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  1. We play in club tournaments every Tues. We all keep each other's score. If it would really make you happy I would happily post pictures of our club and regional tournament cards. You know you try to be encouraging, but then get lit upon here for people being completely a holes. I never post on here because of people being rude. For people not trying to scare someone off, you guys are big dick heads.
  2. Nah, to neurotic for that. Woodlands County club and lac of FL. You guys helped get me there. Check out my swings section. Haven't updated in a while
  3. @Lihu you seem To be implying something pretty heavy here. I'm going to leave this forum. Don't know what is wrong with people
  4. @Lihu could Not be more the opposite of my intention. It was meant as a statement of possibility. But an unbelievable, antisocial even, amount of work. All worth it.
  5. If it makes you feel better I am down to a 2.5 and only been playing a little around 18 months. I believe I broke 80 my first year. I just practice more than any insane person. On course practice man. I play sun up to sun down. Aimpoint express helped me tremendously.
  6. JasonOwens

    My Swing (jasonowens)

    @mvmac I try to, but I feel almost stuck on the wrong side. Its a hard feeling to explain. I feel like I have a huge lateral slide towards the target side just to get back to the ball on my left side. Ill keep working on it. btw: Should I be trying to keep my fight foot on the ground more in the backswing as well?
  7. JasonOwens

    My Swing (jasonowens)

    After some crazy practice I made ALOT of changes this week. Let me know if im on the right track guys! I prob have made thousandssss of swings in the past week to ingrain the changes in the backswing especially. Still a ways to go! by the way @mvmac am I posting these correctly for others to see too?
  8. JasonOwens

    My Swing (jasonowens)

    @mvmac im trying my friend, it is my nemesis til' the end
  9. JasonOwens

    My Swing (jasonowens)

    [VIDEO]https://youtu.be/SSWXY53Cnjk [/VIDEO] Hey everyone some progress, sorry for the shakiness I did my best as usual. I've changed quite a bit with my swing but I still have issues with my right hip on my backswing. I've got my handicap down to 4.5, I play at least every day and I practice for over an hour a day. I've taken quite a liking to this game and I'm starting to become much more serious as the days go on. My shot shape is kind of a straight ball, used to be a baby draw but now it's starting to fall off to the right more which I'm incredibly unhappy with. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I just signed up to Evolver to so I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone!
  10. JasonOwens

    My Swing (jasonowens)

    Thanks guys! I I will post some more progress as I work on everything. This is by far the most inviting forum I've been on. Great place!
  11. JasonOwens

    My Swing (jasonowens)

    will do! It helps me greatly to have something to practice on solely. Thanks for the valued input!!
  12. JasonOwens

    My Swing (jasonowens)

    hitting down on the ball. standing farther from the ball to allow the trunk to move freely and induce a proper weight transfer. Just focusing on turning the body through the shot as opposed to having my hips freeze. It was such a big difference in ball flight.
  13. JasonOwens

    My Swing (jasonowens)

    should be fixed now
  14. JasonOwens

    My Swing (jasonowens)

    My swing as of today! one day and a huge difference. new swing coach, love the guy. any help?
  15. JasonOwens

    My Swing (jasonowens)

    Thanks for the encouragement, and the welcome. I'll do my best to get some better shots the lighting is terrible. @mchepp

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