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  1. hi there been playing for a few years with fake sticks from China. Go around in 110 to 120. Now it's time to get serious.... Gonna get a series of weekly lessons and also some new clubs to match. Anyone please give some advice on the following selections? Anything I should omit/add? please remember I get to play once a month and want these to last me quite a while! with a lot of thanks shan Cleveland HiBore XLS Fairway Wood 3(15º) and 5(19º) Tour Edge GeoMax Combo graphite shafts Ping G10 Draw driver 10.5º UST Proforce V2 graphite shaft. Shaft 45.75" Cleveland CG14 Black Pearl 48º/6 Traction steel shaft Ping Karsten Series B60
  2. Your Home Course Website.

    my lounge room. golf in HK is too expensive.....
  3. What Do You Do for a Living?

    journalist in HK......