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  1. I think you got me right here. While I think I was able to get a full "coil," I might have been uncoiling with the arms rather than shooting the hips around and letting the arms follow. Thanks again for the help guys, I'll try to post a video if it ever stops raining here (and if I can bribe my g/f to go to the range)
  2. thumper - your swing is looking good to me! It looks like you carry a ton of momentum through the ball. I'm jealous. RC and darthfader - another set of questions for you I went out today and kept trying the drill. I started out with some 25-45yd pitching and focused on making solid contact while resisting the hip turn. I had to conciously think about hitting down on the ball, and I remembered you guys mentioning something about having to hit down a little more when rotating rather than sliding. So then I head over to hit some full shots, focusing on resisting hip turn and keeping my hands in front of my chest. I think my old habit was to collapse the left arm across the chest, so this new method resulted in a little steeper backswing. I rotated rather than slid, and swung with my regular downswing. It resulted in low trajectory hooks (hooking about 30yds with an 8 iron). I was confused because it felt like I was coming over the top, but it was resulting in hooks rather than my almost unavoidable slice (until now). Thinking back to the short game, I started experimenting with altering my downswing and hitting down on the ball a little more. With my old swing, the slide itself seemed to get the clubhead down to the ground. This rotating thing felt like it needed a councious hand drop to get down to it (even with a tee). Based on the timing of when I dropped my hands toward the ball, I got different feeling downswings. I'm wondering if any of them are correct. 1) normal downswing - this one felt like I was swinging at the ball from the top of my backswing, and gave me that over the top feeling that somehow resulted in low, big hooks. I got a few divots that went slightly to the left. 2) dropping hands at the top of the backswing - this felt like I was changing the swing plane a lot right before the downswing started by dropping the hands. I hit the ball much higher, and with a little less hooking (but still 10-20yds) 3) something in between 1 and 2, with results that were also in between So what's the deal with the downswing? How does the downswing change between a slider and a turner? Looking at everyone's swing videos, I'm not seeing a big drop at the top. So I'm worried maybe I'm going down the wrong path here.
  3. Could you expound on this a bit? I'm not sure I'm understanding what it means to keep your arms in front of your chest, or resist collapsing across your chest. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for that information. I've heard about "coil" since I started playing golf, but I never truly felt it until I tried this drill. I'm not sure that I could even hold my body position at the top of the backswing, because my whole body wanted to release all that energy. I'd like to incorporate this hip-turn resistence into my regular swing. Based on what you've said I'll keep my setup the same, and try to keep the club from coming too much inside. I did actually notice that the club tended to come way inside and resulted in a big draw/hook. Other than adjusting for that, I will keep everything else constant and just keep practicing. Please let me know if there are any other issues to look out for with this type of swing. Thanks again - I did catch it perfectly a few times and the ball went screaming away off the clubface each time.
  5. I finally got out to the range today and gave this drill a try. It was a very interesting feeling. I was getting a 3/4 backswing, but it didn't feel like I was actively swinging the club on the downswing. Everything was so coiled up that it all just untwisted towards the ball. I think that's good. What's not so good is that I couldn't stop topping the ball. It felt like my swing was bottoming out a whole inch higher than normal. My natural adjustment is to collapse the right leg, which usually results in taking a huge chunk of dirt about 3 inches behind the ball (a recurring problem that I have). What do you suggest doing about that? Thanks for the drill, it was very helpful.
  6. One of my local courses has a first hole that points directly into the sun. In the fall, there are big fat leaves everywhere, and the sun reflects off each one of them. I can hardly ever find my first tee shot of the day, which is never a good way to start a round. Polarized sunglasses help, but not if the ball is sitting under a leaf!
  7. I find this all extremely interesting. Quick follow-up question: how do you square this technique with the school of thought that teaches a more free flowing swing, illustrated by doing drills like swinging with both feet together (so that you have to swing your butt towards the target on the backswing)? Are these different styles, or is it really getting at the same issue?
  8. darthfader - i really like how steady your swing looks. Wish mine was like that. If you don't mind, could you describe the proportion of weight on each of your feet from the set up, during backswing, during downswing, and to the impact position? [I don't mean to hijack the thread here, but I think the discussion is relevant to the original post] I find it hard to get the correct balance of weight between my two feet during the swing. If I keep too much weight on the front foot during the backswing (more than 50%), I tend to lean my body towards the target. If I put too much weight on the right foot, I sway backwards like thumper did in his first video. It's hard to get back to the proper impact position from there. Can you shed some light on that?
  9. For those of you who aren't up to date with the new "high-tech" clothing, you might want to check that out. Throw on an underarmor base layer, a long sleeve thermal, a microfleece, and then a water resistant tech soft shell jacket with some type of gore-tex wind blocker, and you'll be good in pretty much any weather you'll encounter while the course is open. Especially if you walk.
  10. Want to trade swings? I've got the same sway to the right during the backswing, but don't always make it back to the left on the downswing. Just curious, would tilting your right knee in, toward your left knee, reduce the swaying?
  11. I hit my 5 hybrid better than any other club above a PW. If you can hit your other hybrids, I imagine you'd be able to hit that one even better.
  12. Thanks for the advice. Now I feel a little more comfortable getting a shorter shaft. As long as a 43" shaft will get me more distance than my 3 hybrid (which goes about 240) then I should be good to go. I'll update this thread when I get some results.
  13. Now I don't know whether to try and cut the shaft or just buy a new one. Gripping down isn't going to solve the issue of the club feeling like a noodle. I guess I could try cutting and see what happens. Would 2-3 inches turn the shaft into an x-stiff? Here's another question. Assuming I go for a new shaft, how should I decide on the torque rating? I have trouble closing the club face fully, and while I recognize that's a swing flaw, would that still enter into the consideration?
  14. I currently have an 9.5* Adams driver with a regular flex shaft. I originally had the stiff shaft, but I tended to get a low, fading ball flight. When the head snapped off and I sent the club to Adams, I asked for the regular flex. Problem is, the club feels totally uncontrollable now. Even though the rest of my clubs are regular flex (and work great for me) this thing feels like swinging a giant noodle. I'm thinking of getting the club reshafted with a stiff shaft that is preferably 2-3+ inches shorter than the stock shaft. I'm not sure if shafts even come in those lengths. I also would like to get a mid-high launch despite the stiffness. Can you guys recommend some shafts that meet these requirements? What length would you recommend? I don't care about distance, I just want a "can't miss" club length. I'm comfortable with a 3 hybrid club length, which is 40.5", but I'm guessing that's a little too short for the driver. Related question: is it legal to add weight to a driver head after shortening the shaft?
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