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  1. 10 hours ago, kpaulhus said:



    Let me know if you need a date! lol

    Ha, sorry, already have one. Had a golf off for it.

    I had the Palmer one, was 90% sure on Nicklaus but glad to see others confirm it. DIdn't get Kite or Weiskopf and wasn't clear on Maltbie. Definitely didn't see Stadler and I don't know who Rogers or Hulbert are.

    Thanks, for the help.  It's pretty awesome and when I re-frame it I'll try and remember and post a pic.

  2. I received these puppies in the mail today and had to share it.  Monday actually works out to be perfect so I can stop and see some family in Charlotte over the weekend. Cannot wait to get there.

    Also, I need some help identifying signatures on this post card. My mom got it when I was in the womb and recently handed it down to me. I am thinking of grabbing a better frame to preserve it in.

    IMG_20160225_231322828_HDR.thumb.jpg.a53 1.thumb.jpg.310ed6ff22e87606b41c3e84671b

  3. Last year I made it a point to stop getting super angry at golf.  This was after I witnessed a friend snap a 6 iron in half on his bag after chucking it towards his bag.  I also lost a 3 wood in this manner.  It's just golf after all.  Since I decided this I have a hard time even trying to get mad on the course.  Playing for money (small money in my case, that I could easily afford to lose) I find no point in getting too angry after a shot.  Notice too angry.  I'll still get mad for a few seconds or have a minor fit, but I won't throw clubs.  I'll utter a few choice words if need be after a shot.  Then, I take a nice deep breath, place my club back in the bag and ponder the best way to get out of the ****ing trouble I've put myself in.  No use getting mad after a shot is hit.  Anger will not cause the ball to move, nor will it allow me to hit it again.  What is done is done.  The best thing to do is get yourself back into the best position to make the best score possible.

    Edit: Swearing, yes I do it all the time.  That is what I mean by a few choice words.  I just don't shout them anymore.  But it is hilarious when I hear a random **** or SHIT or GODDAMN MOTHER****ER on the course.

  4. I have grown to like the ones either on the side of or in the middle of the fairway as long as they are accurate.  The blue, white, red stakes or half domes work well enough for me.  The one thing I hate is hunting for the hundred yard marker.  Basically anything accurate and easily findable.  The best thing I've seen is two markers on either side of the fairway.  When you make a straight line between them anything on that line is a straight line yardage to the center of the green.  Simple and brilliant.

  5. About 645,920 yards according to google maps.  I've gone further but haven't personally driven the entire way; I was just a passenger and/or swapped driving.

    As far as golf goes, I have no idea.  I've gotten on the middle of a green once on a straight away 312 yard par 4 with very dry fairways, but who knows how accurate the yardages were on the card.  If I had to guess I'd say 290.

  6. I prefer 5 per tee shot.  If it goes into the woods I look for as many balls as possible no matter how long it takes. I bring each one back to the fairway and hit every one.  When one goes back into the woods I start that process over.  Any leftovers at round's end I sell at the first tee from a lemonade stand I stole from children.  Have fun playing behind me.

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