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  1. I think you can do it, for one round maybe, but consistently? Maybe not so much. You must be able to practice for at least 2 hours a day, have an instructor, and also be willing to spend a lot of money on that instructor. But I believe that will some athletic ability, it is defiantly possible. Bob Rotella has said that he turned a guy into a 4 handicap after a year. He just got him a good instructor, and told him how easy the game is.
  2. I am a 10th grader, and play high school golf. There's no way that I've seen more than one kid that can hit it 300. And we live at like 1300 feet elevation. I know that I can not hit it even close to 300, I hit it like 260.
  3. Cute. He should follow my advice and learn to beat his Dad A.S.A.P. =P
  4. I do like XM radio I have and it's nice to listen to it on the golf course sometimes on a slow day, lol!
  5. Probably shooting even par on a nice course, (6,300 yds) not some par 65 course.
  6. Cut 3 wood on tight holes. I don't even look at it half the time because I know it's going in the fairway.
  7. Saw a guy chunk one in a bunker on a par 3, then proceed to hit another and no one in his group saw him. He looked like the cheating type, so probably a 4 not a 5. =p but I'll never know.
  8. I love this book, and the most of the ideas in it. The putting stroke advice, not my thing... but the rest is nice.
  9. Konrad

    Warm Up

    I start with hitting like 10-15 balls with my left hand only with a PW and then hit 7 irons with both hands, then 5 iron, then 3 wood, then four drivers at the most. I don't like hitting 100 drivers at the range, it ruins your confidence if you hit em bad. I hit a few good ones and leave.
  10. Forged, because the feel is great. And they don't make any cast irons that are progressive forgiveness like my Nike ProCombo's.
  11. Most Birdies : 5, at a fairly short course, (6100 yds) but real flat and open. Birdied every par 5 and a 35-footer on a par 4. But I hit it green-high on a few par 4's anyways, so it should have been more. Lowest Round : I only count par 70 or par 72 courses. I shot 69 on a par 70 course and I've shot 72 on a par 72 course several times. I always seem to never get hot on those even par rounds, just plugging along hit a bunch of greens. Lowest Tourny Round : 75 on my home course... Holes In One : None, and don't even ask how many I should have... -.-
  12. Just to add to all the advice you're getting, I'd say the most important thing is to have fun, but learn about why the golf ball does what it does. If you know what you're doing wrong, you can fix it. Lesssons are nice, but that instructor cannot be the only person who knows your swing, you must learn as well. Learn why the golf ball slices, and why it hooks, and why you hit your bad shots. That way, you can fix yourself. To me, that's one of the best feelings in golf.
  13. I'd say you're probably just swinging too hard. When you come back from a layoff, you should always take 1 or 2 extra clubs on shots and really focus on making a solid swing, not trying to hit anything too hard. You need to feel the clubface and clubhead again. Try swinging hip high and then through and catching some in the middle of the clubface. Then swing your way into shape.
  14. I TiVo every tourament, in case we golf slow and I don't want to miss anything.
  15. I use a fricken' laser beam. Like Dr. Evil.
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