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  1. Thoughts? What have you used and what did you like? Thanks
  2. Looking for thoughts and ideas for best indoor putting green. I'm interested in at least a 3 cup practice area that's approximately 10' x10'. I'm also not looking to break the bank and looking to find the best bang for my buck. TIA
  3. Probably a dumb question, but what is the difference between the 5.0,5.5, and 6.0? Thanks
  4. Do Ecco and Callaway's both run pretty true to size. I wear a size 9.5 Nike and !0 Adidas. Thanks
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback. I will hit various clubs, but wanted to keep the thread somewhat narrow for discussion on these in particular. There seems to be a lot of love for the ap2's.
  6. Just looking for some opinions. I'm a 15 handy and looking for some new irons. I have a wore out pair of Nicklaus. Haven't yet hit either of these and wanted some feedback before I do. I am finally getting to play more(couple 1-2 times a week) so I am looking to improve my game. Thanks
  7. Locomotive Engineer. Yes I drive trains.
  8. I was just curious if most people line their left thumb up exactly with the center marks on the grip? I really hadn't paid close attention to it and noticed at the range I was gripping it just right of the marks leaving my club more closed. I have been doing it for a bit as it seemed awkward when I lined it up.
  9. There is a good selection of different sized mats on Ebay. I purchased a 12X20 for $19.50 including s&h.; It is 1.5 inches thick.
  10. I am also considering a Vokey wedge and hoped for some opinions. I have a set of Nicklaus clubs and mostly opt for my sand wedge for close chips and pitches. What degree would be best for working around the greens and allowing the ball to check? I know the swing goes hand in hand, but looking for general info. And also what kind of bounce would one consider for hot, dry , and hard conditions( South TX). Thanks
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