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  1. I shot 36 on front and then I shot 45 on the back I don't think I hit a fairway the whole back nine
  2. Can I please get some tips on my swing? I learned from last time. That was like 4 months ago
  3. Hey Guys I'm hitting fat shots and thin shots. And I'm hitting a block. Can I please get help @mvmac
  4. [video]http://youtu.be/i6Zi_rI_WDI[/video] Hey Guys I have been hitting a really big slice I'm wondering if u guys can help thanks!
  5. please i will listen man erik i need something to work on
  6. please guys i need help just give me one tip
  7. hey guys I'm slicing it i really need some help i can't hit a draw anymore that was my goto shot please tell me why my path is so far to the left? Thanks
  8. I got one question for you guys will getting my weight more forward at impact help get My path to the right? Cheers
  9. [video]http://youtu.be/LrqEQ6pZtSc[/video] hey guys I have been working on my swing and getting lessons on evolr and we been working on right arm in front of me on the backswing and weight forward on downswing hopefully I'm getting better Cheers!
  10. I forgot my password Erik and I didn't see the. Forgot password thing so I just created a new one Every time I post something someone gets mad at me so Erik tell me what I'm doing wrong
  11. Can I plz get my aount deleted please Erik I'm done I don't wanna be on the sand trap any more
  12. sorry guys I forgot my password and had to create a new one and I also am hitting some fat shots why am I hitting fat shots
  13. but why am i coming over the top erik please can you tell me why??
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