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  1. goal is to shoot even par this year and also to qualify for individual STAC for my school (averaging under 5 strokes over par for nine wholes throughout the school season. If you do that you go on to a tournament)
  2. i love my ipod touch, its great but if i were you id wait for the new itouch, but im not sure when it will come out...
  3. if the guy you played cheated...call him on it, i do that whenever my guy cheats yesterday i was 3rd spot and shot a 40 in our victory of 212-218... i was playing pretty crappy through 6 but then when birdie-par-birdie on the last 3 holes
  4. i make huge divots all the time...but i don't hit it that fat thou
  5. yea my best shot is an chip in eagle too...on a par 4 thou from 130yds away
  6. i got a job at a country club 2 years ago when i was 15 and since ive learned so much and have gotten a lot better
  7. my ball listens to me...i have it trained very well
  8. we lost our last match, we all played poorly but only lost by 4 strokes total as a team
  9. i currently have 9 golf balls in my bag, i have 3 crappy golf balls, 3 pro v1s and 3 callaway hx tour 56
  10. well i was thinking it over and i may have hit a few shots over 300 yds but i never actually checked it, im not too obsessed with my distance off the tee, i care more about my short game
  11. 75 yd downhill, im not that impressed, it was just really lucky
  12. i hit a draw really consistency... it works out really good and are great for me for approach shots
  13. 296 :) hardly any roll i average about 280ish
  14. on short putts i just hit it firm so as to not let the break get a hold of it so much
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