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  1. Ping g15 driver!!

    I use a Ping G15 driver with 10.5 loft. Originally was having problems pulling the ball and like most golfers was trying to make adjustments to stop it. I was looking into what could be the problem including the length of the shaft and whether or not I should shift to graphite, loft, club head size, weight and basically everything. The problem with the driver really stopped when I changed the grip and what a difference. The Winn Dri-Tac grip ($7) really helped because the size of the grip helped prevent me from rolling the top wrist too quick which was a big cause of the pull. Still using the Ping regular grip which works well for the wedges but if you are having problems with the G15 driver take a look at the grip which can be a real inexpensive solution.
  2. The best luck I have had in the rough is with the hybrid especially the 5W. The 5W has been pretty good in the short to moderate but only if it is pretty dry. Fairway grass really fits the 5W best and what I like is it is a pretty crisp swing and easy to generate pretty good club head speed.
  3. K15 are really nice clubs. I have also had great luck with the G15 3W and hitting it about 240. What I like is the control and sometimes use the 3W instead of the 1W. Personally think the entire 15 series including G15, I15 and K15 is one of Pings best.
  4. Great commwnts. I have had the 17 def G15 hybrid and it is one of the easiest and most consistent golf clubs I've had the luck to use. What is one of the best things is it can be used in place of a 5 wood, 3 or 4 iron. What surprised me the most was both the control of the shots and how easy it is to use. Real versatile club!