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  1. I am scheduled for a fitting at the Titleist Facility in Acushnet, MA early this spring but I want to begin season with experience using my new irons. I cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME seem to play well at the indoor bays at Golfsmith but there is an indoor golf place www. fore golf entertainment .com/ my friends play at that swear it is different. Getting to my question, The Titleist facility is the same location where TOUR professionals get fit and hosts the most impeccable range you will ever play on, iron fitting alone is
  2. Anyone know of any courses open this winter? I'm located in Central MA. I HATE simulators! Need to play some real golf ASAP! LOL
  3. Take a walk through the woods on the course, greatest deal out there, FREE! Gives you a chance to play all kinds of balls and usually get some in new condition from those who hit brand new pro v's into the woods on every hole LOL.
  4. I just browsed JoeyD's book at Barnes & Noble. Specifically the assessment portion. I can't seem to find a good golf muscle building/flexibility/swing speed regimen. Anyone find something like this? Can't afford personal golf trainer,all I seem to find are beginner exercises (aka hacker, couch potato exercises), but I'm already physically fit to train hard. Thanks
  5. Increase swing speed, average driving distance Shoot even par or lower on a regular basis Lower handicap to 0 or lower and maintain Compete in several amateur tournaments and place Etc. Big Year for Me.
  6. I will also plan to play elsewhere at times but for the amount of rounds I'll be putting in, the cost would be way higher than having a membership. Playing 8+ rounds per week on top of range short game practice and workout. 8 to 12 hour days. They also have a gym at the course as well.
  7. This is all great advice. To be honest I've been thinking the same way you all are I am just looking for some validation to my thoughts. Mostly because I'll be spending as much this year on golf as I paid for my car LOL.
  8. Thanks for the responses! I appreciate it! Greg, the drive time is slightly shorter, (over the time frame I estimate saving about $250 in gas), I play in a league at a 9 hole affiliate right next door to the new course which I get free access to (save me $500 over the season), the two new courses play over 7000 yards v compared to 6600, with one of them being the Pines course (from the Tiger Tees over 8000,known as the longest course in the US with a rating of 80 LOL). There is not a whole lot of public play and because one one course is public I have full access to members only course. To y
  9. So this past season I bought my first golf membership at a semi-private golf course. I paid $1300 for the season (April through November) gotta love New England, average round without membership is about $40 walking. Course is in above average shape for a public track. I played about 150 rounds getting more than my monies worth. Minus the free range. A private course (The International GC) is offering an under 30 full membership for $2500 next season with no minimums. Two immaculate championship courses, Unlimited range balls, pristine practice green, bunkers etc. They have recently opened on
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