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  1. Freddy Couples. Flying right elbow and big drives. When I started playing as a kid, I used to try and copy Freddy's swing and tempo. Fast forward 15-20 yrs and Now I'm plagued with bad habits!
  2. Joined an after work league this year. First round was last Tuesday where I shot a 52. Highest 9 hole score in a long long time. Lost balls, shanks, thin, fat, putting....you name it. No worries it's the first round of the year. Working on a few things with Brian from Evolvr. Right arm and right elbow.
  3. Bunch of guys at work go every year. I keep missing it due to other obligations. Ill try to go this year. Its in Oaks outside of Philly closer to Pottstown i think.
  4. Started working with Brian Mcgrew on evolvr online. I've posted a few videos and Brians given me great coaching: Backswing too long Hip bump forward for driver Not enough shoulder turn Right arm gets stuck behind my back. So I've been working on his drills and making the changes slowely. Once I figure out how to post a few vids on here, I'll do so. Thanks all. Matt
  5. :-) That was really cool to watch guys. Thanks for sharing. I know it's not easy to film and play a round simultaneously. Maybe more folks will post snippets of their rounds? Great work! Hope you guys are well. Matt
  6. Searched 'lower back pain golf' and several threads popped up. Decided to tag onto this one since it seems to be most recent and relevant to my situation. Last Monday, I had my second epidural shot since actively managing my lower back pain. I'm 38 years old (5'11" 220 lbs) and over the years, I've done quite a number on my lower back. High School football, worked for a furniture moving company, very poor posture, heavy weightlifting for sports, and genetics (father also has a number of injuries from college and pro football). My official diagnosis: Displacement of Intervertebral Disc without Myelopathy; Lumbosacral Radiculitis My usual golf buddy, who's probably 55 yrs old and quite an athlete mentioned to me during a round, "You are the most out-of-shape young man I've ever known." He did not mean it in a harsh sense. More of a "Hey man, your only 38 and you have the health of a 90 yr old." referring to my lower back pain and lack of fitness and eating/drinking habits. His comment really made me think about taking better care of myself. Golf is important to me for fitness, competition, and social activities. Over the last year, I've made a very personal commitment to golf....not to mention financial commitment. This latest epidural shot is not having the same efficacy as the one prior (prior shot was about 1 year ago) and I'm scared to death that my golf career will come to an abrupt end.
  7. Check this out: http://thesandtrap.com/t/77861/how-to-hit-partial-wedge-shots-learn-your-tweener-yardages. Very helpful for the short irons. As a matter of fact, I did the 10 ball drill that Erik mentions this past Saturday. You definitely want to laser those range flags for the most accurate distances. Then, on a fairly empty range day (when your not competing withs tons of other golfers), hopefully the range will be freshly cleaned of range balls and you've got a shot at lasering a ball or 2...although I'm not sure if that will work.
  8. Played with my bud at Morgan Hill in Easton, PA. Beautiful Memorial Day outing. White tees 6047 yards 69.5/127 Blue tees are 6400 yards 71.2/130. I'm hesitant to play anything much further then 6000 yards until I eliminate 5-6 absolute 'lost stroke/penalty/lost ball" shots. But maybe I'm not thinking about this the right way? 47 on front. 45 on back. 92 total. So my friend is not necessarily the most serious golfer which makes it tough for me. Sometimes he forgets to write our scores after the hole; sometimes he 'forgets' lost balls (for himself), and sometimes his lies improve. I play by the rules (as best as I know them) and penalize myself for OB, lost ball, duff, skull, wiff, etc. Today I lost 2 balls with a few chunk shots that I probably kept the same club to hit. Also 4 putt on one hole. I need more people to play with or I'm going to have to join a CC. I find it difficult to fork up that kind of dough for access to quality golf with like-minded people. The social, networking aspect is overpriced. Maybe I'm overthinking a bit and should give it a shot. Perhaps the guys I play with will become friends? Also, I need to keep my own score or invest in GG or Accros. The additional data would be a tremendous benefit as well. Oh, and a small rules book for on-the-course rulings ;-) Happy Memorial Day! And 'thank you' to everyone who served/is serving!
  9. Elite. Check. Help out in anyway i can. Check.
  10. Hi there. Quick update on my machine setup. Im in the middle of moving to a new house so ive not had a bunch of time. Ive logged in only a few hours which makes me feel pretty pathetic considering the price. I did decide to upgrade my net from a sklz 8 ft to a net return which does help with reps. My expectations for SkyTrak were huge..:and they still are. The app has some quirkyness to it like changing clubs in your inventory, to how side spin is measured. Ive also had early experience with the system not logging shots but that could just be me getting to know how to use it. The app does look nice and it has enough tech and game feel for me to keep coming back. A few weeks ago i tried to contact SkyTrak for a customer service issue and boy was that difficult. Im not normally a phone person but my work regiment makes it easier for me to just call someone. Well, easier said then done. They have their customer service team focused on their online chat system which i can appreciate. My situation calls for other contact options and it seems as if their resource is limited. Buying a SkyTrak was not intended to be a substitute for GC2 or TM or FS. Not even close. For my time, ability, and location, this system gives me just the right stuff.
  11. Hi. After a few months of deciding on gc2, the cheap FS, and SkyTrak systems, i decided on SkyTrak: - budget - space required for ball flight - its accurate 'enough' for my golf ability. Enough to make decisions/changes in my swing So far so good. I need to spend more time on it though. I have a loft inside with a NetReturn and RealFeel mat. Wish i had this setup in November before winter. Now the weather is nice!
  12. I also fall into the forward press camp. Its basically my trigger to start my swing. I think that back in the very early 80's when i was 5 yrs old or so (intro to golf by my dad and grandfather) the tour had more forward pressers...which seemed to be accepted at the time. My concern is that my forward press ends up opening the face conciderably and i become more susceptable to shanks. (among many other reasons)
  13. Hi all- Attended my first golf clinic/training ever in my life. (Reading golf forums doesnt count ;-) Im located north of Philadelphia which has a lack of certified Aimpoint instructors. Over the winter, i was able to find Mike Dynda from Meadowlands Country Club in Blue Bell, PA. Mike and i emailed a few times (he was super responsive) to review what sort of things i was looking for in the Aimpoint Class and get a date set for when the weather turned. One cool thing about Mike and the class was that i mentioned that i was really interested in the midpoint technique, but this was an Express Class. He said no worries and we had a one-on-one coaching session after the Express Class ended. Nice guy for doing that. Aimpoint feedback: In reality, i never had a 'system' for managing my putting play. Im assuming most amaturers do not either. Im a highly technical person and just winging it using my eyes was a joke...as seen in my scores. Now I have a system that makes sense to me. Step one-get the info. Step two-practice. Step three-believe and watch confidence grow (and watch scores reduce). Coach feedback: Couldnt ask for a more knowledgeable, patient, and stand-up guy. Hes also Drexel Univ Head Mens golf coach and used examples from his recent team play and his green charts (ie. theory into practice). To top it off, going the extra mile for me with my midpoint interest was certainly appreciated. For me, this clinic/workshop was WELL worth the expense. :-D
  14. Hi there. So i took video and uploaded onto my work laptop. I only have the iPad at home. Id like to get a Mac to make this a bit easier but i just bought a SkyTrak so im a bit tapped out. Can i keep this up as a placeholder/reminder? Or we can take it down until this Saturday? Work is nuts so i have little time to do fun stuff on my own. Im okay either way. Thanks for checking up on me :-) Matt
  15. I've been Playing Golf for: On/Off for over 20 years. Started when I was 5 yrs old. My current handicap index or average score is: Between 80-100 My typical ball flight is: High push/slice. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: High push/slice, fat shots, and quickness from the top of my backswing causing all sorts of mischief. Putting together a few video's now. Editing. Thanks.
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