite putter shaft for while now. I know its completely ridiculous, but I have the extra cash to burn, and my wife gave me the go ahead if I want to. My concern is whether it would fit on my 2013 Taylormade Ghost Spider S Putter. My current putter shaft is straight. I have no experience buying aftermarket shafts. I was looking at the 145 gram shaft, because it comes stock at 36 inches and I will cut it down to 33.5 inches (my current putter length). As I mentioned the main idea is cosmetic (I like fancy things), but I am also interested in any feel difference there is between the steel shaft and graphite shaft on a putter (I read somewhere that there is a bit of difference). I'm sold on keeping my putter around for a few years, so I figure, why not give it some more bling. Golfsmith has them for a price I am willing to pay (plus shipping costs), so that is where I plan on ordering it through. There are obviously better things to spend the money on, but I figure if it fits, why not. Thanks Shaggs
  8. I am dropping the numbers every week. Today I shot a 55 in nine. The past few 9 hole rounds have been below 60. Im getting closer to my goal of breaking 50 in nine. My wife got me a three pack of lessons for my birthday, Im using them to work on my short game.
  9. Second hole yesterday I had the best drive I have ever pulled off. Its a 327 yard par 4 and I connected perfectly and the ball landed 35yds from the green. I actually had the best driving round with most of them going right on target. Felt awesome to hit it that far for the first time. Sucks I chipped over the green missing my birdie chance. I chipped it back on and one putted to save par.
  10. I went in tonight and they only had the 4 hybrid left. There was 2 5 hybrids there last night, I guess they sold a few of the rbz clubs today. I'm sure I can find one online or next time I'm in the city. Totally thinking of buying a different headcover for it the stock one isnt all that appealing. Anyway, I can't wait till I get to take it out.
  11. Yeah my handicap is more than likely in the 30's lol. I was out today and with some practice I was hitting my 5 wood really well. Half hour later on the course, it was all miss hits again. Definitely replacing it, with a hybrid after that. I'll probably be able to sell it for more than one of the hybrids. When I work to a much lower handicap, I will consider trying the 5 wood in the bag again. On the plus side, I will be able to get them this weekend and play them on Sunday. Should be a good time.
  12. I suppose the only real need is to fill that 200-220 gap for out on longer par 5 where I dont hit my mini driver off the deck all that often. That is where I have been relying on my 5 wood to try and get close so I can hit a wedge in over a short iron. My other thoughts have been to just replace the 4 iron and keep the 5 wood and see if I cant improve my consistency with it.
  13. After breaking my 4 iron two weeks ago, I went on the hunt to replace it. I was wanting to just replace the shaft, but thought I would try out some hybrids out of curiosity. I tried out sldr s, jetspeed, and rocketballz. I found the jetspeed and sldr s to be around the same distance wise. When I hit them well I was 208-221(5/10 times) and bad I was 160-190. With the Rocketballz I was hitting them really well probably 8/10 times. Distance was 205-218 and the bad shots 170-200. The hard part for me is that they all cover into my 5 wood distances. I cannot hit my 5 wood very well and probably average 4/10 shots with it for a decent hit. When I do get a pure shot with my 5 wood I can get 225 easily, but it is not consistent enough for me. This got me wondering if it wouldnt be more benificial to look at a 5 hybrid to replace the 4 iron for better gapping, and replace the 5 wood with the 4 hybrid (I hit my 5 iron 170-180) The rocketballz are on sale right now and I could get both of them for $20 more than just the sldr s 4 hybrid. The rocketballz seemed so effortless to hit that I could look past the way it looks (I'm not too fond of the white and green). Colour doesnt matter one bit on the score card. The one other thing I found was that my spin was down significantly with the rocketballz over the sldr s and jetspeed. I was expecting it to be the other way around. Would that make sense then to go 5 iron (23 degrees) 5 hybrid (25 degrees) 4 hybrid (22 degrees). I replaced my 3 wood with a 14 mini driver and hit it 220-235 and my Sldr driver anywhere from 245-270. The only other thing would be that the hybrids don't match the mini driver and Driver but I could get over that for a more consistent yardage.
  14. I made a big misjudgement on how far away I was from a tree this weekend and ended up hitting it with my 4 iron and splintered the shaft near the hosel. Dumbest move I could have made and totally left me rattled the rest of my round. It currently has a Rocketfuel 65 regular flex shaft and I would like to get it replaced with something similar. What shaft would work well as a replacement?
  15. I think I will try to ease up on my standards then. I hope I can shoot close to 100 or better this year, but I will put more focus on getting a more reliable swing and develop my contact. The lessons will hopefully bring my swing back on plane. One thing I wish is that the ranges offered more than just a level even lie. Hard to practice different hill lies when you only hit them during a round. I feel like backing off the pressure, will make my rounds more enjoyable.
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